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7 Best WWE Flag Matches Ever


A Flag Match is an uncommon stipulation that WWE has decided to bring back at SummerSlam this Sunday. This year’s Flag Match features American “We The People” patriot Jack Swagger taking on “Russian” that is actually Bulgarian named Rusev. At this point, WWE has failed to announce exactly what the stipulations are for it. We just know the flags will be there.

The rules of flag matches have changed over the years in WWE. Some of them have the rule that the winner of the match is determined by pinfall or submission and then after the match is over they get to carry their flag out as a victory celebration. Other times they did the match where a flag was located by the turnbuckle and the first person or team to retrieve it was the winner of the match.

There’s a reason why a Flag Match is so rare in WWE.
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WWE SummerSlam Update: 8 Matches Announced


This week’s Raw really wasn’t a great episode of WWE’s Monday night show, but they were able to finalize the SummerSlam lineup. For the past few weeks we have been able to confirm a few matches, but after Raw we know eight matches that are definitely happening at the summer spectacular on August 17 in Los Angeles. They’re listed on WWE.com now, so let’s have a quick look at all of them.

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship - The main event of the show was furthered on Raw by airing a video package with comments from Lesnar and Cena. Neither guy was at Raw, so it was smart of WWE to air the video package. They actually aired it twice just so they could make sure people saw it.

Both men are expected to be at Raw next week.
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Brock Lesnar Vs Cesaro Could Still Be Happening


WWE are still planning something major for Cesaro and Paul Heyman. According to F4wonline.com, it was said this past week that the “amicable split” between the wrestler and manager was part of a slow build to something bigger. That could mean Lesnar vs Cesaro at September’s Night Of Champions.

If WWE are building Cesaro to battle Lesnar, they’re certainly going a strange way about it. The Swiss superstar has lost a string of matches on television, coming off as little more than a jobber in recent efforts. He was then split away from Paul Heyman, although the two did have a segment together last week on Raw. In that brief encounter, Cesaro noted Heyman was still his friend.

In truth, that whole storyline has made Cesaro look very weak. He isn’t bothered by Heyman not representing him any more? It makes it seem
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WWE Smackdown Spoilers – Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt Stipulation Added


This week’s WWE Smackdown was filmed on Tuesday night from Corpus Christi, Texas. The main event pitted Chris Jericho against Erick Rowan, with a co-main event of Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio. A key development coming out of the show was Randy Orton challenging Roman Reigns to a SummerSlam match. With just three weeks to go until the August pay per view, WWE’s key feuds are heating up. The episode will be broadcast this Friday night, the results are as follows:

- Jack Swagger defeated Cesaro with the Patriot Lock. This resulted in Lana and Rusev coming out and challenging Swagger to a match at SummerSlam. Zeb Colter accepted on Swagger’s behalf.

It’s hard times yet again for Cesaro, with his losing streak continuing. For Swagger things look much rosier, his feud with Rusev is one of WWE’s hottest programs for SummerSlam.
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WWE 2K15 Leaked Roster Includes Cm Punk

The highly anticipated WWE 2K15 roster has allegedly leaked online. The big news is that Cm Punk is in the game, alongside a range of Nxt stars. There’s 92 wrestlers in total, including Mick Foley who had been in doubt after not signing a WWE legends deal earlier this year.

The leak surfaced on GameFAQs, where it was claimed that the list came from the August edition of Game Informer Magazine. The post has since been removed.

The official roster reveal will be on August 16th in Los Angeles. 2K will be working in partnership with WWE’s SummerSlam event which takes place on the same weekend. That timing ensures maximum publicity for the video game’s content.

Is there any validity to this apparent leak ahead of time? The list certainly looks plausible. Punk’s contract may have expired, but he would have been under a deal when production of the game started.
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Stephanie Vs. Brie Bella Confirmed For WWE Summerslam


The lineup for WWE’s SummerSlam event in Los Angeles on August 17 had two more matches added to the event. Here’s the lineup so far with notes on each match.

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Lesnar wasn’t on Raw this week, so there was a promo exchange between Cena and Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman. Cena isn’t expected on Raw next week due to filming a movie and Lesnar probably won’t be on either. Both guys are expected on April 11, which is when Hulk Hogan will be hosting Raw.

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt – This is a rematch from Battleground, which Jericho won. Wyatt attacked Jericho on Raw just like he did one week earlier. Wyatt was only on Raw for about two minutes and didn’t get to do a promo. Jericho was featured in a match as well as a promo.
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Review: WWE Extreme Rules (Blu-ray)

Though they were few actual extreme rule stipulations at the 2014 Extreme Rules Pay Per View, there were certainly extremes when it came to the quality of the matches. Stuck right at the beginning of the no man’s land between Wrestlemania and SummerSlam that inevitably finds the WWE effectively presenting the PPV as the hangover after the big Mania blowout, Extreme Rules was an evening of highs and lows.

Starting with those lows, John Cena facing off against Bray Wyatt in a steel cage might have seemed the next logical step after their Mania lock up, and to be fair to WWE Creative they’d tried to pull out all the stops to build it up in the weeks prior to Extreme Rules, but the reality of the match was that it was dull. After trying numerous times to escape the cage, only to be thwarted by continuous interference by
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WWE Main Event Results – July 23, 2014


The WWE Main Event show is exclusively shown on WWE Network every Tuesday at 8pmET. If you miss the show live it’s easy to access in the WWE Network’s library by clicking on Shows, then In Ring and you’ll find it right there.

We plan on writing about it weekly here on WhatCulture in a one page post with a recap of the matches, key segments and thoughts on the characters involved as well. While it’s not a show with major segments or “can’t miss” moments that Raw has, we feel it’s worthwhile so we’re going to cover it.

At the start of the show they advertised Rusev vs. Jack Swagger. On Raw they said it was going to be Rusev against Sheamus. It just shows how quick they are to change their mind.

Seth Rollins defeated Fandango

It was a
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WWE Ending Rusev Vs. Swagger Storyline?


At Sunday’s WWE Battleground PPV there was a somewhat controversial promo that Lana did before Rusev’s match with Jack Swagger where she mentioned “current events” that upset people. It was clearly a reference to the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 that saw 298 people die after a missile attack by the Ukraine/Russia border. We reported on the story multiple times and several major news outlets around the world like the Daily Mail and Washington Post reported on it. Some people were outraged by it. Others just realized it was part of a wrestling storyline.

On Monday afternoon WWE felt like they should say something about it, so they released this statement: “Last night’s segment during WWE’s Battleground event was in no way referring to the Malaysia Airlines tragedy. The storyline with characters Rusev and Lana has been a part of WWE programming for more than 3 months.
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WWE Issues Statement On Lana Promo Controversy Denying MH17 Link


After receiving huge criticism from the media, particularly here in the UK, WWE have responded with a statement regarding Lana’s controversial promo at last night’s WWE Battleground PPV.

Issued on WWE.com, the statement reads;

“Last night’s segment during WWE’s Battleground event was in no way referring to the Malaysia Airlines tragedy. The storyline with characters Rusev and Lana has been a part of WWE programming for more than 3 months. WWE apologizes to anyone who misunderstood last night’s segment and was offended.”

Whether the media has blown the whole saga out of proportions is up for debate, but regardless, it is probably fair to say that it was at least insensitive of the company to have Lana cut a promo before Rusev’s match against Jack Swagger last night. Given the recent tragedy of the Malaysian Airlines plane that was shot down last week,
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WWE’s Lana Drawing Major Media Criticism For Controversial MH17 Promo


Last night at Battleground, WWE’s two characters that are pro-Russian Rusev and Lana (even though they aren’t really Russian) said something to rile up the fans that has earned them some headlines around the world. During her promo before Rusev’s match, Lana said this: “You blame Russia for the recent current events?”

It was a reference to last week’s Air Malaysia flight that was shot down by a missile by the Ukraine/Russia border that’s known as the MH17 disaster. There were 298 people that died on that flight and the details of who caused it are not fully known at this time although there’s a lot of speculation about who may have been involved.

Lana said they dedicated the match to Russian president Vladimir Putin: “Tonight we dedicate this match to the most powerful man in the world. Tonight we dedicate
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WWE Battleground 2014 Predictions

WWE Battleground is smack in the middle of Money in the Bank and SummerSlam — right between two of the biggest shows of the year. Because of that, this will be a throwaway event with little change or much excitement. Storylines will be built here and a clearer picture of SummerSlam will be made by the end of the night. Here are predictions of what should be happening at this less-than-stellar, but purposeful WWE event.

Pre-Show Match Cameron vs. Naomi

Naomi proved to me that she can have a great divas match at Money in the Bank 2014 and I look forward to seeing more of her. This is a grudge that I suppose we’re supposed to care about because of the history of these two as Funkadactyls, but I mainly just want to see Naomi win and move on to bigger things. Plus, I’m sure Jimmy Uso has taught
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WWE Battleground 2014 Results Predictions


WWE Battleground takes place this Sunday July 20th from Tampa, Florida. The biggest stories going in are the threats to John Cena’s WWE Championship and the feud between Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho. Supporting these main events you have a battle royal to crown a new Intercontinental champion and the bitter feud between friends turned foes Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins.

The rest of the card if fairly decent too. The Usos battle Harper and Rowan again, which last time around at Mitb was a stellar matchup. Another contest that will be worth watching is Rusev’s feud with Jack Swagger, which has gained a lot of fan momentum these last few weeks. You also have Aj Lee in her first title defence against the former Divas champion Paige.

On paper, that’s a pretty good card. Critically it should prove a compelling night, there’s some
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‘WWE Extreme Rules 2014′ Blu-ray Review

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 see the action from the Izod Centre New Jersey, where John Cena continues his feud with the Wyatt Family taking on Bray in a steel cage match. Evolution take on the The Shield in the battle of the the old and new factions and Kane goes back behind the mask to challenge Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, plus much more.

Extreme Rules Pre-show Match – WeeLC Match – Hornswoggle vs. El Torito (a DVD/Blu-ray Extra)

What the hell is a WeeLC match, you may ask. Well, I asked the same damn thing. Is it a match in which combatants can use chairs, ladders and urine to defeat their opponents? No, it isn’t, though that sure would have been a spectacle. The WeeLC match is WWE’s way of amusing itself with puns. This is a midget TLC match in which no holds are barred.
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5 Recent Major Injuries That Prove WWE Should Protect Their Stars Better


As Jim Ross would say, pro wrestling “ain’t ballet.” Even further, for as much as Triple H is known as the “Cerebral Assassin,” the stress of working in wrestling as a business can certainly tax anyone’s mind. Since the turn of the 21st century, pro wrestling has become a more physically active and undoubtedly mentally strenuous business than ever before. Between TLC matches, hardcore wrestling, the evolution of WWE as a corporation and the recent roll-out of the WWE Network, the industry is in a far different place than it has ever been before.

That being the case, WWE’s desire to present its product in an evolved manner takes a toll on not just the company itself, but as the wrestlers-turned-corporate content contributors. As matches are no longer just matches and riches reach untold heights, the desire for wrestlers (and the company itself) to do more,
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WWE Battleground Latest – 7 Matches Announced


Following Monday’s edition of Raw there were only three matches that were official for WWE’s Battleground pay-per-view on July 20 in Tampa. After last night’s Smackdown and Main Event tapings we can add four matches to the official lineup to make it seven.

Here’s what we knew officially after Raw.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Fatal 4-Way: John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane. That’s the clear main event. Nothing else on this card is really close to it in terms of its stature.

WWE Intercontinental Title Battle Royal: Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, Big E, Alberto Del Rio, Fandango, Sheamus, Cesaro, Damien Sandow, The Great Khali, Ryback, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. There are 13 names. The key addition is Sheamus, who is already the Us Champion. He could add the Ic Title to the Us Title he already has.
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WWE Battleground Lineup: Rusev Vs. Swagger Added


The next WWE pay-per-view is called Battleground and it takes place on July 20 in Tampa, Florida. Even though there is only one more week of Raw before the show, WWE has only announced three matches for the event. Two of them were known last week and one was added on Raw.

The new match added to the show was Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter) taking on Rusev (with Lana). During Raw, Rusev was in a match and Colter appeared doing a taped promo that aired during the Rusev. That kind of promo doesn’t happen too often. The story has been built up for weeks now, so it makes sense that they’ll have the “Real American” taking on the evil “Russian” at Battleground.

Swagger wasn’t at Raw, nor was he at any of the live events this weekend. The reason given for that is due to
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WWE Battleground Early Preview – 7 Matches That Will Take Place


One big criticism of the WWE writing team is that aside from the main storyline, they do not book long-term for their Pay Per Views. The shows are then littered with thrown-together matches with little-to-no backstory. No show was this more evident than last year’s Battleground, which had last-minute advertised matches like Santino Marella and Great Khali against The Real Americans, Curtis Axel against R-Truth, and Bray Wyatt against Kofi Kingston. It was one of the worst Pay Per Views of the year in 2013.

With only three weeks between Money in the Bank and this year’s Battleground, WWE could have gone a similar route by only booking three or four major matches and throwing together random matches to fill up the rest of the card. Instead, in one night, on a fantastic Raw from Hartford, Connecticut, the WWE writing team set the stage for an entire card for the next show.
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WWE: 10 Questions You Most Want Answered (July 5)


This week was an eventful one as WWE held their annual Money in the Bank pay-per-view that ended with John Cena winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title. It was his 15th WWE/World Title and the company has already started talking about how he might be their greatest champion ever. The other news from that show was that Seth Rollins won the Mitb contract ladder match, which will allow him to cash in the coveted briefcase on the WWE Champion at any time in the next year.

The next night on Raw, WWE delivered what may have been their best edition of their flagship show in 2014. It’s right up there with the night after WrestleMania at least. There were the surprise returns of Chris Jericho, The Miz and Aj Lee. We also saw turns for Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter while it looks like Paige might join the dark side too.
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5 Reasons Swagger & Colter Can Become WWE’s Top Babyface Act


On Monday, June 30th, The most tired of pro wrestling tropes – evil foreign strongman proclaiming their dominance over weak Americans – was portrayed by the latest purveyors of said stereotype, Rusev the Russo-Bulgarian Brute, and his “ravishing” manager, Lana. However, with the aid of a seasoned territory-era wrestler, a performer lacking in direction, and the strength of the two aforementioned heels, a magical moment transpired that may have kicked off one of WWE’s strongest babyface runs in recent memory.

Employed by World Wrestling Entertainment for nearly a decade, veteran grappler Jack Swagger has all of the physical tools, but has lacked that certain something to connect with the crowd as a top-tier villainous persona. However, with Zeb Colter (legendary wrestler Dutch Mantel) by his side, he’s been blessed with a persona that isn’t so much likable as it is believable, which given his new babyface program
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