Morning Meme: Parker Young Takes Center Stage On "Suburgatory," Goodbye Bristol Palin, and Is Daniel Radcliffe Just a Young Jon Hamm?

Taylor Momsen and Connor Paulo have been spotted on the set of Gossip Girl, leading some to speculate a family reunion for the series finale. Maybe Eric will come home with a husband?

Scientists have discovered a planet in Alpha Centauri, only 4.3 light years away, and it's earth sized. Who wants to hop on a 10 year spaceship with me?

Chick-Fil-a says that the infamous ad from the Georgia location referencing fruitcakes isn't a gay slur, but a five year old holiday campaign. Or it could be a five year old gay slur.

Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez have been confirmed as the hosts of The X Factor. Can we make him do it shirtless?

Buzzfeed talked to Ryan Andresen, who was denied his Eagle Scout badge because he was gay. When asked what he might say to other closeted teens, Andresen admits there are no easy answers. "My advice is
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Wls Theater Review: "Priscilla Queen of the Desert"

A spectacle of unimaginable proportions has taken over the Palace theater! Sure, if you're looking for cultural gravitas, see Thomas Stoppard's "Arcadia" (opening March 17 at the Barrymore). If you want classic hijinks, see the Pulitzer-winning "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" (featuring Michael Park and Tammy Blanchard and opening March 27 at the Hirschfeld). But for the utmost in contemporary Broadway realness—flying chorines, impossible chapeaus, handclapping anthems—sashay down to the Palace Theater, pick up a feather boa and a sippy-cup cocktail, and join the exuberant, spectacular journey that is New York's production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

On its face, “Priscilla” is a roadtrip/buddy dramedy about growing up and going home. Tick (Will Swenson) aspires to be a good dad as he moves to reunite with wife and son. Bernadette (Tony Sheldon) struggles to accept the challenges and liberty of her maturity, and perhaps to
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Presenting The 2010 AfterElton Hot 100!

The winner of the 2010 Hot 100 is …Ramin Setoodeh from Newsweek!

Just kidding. Truthfully, we can’t imagine anything less appealing than the attitudes expressed by this out gay journalist who recently argued, ridiculously, that gay actors can’t play straight roles.

So who did come out on top? If you’re the kind of person who opens your Christmas presents early, go here to find the start of the list.

The three of you left might be interested to know that the most noteworthy thing about this year’s list is that the top seven positions are occupied by out gay men, five of whom are actors; last year, only the top three were out gay men, and only four of the top ten were gay.

Of the entire list, 26 were out gay or bisexual men — up from 20 last year. And for those who really like statistics, our
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Morning Meme: Sir Elton Needs a Sacrifice, When "Glee" Went to D.C., Degaying "La Cage" and Coco on Lily

Male Powderpuff squad, Ellen, Idol, and visibility, plus Doctor Who premieres strong and Eric is back on Gossip Girl, but I want to see what I missed!

Matt Lucas credits his creative partner David Walliams with getting him through the dark times of his divorce, and eventual suicide of his husband Kevin McGee. But he’s through the worst, and looking forward to Walliams marriage, and their new projects together, beyond and separate from Little Britain.

Anybody still watching 90210? It turns out they’ve finally gotten to their lesbian kiss between Jessica Lowndes and Rumer Willis. Where are they going with it? That’s not clear, but frankly, if the relationship can stabilize Adrianna a bit, the show may become watchable again.

While I’m not going to go so far as to endorse a couple of shock jocks calling someone gay on their radio show, I am really happy
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