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Damn Your Eyes – Short Film Review

For most of the general viewing audience, the phrase .Spaghetti Western. conjures on of two reactions: one of nostalgia for a relatively lost genre of filmmaking, prevalent in the 1960.s and 70.s; or one of befuddled curiosity with a side of amused disbelief spurred by the name alone. Younger generations may not even be aware of the sheer joy of the unique classics, both domestic and foreign, that the more seasoned movie lovers experienced from the likes of Sergio Leone and a young Clint Eastwood, just to name a couple.

A few attempts have been made by filmmakers over the past decade or so to reintroduce new fans to the genre, mostly being foreign filmmakers, such as Takashi Miike.s Sukiyaki Western Django, or Jee-woon Kim.s The Good, The Bad, And The Weird. Regrettably, the spaghetti western has somehow slipped the minds on American filmmakers. until now.

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Short Film of the Day: Damn Your Eyes

Why Watch? Because there’s something so absurd and so damned serious about this short. The main character is a milk-drinking bad ass who don’t take no lip from anyone, but my favorite character has to be the bartender. Clever cursing is always welcome. There’s also nothing wrong with Grindhouse meeting Western head on with a six shooter in each hand. Some of the acting is a bit melodramatic, but what else can you expect with Westploitation? Let the blood hit the saloon floor. What Will It Cost? Just 18 minutes of your time. Does it get better any better than that? Check out Damn Your Eyes for yourself: Damn Your Eyes (2009) Written and Directed by: David Guglielmo Starring: Jakob Von Eichel, Marisa Costa, Ray Reynolds, Angelo Angrisani, and Bud Stafford Trust us. You have time for more short films.
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