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Chris R. Notarile's Stand Off and Four Femme Fatales: A Movie Review

*an online screener of this film was provided by Chris R. Notarile.

Director/writer: Chris R. Notarile.

Cast: Mandy Evans, Kim Santiago, Ella Jane New and Kerri Miller.

Almost every great director had a low budget start. When comparing Quentin Tarantino’s first feature film, Reservoir Dogs to Chris Notarile’s second major project, Stand Off, there is no denying a few similarities—and Notarile shows plenty of potential as an indie producer/director. He has had plenty of practice with his short genre films on his website, Blinky Productions, and in his foray into feature length movies, he is keeping the movies he likes to make simple.

With Stand Off, there’s a deeper meaning that can be found, or it can simply be enjoyed at face value. And just like this director’s other short film projects, Notarile has no problems in borrowing from other works. He releases
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Exclusive Interview: Actor Roberto Lombardi Vs. Brian S

Roberto Lombardi is an actor/producer who got started in acting at seven years old. He's also a musician who can play several different instuments and he writes his own music.  He's also been credited for casting, location scout and  script supervisor as well as doing Special FX makeup.  Check out my latest "Versus" with the very down to Earth Roberto Lombardi as he shares eveything from how he got into acting to his current film projects and offering advice for the up and coming.


Brian  S- First off tell me how you got into acting?

Roberto Lombardi- I was on a children's television show as a child. I did some theater in school after that, did a few extra roles and I was hooked!

I come from a family of musicians, actors and artists so I've always had the "bug" to perform. Acting & music are my passion and
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Indie Short Alert: iPsycho on the Airwaves Right Here

iPsycho Movie PosterDirector Chris Notarile has sent along his latest short film - iPsycho. The film is for mature audiences due to language and the film involves a serial killer stalking a podcast talk show host. The entire fifteen minute short is below. So, step inside the mind of one demented fan, who has high standards for what goes out on the air.

Notarile describes the film as:

"[iPsycho] is a horror thriller with tones most familiar with When A Stranger Calls."

Director/writer: Chris Notarile.

Cast: Kim Santiago, Cheryl Alessio, DeVille Vannik and Christopher Piccione.

The entire short here:

Other shorts from Notarile are here:

Notarile at Blinky Productions

Fans of this film can pick up Methodic from the same director:

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TV's The Flash stars in superhero filmmaker's new thriller Daddy's Girl

Director Chris R. Notarile is probably best known in geekdom for his short films featuring comic book characters.

In 2006, he wrote and directed Catwoman: The Diamond Exchange, starring Niki Rubin as the feline felon; Joker, starring Bryan Bockbrader and with Deanna Miller as accomplice Harley Quinn; and I'm Power Girl Dammit!!! with Tawnya Manion as the title character, Guile Branco as Bizarro (an opposite version of Superman) and Sarah Durning as Oracle (a later identity of Batgirl).

Last year he returned to the superhero genre with a new short called Elektra (The Hand & The Devil) with Kim Santiago as Elektra and Adam Shorsten as Daredevil.

Next in the pipeline for Chris is a twisted suspense thriller called Daddy's Girl. It's his second feature film following 2007's Methodic about a boy possessed by a demonic presence called The Dollman.

The filmmaker has now released a trailer, poster and synopsis for the film,
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This Daddy' Girl Trailer will Dilate Your Pupils out of Fear and Shock

Daddy's Girl has a sexy, but deadly look, in this second poster for the film. Director Chris R. Notarile tells me that Zoe Sloane was his third choice to play Jess (seen left). Creative differences led to two other actresses being removed from the film. Fans of independent horror can check out Zoe Sloane speaking into the camera about murder in this first trailer, for Daddy's Girl, below. The film will be available once production is complete. More details below.

The synopsis for Daddy's Girl here:

"Jessica Hailey (Zoe Sloane), by day, is your typical girl next door. At first glance, she is sweet, innocent, charming and outgoing. But the real Jessica is something much darker and sadistic. By night, Jessica is a twisted, deviant sociopath. She is manipulative and highly sexual with a heart of ice. To know the real Jessica is a scary thing (Blink)."

Release Date: 2010-2011.

Director/writer: Chris R. Notarile.
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Daddy's Girl Goes Into Production

Indie thrillers certainly aren't in short supply this year, the most recent being Daddy's Girl - which is slated to begin production sometime this summer. Read on for cast details and an interesting synopsis.

A twisted suspense thriller about a manipulative teenager who convinces her widower/alcoholic/over-protective father that the boy she asked out on a date raped her, when in fact he turned down her advances. But no amount of facts can persuade this enraged father. No one hurts Daddy’s girl.

Director Chris Notarile follows his 2009 feature, Methodic, with this ghastly little tale, starring John Wesley Shipp (The Flash), Zoe Sloane (Life After Lisa), and Kim Santiago (Jack + Jill). We'll bring you more as we have it but, in the meantime, dig the promo poster below.

- MattFini

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