Awesome Fan Art Imagines Dexter’s Michael C. Hall As Reverse-Flash

With Justice League failing to meet financial expectations at the box office, it’s forced many of us to ponder the future of the DC Extended Universe. And regardless of said gross, it’s the hope of many – this writer included – that we continue to see new territory being charted that, of course, includes heroes and villains who’ve not had much exposure on the big screen.

And while none of us can be too sure as to what awaits DC’s premier heroes – at least as far as team-up flicks go – some hope has been offered, because Warner Bros. are said to be keen on the Legion of Doom concept. For those unfamiliar, this cabal could be best described as the antithesis of the Justice League, uniting some of the most formidable supervillains around. Basically, if you were witness to the much talked about post-credits scene, you saw the
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When a Student Asked How Someone Knows They’re In Love, This Professor Had an Adorable Answer

When a university professor was asked by a student how he knew he wanted to marry his wife, he gave a sweet story of a seemingly mundane event that changed the course of his life.

Assistant professor Dan West teaches the lecture portion of the Introduction to Human Communication class at Ohio University, which recently dove into the subject of love and relationships. During his Oct. 24 lecture, West invited students to ask him anonymous questions using notecards, and was presented with the seemingly complex question, “How do you know when you’re in love?”

With that, the 51-year-old professor dished
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Kit Harington Says He Would Like 'a Few Years of Relative Obscurity' After 'Game of Thrones' Ends

Kit Harington Says He Would Like 'a Few Years of Relative Obscurity' After 'Game of Thrones' Ends
Kit Harington's time as Jon Snow is coming to an end -- and he doesn't know what to do next.

The 30-year-old actor covers the June/July issue of Esquire, and inside the magazine, he reveals that he's not quite sure what life post-Game of Thrones has in store.

Related: New 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Trailer Is Officially Here -- and So Is 'The Great War!'

“Thrones nicely bookended my twenties, but I’m 30 now. Maybe I can reinvent myself and get away from an image that’s so synonymous with Thrones," says Harington, who has a miniseries, Gunpowder, and a film, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, in the pipeline. "But maybe this was the role I was always meant to play and that was it.”

Norman Jean Roy

Watch: Kit Harington Says 'Much Grander' New Season of 'Game of Thrones' Has 'So Much More Ambition'

For showrunners
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Negative-Flash Makes The Scene This August In The Flash #28 & 29

If you’re scoping out this article, odds are that you have some level of familiarity with the Reverse-Flash – be it Eobard Thawne or Daniel West – by way of either the comic books or TV show. And while both of those knaves have given the Scarlet Speedster his share of headaches, it goes without saying that Negative-Flash will provide different sorts of problems come this August.

You see, this isn’t simply another new evil speedster in town. No. As it turns out, The Flash and Negative-Flash are one and the same! Right now, details remain sketchy, but it’s becoming clearer that whatever happens in the story arc preceding “Negative” will imbue Barry Allen with some new powers that’ll be hard to get the hang of, thus corrupting him to an extreme degree.

Normally, we’d approach something like this with caution – and we still are – but the
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Eobard Thawne Totally Remembers Flashpoint

Although Action Comics #976 was probably the most important read this week when it came to the more significant happenings in the DC Universe as a whole, it’s undeniable that The Flash #19 was not to be overlooked, either. Granted most of the issue was spent fleshing out the “Sins of the Father” story arc, but it was the final page that demanded the attention of all.

As it turns out, Eobard Thawne/Zoom (could we please go back to calling him the Reverse Flash now that Daniel West is dead?) has broken out of Iron Heights Prison. Not only that, but he now recalls the world of Flashpoint – and possibly even the time that preceded the New 52.

Now, a complete recollection of past realities is possible given that Superman has merged his pre and post-Flashpoint selves and realities, in addition to the adult Wally West jogging everyone’s memories of in Titans.
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Joshua Williamson Discusses Wally West’s Emotional Journey In The Flash In New Video

I’m pretty sure that not many would argue when I say that The Flash is currently on a hot streak, both as a television show and as a comic book. And while they’re equally as intriguing and feature some of the same characters, they’re different beasts entirely.

This week, a new story arc begins with The Flash #18, titled “Sins of the Father.” In it, Wally West/Kid Flash seeks to uncover some truths behind his father, Daniel West/The Reverse Flash, whom he’s desperately in search of. Hey, even if one of your parents were a crazed supervillain, I’m sure you’d want to know more about him.

Over the course of the issue, his journey takes both him and Barry Allen to Belle Reve Penitentiary, which many of you will recognize as the black site used to incarcerate the Suicide Squad. Not surprisingly, an
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‘Sins of the Father’ begins in The Flash #18, check out a preview here

The new story arc ‘Sins of the Father’ gets underway in The Flash #18 on Wednesday, and we’ve got a preview of the issue for you here courtesy of DC Comics; take a look…

Sins Of The Father” part one! With his superhero career finally underway, Wally West must learn the truth about his father, Daniel West, the long-lost villain known as Reverse-Flash. To retrace his steps, Kid Flash and The Flash must travel to the most dangerous place in the DC Universe: Belle Reve Prison!

The Flash #18 is out on March 8th, priced $2.99.

Via Nerdist
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Kit Harington, Liv Tyler, Peter Mullan and Mark Gatiss join the BBC’s Guy Fawkes series Gunpowder

Kit Harington (Game of Thrones), Liv Tyler (The Leftovers), Peter Mullan (Top of the Lake) and Mark Gatiss (Sherlock) have signed on to star in the upcoming three-part historical thriller series Gunpowder from the BBC.

Scripted by Ronan Bennett (Top Boy), who devised the project with Harington and Daniel West, the series will explore the true story behind the 1605 Gunpowder Plot, where a group of English Catholics attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill King James I in order to restore a Catholic to the throne. The plot was ultimately foiled when Guy Fawkes was captured guarding the explosives.

Harington is set to play Robert Catesby, the man responsible for devising the plan, and the driving force behind the plot (who also happens to be a direct ancestor of Harington in real life). Gatiss will portray King James’ spymaster-in-chief Robert Cecil, with Mullan as Jesuit Father Garnet
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‘Gunpowder’: Kit Harington, Mark Gatiss, Liv Tyler & Peter Mullan Light Up BBC Drama

BBC One has ordered explosive three-part historical drama Gunpowder with Game Of ThronesKit Harington starring and exec producing. Harington was first mooted for the Guy Fawkes-inspired thriller back in October. He’s now confirmed with Liv Tyler, Top Of The Lake‘s Peter Mullan and Sherlock‘s Mark Gatiss rounding out cast. The series was developed by Ronan Bennett, Harington and Daniel West and written by Bennett (Top Boy, Hidden). Kudos is producing in association with…
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‘Game of Thrones’ Star Kit Harington Eyes Guy Fawkes Drama for BBC

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Kit Harington Eyes Guy Fawkes Drama for BBC
Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington is set to star in and produce a drama about Guy Fawkes for the BBC. The thriller, which has the working title “Gunpowder,” is based on a real-life Catholic plot (the so-called Gunpowder Plot) in 1605 in England, led by Fawkes, to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London and to kill King James I.

Endemol Shine’s Kudos will produce the show with Harington’s Thriker Films. The miniseries will comprise three hour-long episodes.

Neither the BBC nor Endemol Shine would confirm the report, which first appeared in Broadcast magazine.

Harington revealed earlier this year that he was related to Robert Catesby, one of the plotters, and that he was working on a screenplay about the events. He told the Guardian that he would like to produce TV shows, and had co-written three screenplays, two of which he had “sold”.

“I’d love to go back into a top-quality TV
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We Have Some Theories About The Flash Season Three

A spoilerific look into the next season of the CW hit.

Last Tuesday, DC revealed that Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) will don an adapted version of the Kid Flash costume in the premiere episode of The Flash Season 3 entitled “Flashpoint”. The surprise posting, along with official confirmation of the title alluded to in the Season Two finale and “leaked” on Twitter last month, were only the first newsworthy developments from the show’s first week of filming.

As early as Tuesday afternoon, various sources began to tweet set photos depicting Londsdale with a mysterious new speedster apparently played by Australian actor Todd Lasance. Americans may remember Lasance from roles in The Vampire Diaries and Spartacus: War of the Damned, but he has a much more extensive acting history in his home country. Considering that the CW has not announced his casting, Lasance
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The Law Is A Ass #309: Reverse-Flash Belongs In The All-Whiners Squad

  • Comicmix
I don’t know whether he was a super villain or a sommelier, because in his origin story Reverse-Flash served a rather poor whine.

(Yes, I said that.)

First, we’re not talking about your father’s Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne. Or your older brother’s Reverse-Flash, Hunter Zolomon. We’re talking the New 52 Reverse-Flash, Daniel West. The one whose secret origin, which appeared in The Flash 23.2, was the biggest batch of bad whines since Mr. Boone got himself a farm.

(Yes, I said it again.)

Daniel narrates his own origin and makes a real sob story out of it. His mother died in childbirth. Daniel’s father blamed Daniel for his wife’s death so hated him. Daniel hated daddy back. Daniel did, however, love his sister, Iris West; yes, that Iris West. Daniel pushed his father down the stairs and daddy became a paraplegic. Then Daniel’s relationship with Iris soured.
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Comics: The Flash Creative Team Reveal The Identity Of 'Daniel West'

In a lengthy interview with Newsarama, The Flash creative team Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato have revealed exactly how Daniel West (introduced in last month's #0 issue) is connected to the West family. As you should already know, the significance of that name has a lot (everything?) to do with fan favourite Flash, Wally West; a character who is sadly missing from "The New 52" continuity. Unfortunately, the introduction of Daniel doesn't mean that DC are opening the door for Wally's eventual least not yet! Check out the excerpt below and make sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page to read the Q&A in full. Francis and Brian, DC called out the fact that Daniel West appeared in The Flash #0. Why was his appearance significant, and why was he specifically called a member of the "West family?" Francis Manapul: Well, you only need two
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Alternate Blue Beetle, Flash returning?

DC Comics seem to be hinting at the return of its alternate Flash and Blue Beetle. Ted Kord - the second and, arguably, best known Blue Beetle - has appeared in preview pages for Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's much anticipated Multiversity: Pax Americana. A new character called Daniel West debuted in the pages of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato's Flash #0 earlier in the week. With a post highlighting his importance on DC's official blog The Source, rumours have emerged that he may be linked to former Flash Wally West. (more)
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Comics: Who Is Daniel West, "The Newest Member Of The West Family"?

When Daniel West was introduced in the pages of The Flash #0, he didn't really seem like that much of a big deal, despite sharing a surname with a character who has yet to make his debut in "The New 52" (much to the fury of Wally West's legion of fans). Well, DC's The Source blog have now posted a story with the headline, "Introducing the Newest Member of the West Family," making it clear that he'll play a pivotal role in the series moving forward and Is somehow related to Wally. "Daniel West is a classic case of juvenile delinquency," series co-writer and artist Francis Manapul told the site. "Unfortunately for him, his first major crime is foiled by Flash's first ever outing as a superhero. In the present, after having served his debt to society, Daniel just wants his old life back. All he wants is to go back
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