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Did SNL Steal Its Celebrity Accountant Sketch?

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Illustrator Dan Meth has staked a claim that Saturday Night Live ripped off his online animated video series.and blatantly.

The New York-based artist, known for his internet-famous sitcom maps points out on his blog the similarities between his own Alan Kaufman, rock star accountant at Kaufman, Kaufman, Rothman, and Roth: Rock Star Financial (the cartoon first went live in 2007), and More >>
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You People Are The Sickest People We Know. . .and We Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

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I missed you! Did you miss me? (Don't answer that.) Well I know at least one of you missed me! Reader Carface was Super bummed at yesterday's lack of a Word Cloud. Unless he/she/it was being sarcastic. . .dammit. Well I do have a Word Cloud today, and it's comprised of your sick and twisted comments from last Friday. Here it is, in all its diseased splendor. I love you all.

Speaking of our lovely readers, we'd like to send one Pajiban, Optimus Rhyme, warm hugs and copious praise for winning this year's Ncaa bracket. Oh, I 'spose we should send praise to UConn as well. Is this the only time I will ever link to The Hartford Courant? Probably. (The Hartford Courant)

Last night's showdown between Butler and UConn has put me in a combative mood. Let's trip the light pugilistic through some notable fights, shall we? First up,
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Page 2: Weekend Edition

Page 2: Weekend Edition
What is Page 2? Page 2 is a compilation of stories and news tidbits, which for whatever reason, didn’t make the front page of /Film. After the jump we’ve included 31 different items, fun images, videos, casting tidbits, articles of interest and more. It’s like a mystery grab bag of movie web related goodness. If you have any interesting items that we might've missed that you think should go in /Film's Page 2 - email us [1]! Header image: Dan Hipp created this piece: "Ewoks vs. Care Bears" [moviefone [2]] (thanks to /Film reader Lascelles L) [3] FilmStage [4] has set photos from Steven Soderbergh's Contagion. Tim Allen has officially come onboard ABC's comedy pilot, originally titled Man Up and then renamed to The Last Day of Man, now untitled, written by Jack Burditt. [deadline [5]] Watch the music video for A.R. Rahman feat. Dido, "If I Rise", for the movie 127 Hours. Vulture [6] has a great editorial
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Remember These 1980 Nintendo Games of ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘Wonder Years’, ‘Cool Runnings’ & More

The origianal Nintendo Entertainment System was, and will always be my favourite video game system. I remember staying up for hours and hours late at night finishing classics like The Legend of Zelda, Link, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Contra, Metroid etc.

Well now Dan Meth has created an animated a clip reel for the “forgotten” Nintendo games of the 1980s which reflect back on some of the cultural events of the decade. You’ll see clips of the Wonder Years game to even Dirty Dancing. Enjoy!

Via the Collider Via College Humor:

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1980s Nintendo Games Based on Dirty Dancing, Cool Runnings, Rain Man, and Field Of Dreams

If you were a child of the 80s, you may have fond memories of the Tron video game.  But do your recall the other 8-bit creations based on the movies of the day, like Dirty Dancing, Cool Runnings, Rain Man, and Field of Dreams?  No?  Well, I suppose that's because they didn't exactly... exist. But they do now, thanks to Dan Meth.  Meth has animated a clip reel for the "forgotten" Nintendo games of the 1980s.  His scope extends beyond the cinema to other cultural events of the decade, from Tank Man, to tearing down the Berlin Wall, to the Chernobyl disaster.  It's absolutely worth a look after the jump. Via College Humor: Two thoughts: 1) I'm impressed that he parodied Dirty Dancing without resorting to a "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" joke. 2) As a Tetris nut, I actually want to play Chernobyl.
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Woody Allen: The Animated Version

  • NextMovie
Watching Woody Allen films, one starts to notice the same subjects popping up, over and over, for the last 30-odd years. Whether waxing poetic over the New York skyline, dating unobtainable, young ingenues or pining for Pre-War America, Allen’s nothing if not consistent.

Don’t get us wrong; this genius has made one film per year since 1977, so he can be excused for repeating a nugget or two. Still, enough already with the Freud references, Woody!

Dan Meth’s charmingly astute cartoon “Woody Allen: This is Crazy” on Atom.com nails every one of the director’s ticks while still showing Allen the love. The stylized drawings are hilarious and voice actor Tony Forkush does a near-perfect Allen impersonation – it’s pretty amazing.

Atom Originals

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Happy 75th Birthday Woody Allen from Atom, Dan Meth

Woody Allen turns 75 today. I wasn't aware his birthday was any kind of internet event. Sure, the Diamond Anniversary of the birth one of the most influential American film directors of all time doesn't receive as much attention from the internet as something like Talk Like a Pirate Day, but it's getting some play. New York newspaper articles, the launch of the third season of independent web series duder, and the following spoof tribute on Comedy Central's Atom.com shows Allen maintains at least some degree of credibility in internet pop culture. In Woody Allen, This is Crazy, Tony Forkush provides the uncanny vocal impersonation of Allen (which is so good, there's even a disclaimer at the top of the video indicating it's not the real deal), while the very talented, Streamy Award-winning animator Dan Meth provides the visual effects, spot on dialogue, and Allen's picture perfect neurotic,
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Today Is An Important Day In History!


Fifty-five years ago today the Hill Valley clock tower was struck by lightning and has never worked since. Thanks to Dan Meth we will truly never forget that fateful day.  Maybe this image will be enough to finally get the Hill Valley Preservation Society into gear and actually raise the money to restore/fix the clock.

All joking aside, these images are pretty darn cool.  I had the great experience of seeing the film in pristine quality on the big screen this past weekend.  No matter how many times I watch that movie I am always finding new parts that I had overlooked.  



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Online Video Creators Should Make More Exquisite Corpses

Absinthe and exquisite corpses are inextricably linked. When surrealists sipped anise-flavored alcohol in avant-garde Parisian parlors, the Green Fairy inspired Ernst, Breton, Éluard, and other like-mind-altered artists to collaborate on idle drawings. One would find a loose leaf of paper, doodle for a few, fold the paper on itself to conceal the soon-to-be masterpiece, and pass the work-in-progress along so the next man could continue with their collective creation. The final product was dubbed an "exquisite corpse," which are inherently cool, sometimes beautiful, and always intriguing. After undergoing some very bad PR for the better part of the last century, absinthe recently began trickling back into popular consumption. So too has the exquisite corpse. The collaborative capabilities of the internet make it the perfect medium for content creators to riff off one another's work. Artists with disparate styles living far apart from each other can all contribute distinct chapters, creating a single,
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Streamys 2010 Nominees Announced

  • HeyUGuys
The nominees for the 2010 Streamys were announced today. The Streamys celebrate online television programming and this year they have a fantastic line up of nominees. Last year was the Streamys debut year and the winners included high profile shows such as Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and the exceptional Battlestar Galactica web series The Face of the Enemy.

This year there is even more competition with some really interesting content now being released on the web rather than through more traditional media routes. Two of my favourites from this year’s nominee list are the excellent Interview Project which is presented by davidlynch.com and the slightly flawed but thoroughly enjoyable Angel of Death, created by Ed Brubaker and starring Zoe Bell, which also received a DVD release last year.

The awards ceremony takes place on April 11th 2010 and the full list of nominees is listed below with handy links
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Toy movie parodies

  • JoBlo
If you’re like me, your eyeballs are physically exhausted from rolling whenever a new toy-based movie is announced. But while I just write new articles mocking the proposals, animator Dan Meth has taken a different approach. He wonders what would happen if these toy franchises were given to some capable directors. Peter Jackson’s Smurfs? Wes Anderson’s Teddy Ruckspin? David Lynch’s Koosh Ball? Check out the video below. Toy Movies Atom.com: Funny Videos | Animation | TV & Movie Spoofs
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