Desperate Housewives 7.13 "I'm Still Here" Review

Too bad the last Desperate Housewives before February sweeps aired alongside the much-hyped Golden Globe Awards, because there were some decent turn of events that transpired in the hour.

It All Becomes Clear…

Zach Young’s reappearance last week still had a ripple effect in the ‘Who Shot Paul Young?’ mystery when Paul realized that the gun planted in Bree’s house (and the one used to shoot him) was none other than the gun Mary Alice shot herself with in the pilot episode. Why I didn’t correlate the two last week is beyond me, but I think it’s safe to name Zach Young the gunman in this mystery. I stress the word ‘think.’

It’s pretty interesting how the Paul Young mystery turned out this year so far. Instead of having Paul slowly plot revenge throughout the season, he’s implemented his plan, got shot because of it,
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Episode Recap: Glee - 1.21: Funk

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Apparently the real world isn’t the only place Glee (TV) and its show choir showdowns are discussed, because Vocal Adrenaline heard via the forum grapevine that Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) and his New Directions have higher odds of smoking them in Regionals. Maybe this is a nod from the writers to all the hordes of communities and commentators devoted to our favorite band of Gleeks. At any rate, Vocal Adrenaline shows up at McKinney High and treats the Glee Club to a sizzling rendition of Queen’s "Another one Bites the Dust." Which, predictably, throws our crew into a tailspin of depression. Oh, and Rachael’s (Lea Michele) boyfriend/mole, Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) has defected back to his own skeezy kind. Awesome voice or no, the boy irked me. Adding insult to injury, the crew returns to find their choir room has been Tp'ed and Sue Sylvester
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