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Michael Blakey


Performer Profile

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6 feet 3 in


Bambi Slam Producer Warner Brothers
Princess Favorites Producer Disney
Debut Producer Warner International
Cinderella II - Dreams Come True Producer Buena Vista
Tidal Wave Producer Atico /Sellmar
Going Back in Time Producer Atico
Un Cierto Angel Producer Películas Españolas
Dificultades a Continuación Producer Producciones de la Rabia
Leaving Berlin Producer Wansee Films
Kreutzburger Nachte Producer SFB Berlin
Life's Breath Producer Sellmar
It's Just a City Producer London on Film
The Kiss Off - Goodbye Producer EMI Music
Kiss Off Song - AOL Producer Virgin Records
Screen Test Producer Atico Records
Spuren der Angst Music Producer SFB
Berlin Music Producer Zwieter Films
Going Off Big Time Music Producer Enterprise films
Diceria dell'untore Music Producer Istituto Luce
Screen Test Music Producer Auster
Tears for Fears: Tears Roll Down - Greatest Hits '82-'92 Musician Drummer PolyGram
Tears for Fears: In My Mind's Eye Musician Drummer Hammersmith
Searching for Church: A Journey Through Time and Place Music Supervisor Atkerson
Paris in the Springtime Music Supervisor BBC
In Search of Ancient Ireland Music Supervisor Cafe Productions Ltd.
The Nanny Music Producer CBS
Melrose Place Music Producer Darren Star Productions
Melrose Place Composer Darren Star Productions
Beavis and Butt-Head Composer / Writer Infrogames Inc
Beverly Hills, 90210 Music Producer 90210 Productions


Bambi Slam Producer Warner Brothers
Disney's Princess Favorites Soundtrack Producer Disney
Safe Place To Fall Producer / Writer East West Records
Gloria Gaynor, I'll be There Drums Critique / Atlantic
Engelbert Humperdinck Greatest Hits Producer Priority Records
Willie Nelson Lifes Railway to Heaven Producer / Writer Mercury
Crsytal Gayle Greatest Hits Producer Private Eye Media
Floor Movers Producer / Director Virgin Records / 2KSounds
Sista Sista Executive Director 2K
Brooke Allison Producer / Arranger / Writer / Composer Virgin Records
2002 A.D. Producer / Director 2K
Disney's Superstar Hits Producer Disney
Blackened Fish Producer Rusk Productions
Killingbird Executive Director 2KSounds
Madd West Executive Director 2KSounds
E.H. Dance Album Producer Interhit / Priority
Crazy Dreams - Mila Producer Private Eye
Beth Chapman, Stay Asleep Producer Mercury
Knebworth Drums Capitol Records UK
Release Me - Dance Version Producer Interhit Records
Waylen Jennings, Just out of Reach Producer Mercury / Private Eye
Michelle Wright Collection Producer Mercury / Private Eye
Life Under the Street Lamp Director 2K
Christie Drums London Records
Tidal Force Producer / Drums / Writer / Composer Atco Records
Patsy Cline - The Duets Producer / Arranger / Writer / Composer Mercury / Private Eye
Dreaming Producer Quality Records
That Wonderful Someone Producer Private Eye Media
Only Brooke Producer 2KSounds
Messiah Producer 2K
There He Goes, John Berry Producer Mercury
Engelbert Humperdinck Release Me Producer Interhit / Priority Records
Engelbert Humperdinck Quando, Quando Producer Interhit / Priority Records
Engelbert Humperdinck The Dance Album Producer Interhit / Priority
Drew Broderrick Producer 2KSounds
Silhouette Producer BHB Music
Blake McShane Producer Mercury Records
Tears for Fears Drums Various
Emackillent Producer / Mixing EMI Music
Akwid Executive Director 2KSounds / Virgin Records
Katora Executive Director 2KSounds
Willie Nelson - Lifes Railway to Heaven Producer Mercury
Glen Campbell Too Many Secrets Producer Mercury
Bob Carlisle Producer Private I - Universal Records
Mila Mason Producer Mercury Records
Alldaron West Producer Pink Rock Records
Engelbert Humperdinck Producer Priority Records
Gloria Gaynor Greatest Hits - I Will Survive Drums Atlantic Records
Engelbert Humperdinck - The Dance Album Producer Interhit Records
There He Goes Producer Mercury / Private Eye
John Berry Producer Universal
Margo Reymundo - My Hearts Desire Producer Organica Records
McShane Producer Universal Records
ADRW Producer Selmar UK
King of the Sky Producer Macola
Elk Producer Voxology Music
Julio Iglesias Producer Sony Latino
Crack the Whip Producer Lucida Mercury Records
Coolio Producer 2KSounds
Air Supply Producer 2KSounds/Virgin Records
Sam Moore Producer 2KSounds/Virgin Records
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Producer Disney
I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor Drums Critique / Atlantic
Talk Talk Producer Infinity Records
Screen Test Producer Atico Records
A Time and Place Producer Priority Records


Brooke Allison Producer 2KSounds
Messiah Producer 2KSounds
Blake McShane Producer Quality Records
AllDaron West Producer Pink Rock
A Man Rides Through Performer Sellmar
Princess Favorites Producer Disney
Safe Place To Fall Producer Pink Rock
Debut Producer Warner International
Phlox Producer / Arranger / Writer / Composer Full Throttle
Voxology Producer SXS Productions
Gangsta Kind/Ugly Friend Executive Director EMI
Lifes Breath Producer Atico Records/Sellmar


  • Melody Maker UK, Producer of the Year, 1995
  • Musica Critique, Best Song, 1992
  • Presidential Round Table, Honored by President George Bush for Outstanding Leadership in the Entertainment Industry., 1990
  • Special Olympics, Best Music Contributor, 2003

Employment Details

  • Prior Job Title 1: 2KSounds - Virgin Records - President Music Division
  • Prior Job Title 2: Platinum Records - President
  • Prior Job Title 3: Atco Records - Sn. VP. A&R

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