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D.K. Johnston

Denver, Colorado United States
907-440-2641 dk.trisevenpictures@gmail.com . http://www.trisevenpictures.com

Performer Profile

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6 feet 3 in
  • Weight: 250 lbs
  • Age Range: 28 - 35
  • Physique: Average
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Over ten years of experience working in film and television production. BA in Journalism and Tele-Communication from University of Alaska Anchorage and an MFA in Film Production from the New York Film Academy. Worked in Los Angeles, CA from 2007-2010. Relocated to Alaska in 2010 in response to state film incentive. Helped develop state-wide crew base, education resources and creative outlets for indie film community. Full time crew for feature films, commercials, reality programming, new media and political campaigns. Experience as Producer, Director, Production Manager, Assistant Director (1st, 2nd & 2nd 2nd), PA, Screenwriter, G&E, and Locations Manager. Also an experienced editor and media manager with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut. Well versed in Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling, Final Draft and Microsoft Office. Willing to work state-wide and on out state productions. I enjoy working with different production teams and creating a positive work environment to maximize production efficiency. See more at: trisevenpictures.com


Tater Tot & Patton - 2015 First Assistant Director Andrew Kightlinger
River of Time - 2015 First Assistant Director Santosh Gopsana
Father of Lies - 2015 Producer/Asst. Director Levi A. Taylor
Moose - 2015 Associate Producer G. Logan Dellinger
24-Hour Film Royal Documentary - 2015 Writer Portal Productions
Skimmers - 2015 Lead Actor Jonathan Lang
The Force on Earth: Sith's Rage - 2014 Producer Tri-Seven Pictures/Crooked Pictures
The Force on Earth: Unexpected Company - 2014 Producer Tri-Seven Pictures/Scarface Productions
The Force on Earth: Task of the Apprentice - 2014 Director/Producer/Writer Tri-Seven Picutres
Six Dead Bodies (Ducted-taped to a Marry-Go-Round - 2014 Producer/Asst. Director Kevin T. Bennett
Standards of Karen - 2014 Producer Joshua Lowman
Break in Reality - 2014 Writer/Director Tri-Seven Pictures
The Force on Earth: Dark Encounter - 2014 Director/Producer Tri-Seven Pictures
Safe in the Village - 2013 Assistant Director Charlie Hewitt
Come Back Home - 2013 Producer/Assistant Director Bradford Jackson
Story Time - 2013 Producer/Assistant Director Levi A. Taylor
Night Moves - 2012 2nd 2nd Assistant Director Kelly Reichardt
Wildlike - 2012 2nd Assistant Director Frank Hall Green
The Darkness - 2012 Producer Levi A. Taylor
The Birthday Bash - 2011 Producer Paul Jones
The Frozen Ground - 2011 Locations Assistant Scott Walker
Day in Our Bay Project - 2011 Video Mentor Affinity Films
The Last Friday Night - 2011 Producer/Assistant Editor Bryant Mainord
Could've Been More - 2011 1st Assistant Director/Editor Matt Jardin
Baby Geniuses and the Mystery of the Crown Jewels - 2011 Additional Assistant Director Sean McNamara
Baby Geniuses 4 - 2011 Additional Assistant Director Sean McNamara
Baby Geniuses 5 - 2011 Additional Assistant Director Sean McNamara
Sniper - 2011 Assistant Director J.R. Foster
Beyond - 2010 Grip Josef Rusnak
Frankenstein Theory - 2010 Art/Props/Transportation Andrew Weiner
Only You - 2010 Colorist Ken Cheng
Hott Damned - 2010 1st Assistant Director Ryan Isreal
Zombies & Assholes - 2010 2nd Assisant Director Sean LaGrasso
Ice Angeles - 2010 Associate Producer Michael K. Bergstrom
Tally Whacked - 2010 Grip AFI/Martin Anderson
Saving Dad - 2010 Grip Skye Kelly
Shytown "Back in the Day" Music Video - 2009 Key Grip Yigit Ilke Yucesan
Desire Street - 2009 Grip Roberto Fernandez & Xu Xiao Xi
Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers (Behind the Scenes) - 2009 Lead Editor/Production Assistant Bang Zoom Entertainment
Turtle Heat - 2009 Sound Mixer & Boom Operator Zach Shierloh
Cause for Divorce - 2009 Writer/Director/Editor Tri-Seven Pictures
Bloodline - 2008 Gaffer/Grip Michael Saul
The Cypherian - 2008 Writer/Director/Editor Tri-Seven Pictures
Charlie English - 2008 Sound Mixer & Boom Operator Bang Bang Productions/Sohil Kohli
Deserted Brothers - 2008 Sound Mixer & Boom Operator Nico Schwierz
Shylock - 2008 1st Assistant Camera Zeekay Films/Faizan Kareem
B-O-M-B - 2008 Writer/Director/Editor Tri-Seven Pictures
Jimmy Strikes Back - 2008 Grip Nico Schwierz
Karma - 2008 Grip Bang Bang Productions/Sohil Kohli
The Path Within - 2008 Boom Operator Zeekay Films/Faizan Kareem
Game Time - 2008 Writer/Director/Editor Tri-Seven Pictures
Hit & Run - 2008 Writer/Director/Editor Tri-Seven Pictures
Rant on America - 2008 Director/Editor Tri-Seven Pictures
Story - 2007 Editor BuzzBizz Studios & Omni Productions/Charles Kaufman
Sleep - 2006 Line Producer Random Acronym Entertainment/Michael Collier
BeeKeeping - 2005 Actor/Editor/Line Prodcuer Scarface Productions/Bryant Mainord
Vengeance - 2002 Writer/Director/Editor New York Film Academy


Visions of Greatness - 2015 Production Coordinator Ten100 Productions
25th Anniversary of the Exxon Valdez - 2014 AK Production Coordinator CNN
Why We Fly (Promo) - 2013 Assistant Director Mirror Studios
Ultimate Alaska - 2013 Production Assistant Nat-Geo
Alaska Tan (Pilot) - 2013 Production Assistant Green Bottle Pictures
Married to the Army: Alaska - 2012 Production Assistant/Assistant Camera/A2 44 Blue Productions
Mounted in Alaska - 2011 Production Assistant History Channel
Alaska Wet Dog Race - 2010 Editor/Post-Producton Coordinator John Lang
Gordon Complex (Pilot) - 2009 Key Grip Nicholas Rose
UAA Seawolf Hockey - 2005-2007 Camera Operator University of Alaska Anchorage
KTUU Channel 2 - 2002 Camera Operator NBC - Anchorage, Alaska
KTUU Channel 2 Reports - 2002 Student Reporter NBC - Anchorage, Alaska


Colorado Lottery - 2016 PA Funny or Die
Ventura Health Care - 2016 Grip Studio C3
Alaska Regional Hospital - 2016 Prod. Manager/Asst. Director Porcaro Communications
NEA - 2016 Prod. Manager/Asst. Director Hamburger Company
Quick Books - 2015 PA/Driver Rocket Science Productions
Coors Brewing Company - 2015 PA/Driver Farm League
Coca-Cola "Pintrest" - 2015 Art Assistant Wieden + Kennedy
Pikes Peak Community College - 2015 Assistant Director Pete Schuermann
AMEX - Paul Nicklen - 2015 2nd Assistant Director MJZ Production/Victor Garcia
Smoke Free - 2015 Asst. Director/Production Mgr. Bradley Reid + Associates
Political - 2015 AC/Teleprompter Op Putnam Partners
Capitol Glass - 2015 Prod. Manager/Asst. Director SprocketHeads
Alaska Regional Hospital - 2015 Prod. Manager/Asst. Director SprocketHeads
K&W Interiors - 2014 Production Manager SprocketHeads
Cross Over - 2014 Prod. Manager/Asst. Director Emakina
Verizon - Alaska - 2014 2nd Assistant Director Harpoon Pictures
Political - 2014 Prod. Manager/Asst. Director GMMB
Political - 2014 Prod. Manager/Asst. Director Porcaro Communications
Hope Community Resources - 2014 Prod. Manager/Asst. Director Bradley Reid + Associates
Kidz Bop 26 - 2014 2nd Assistant Dir./Locations Maze Productions
Sportsmaster -2014 Assistant Director Assassins Creative
Alaska Seafood Marketing Institution - 2014 Prod. Manager/Asst. Director DS Simon
Alaska Regional Hospital - 2013 Prod. Manager/Asst. Director SprocketHeads
National Education Association - 2013 Prod. Manager/Asst. Director Hamberger Company
Best Beginnings - 2013 Prod. Manager/Asst. Director SprocketHeads
Volvo - Three Million Miles - 2013 Producer/Asst. Director Haberman
K&W Interiors - 2013 Prod. Manager/Asst. Director SprocketHeads
AHFC - "Closing Cost Anxiety" - 2013 Assistant Director Mirror Studios
Immigration Reform - 2013 Assistant Director Sprocketheads
Sportmaster Int. Spots - 2013 2nd Assistant Director Sprocketheads
AT&T National Spots - 2013 Production Assistant Smuggler Productions
Arby's "Fish" - 2012 Production Assistant Sprocketheads
Arby's "Stake Out" - 2012 Production Assistant Sprocketheads
Audi "Ahab" - 2011 Production Assistant Epoch Films
Hetalia: Axis Powers - 2009 Editor Bang Zoom Entertainment
Koihime Musou - 2009 Supervising Editor Bang Zoom Entertainment
Princess Lover - 2009 Supervising Editor Bang Zoom Entertainment
Alaska Beverage Council - 2007 Editor/Writer/Videographer BuzzBizz Studios
Blue Jewel - 2007 Editor/Videographer BuzzBizz Studios
Big D's Pro Shop - 2007 Editor/Videographer BuzzBizz Studios
Alaska Fighting Championship - 2007 Editor/Writer/Voice Actor BuzzBizz Studios


Alaska Filmmakers - 2012 Host/Executive Producer Tri-Seven Pictures
Punk Buster - 2003-2006 On-Air Host/Producer KRUA 88.1 FM Anchorage, AK
Edge Essentials - 2006 On-Air Co-Host KRUA 88.1 FM Anchorage, AK
Electronic Music Appreciation - 2005 On-Air Host/Producer KRUA 88.1 FM Anchorage, AK
Grey Matter - 2004-2006 On-Air Host/Producer KRUA 88.1 FM Anchorage, AK
Locals Only - 2004-2005 On-Air Co-Host/Producer KRUA 88.1 FM Anchorage, AK

Voice Over

24-Hour Film Royal Promo - 2015 VO Talent Portal Productions
Alaska Fighting Championship - 2007 Writer/VO Talent BuzzBizz Studios
KRUA 88.1 FM Station I.D./PSA/Promos - 2002-2006 Writer/Producer/Editor/Talent KRUA 88.1 FM Anchorage, AK


Exes - 2013 Producer/1st Assistant Director Matt Jardin
Alaska Filmmakers - 2011-2012 Writer/Director/Editor Tri-Seven Pictures
Alaska Wet Dog Race - 2010 Editor/Post-Producton Coordinator John Lang
Sunset Players - 2010 Grip Cory Reeder
Manga Minutes - Episode 209 Writer Bang Zoom Entertainment
The World of Cory & Sid - (Multiple Episodes) - 2009 Editor Hardly Working Ent./Caryn K. Hayes
The World of Cory & Sid - (Multiple Episodes) - 2009 Gaffer Hardly Working Ent./Caryn K. Hayes
The Cypherian: Behind the Characters - 2009 Director/Editor Tri-Seven Pictures


Alaska USA - Employee Orientation - 2016 Assistant Director SprocketHeads
Alaska Demolition Project - 2011 Editor Alaska Demolition
Zoya DeNure - 2011 Camera Operator Capable Productions
Martin Buser: Happy Trails Kennels - 2009 Videographer/Editor Alaska Wet Dog Race/Capital Broadcasting
Way Up North Behind the Scenes - 2009 Videographer Crooked Pictures/Levi Taylor
Alaska Fighting Championship - Highlight Reels - 2007 Editor BuzzBizz Studios
Alaska Fighting Championship DVDs - 2007 DVD Author BuzzBizz Studios
Remember the Ice - 2007 Editor BuzzBizz Studios
Nice Gordon - 2004 Actor/Editor/Line Prodcuer Jason Borgstede
Zachary James in Concert - 2004 Editor/Videographer Random Acronym Entertainment/Michel Collier

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Improvisation, Teleprompter, Comedian, Voiceover, Host, Disc Jockey, Stunts
  • Athletic Skills: Bowling, Snowboarding, Soccer, Snow Machines, Basketball, Baseball, Rollerblading, Golf
  • Accents: Southern, British, Irish, Scottish


  • New York Film Academy, Master of Fine Arts, Los Angeles, CA, 2009
    Concentrations in Directing, Writing, and Editing. Training in digital, 16mm and 35mm cameras and lighting. Additional Final Cut Pro and associated software training. Trained in the majority of crew positions for short and feature length productions.
  • University of Alaska Anchorage, BA - Journalism & Public Communications, Anchorage, Alaska, 2006
    Emphasis in Tele-Communications & Film. Training in live sports and news broadcast productions. Audio and Video editing with Adobe and Final Cut Software. Held positions with the student-run radio station for four years.


  • New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, CA, Producing & Directing, Kenneth Johnson, 2009
    Directing in the Trenches lecture series focusing on take a feature length or television production from concept to final product. Classes focused on working with actors, interpreting scripts, preparing for visual effects and stunts and working in the industry post-education.
  • New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, CA, Maketing and Distribution, Tom Hammock, 2009
    A series of lectures and discussion about the current marketing tools and strategies being used in the main stream film and television industries. Studying poster design, viral marketing & new media, trailers and DVD artwork.
  • New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, CA, Lecture Series with Industry Professionals, Various, 2008
    Sit down discussions with industry professionals working in United States. Guest speakers included Gary Marshall, Jason Alexander, Meg Liberman, Michael Miller, Dana Lustig, Petra Haffter, Marshall Lewy, and Stephen Cohn.
  • New York Film Academy Workshop, Los Angeles, CA, Introduction in 16mm Filmmaking, Bryan Norton, 2002
    Introduction in writing, directing, editing, and cinematography.


  • Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenplay Competition , First Runner Up - 2016, 2016
  • Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenplay Competition, Official Selection - 2011, 2011
    Selected for feature length screenplay "A Cause for Divorce."
  • New York Film Academy, Brett Ratner Grant - 2008-2009, 2008
    Student Financial Aid Grant
  • Alaska Broadcasters Association, Goldie Award - Audio Category 2006, 2006
    BeeKeeping Announcement
  • Alaska Broadcasters Association, Goldie Award - Audio Category 2005, 2005
    Audio Award for a Public Service Announcement produced for KRUA 88.1 FM Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Alaska Journal of Commerce, Alaska Top 40 Under 40, 2015
    Alaska’s Top Forty Under 40, sponsored by the Alaska Journal of Commerce, recognizes the state’s top young professionals younger than age 40 who have demonstrated professional excellence and a commitment to their community.
  • Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenplay Competition, First Runner Up - 2016, 2016
    Selected for feature length screenplay "The Cypherian: Lineage."


  • Carolyn Robinson, Executive Producer
  • Adam Emerson, Producer
  • Steve Rychetnik, Cinematographer/Director
  • Andrew Kightlinger, Director
  • Frank Hall Green, Director/Producer
  • Dohui Kim, Producer
  • Charlie Hewitt, Producer
  • Julie Christeas, Producer
  • Schuyler Weiss, Producer
  • Mike Collier, Cinematographer/Director
  • Laura Ganis, Producer

Employment Details

  • Work History: Voice Over, Commercial, Film, Television, Internet, Web Series
  • Job Categories: Producing, Directing, Camera Operation, Editing, Set Operation, Writing, Production, Sound, Transportation
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: 1st Assistant Director
  • Prior Job Title 2: 2nd Assistant Director
  • Prior Job Title 3: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

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