‘Rick and Morty’: Dan Harmon Has No Time for Your Misogynistic Bullshit

When Cartoon Network's [adult swim] program Rick and Morty was in its infancy, the writers room contained the show's co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, with Tom Kauffman, Ryan Ridley, Wade Randolph, and Eric Acosta, and writer's assistant Mike McMahan. For the show's current Season 3 run, that writers room has become gender-balanced with the addition of Jane Becker, Sarah Carbiener, Jessica Gao, and Erica Rosbe. Now a mentally and socially balanced person who's a fan of the show and the excellent episodes they've released just this year might celebrate that fact, …
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‘Legend of Neil’ Finale Closes Chapter in Web Comedy

They took the Seinfeld way out. Finish while you’re on top. And that they did. Today the series finale (above) of Atom’s long-running hit comedy The Legend of Neil hits the internet after a special screening in downtown Los Angeles last night. We knew this day was coming, and even counting down to it doesn’t make it any easier. This one goes way back for us at Tubefilter. For me, this is the end of an era in web series. Not that no one will ever center a comedy of 80’s pop references around a video game again—no it will happen—but this kind of all star team doesn’t exactly come around every day. Let’s not drop into full board comps to the gold medal winning 1992 Dream Team, but here’s a web series that has Felicia Day on its roster but equally touted
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‘Legend of Neil’ Finale Comes With Live Chat, Director’s Dish

Lots of chatter this week about live web series, but who says scripted series can't have a little live streaming fun too? The Legend of Neil dropped its season 2 finale (above) yesterday and followed it up with a live chat last night on UStream with the cast that drew over 10,000 total viewers. First watch the episode to see if the show's involuntary protagonist Neil/Link (Tony Janning) will ever get princess Zelda (Angie Hill) out of the hands of the evil Lord Gannon and his lackey Wizrobe. Highlights from the live chat, which featured Janning and co-creator Sandeep Parikh and cast members Felicia Day, Angie Hill, Mike Rose and Eric Acosta will be posted on Atom later today. Legend of Neil is clearly the online network's biggest original series hit so far—check out the tagline under the logo (right). The Comedy Central owned site is doing their part to market the series,
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