Bad Boys For Life Is “Very, Very Close” To Entering Production, According To Will Smith

It’s going on 14 years since Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett last graced the silver screen, but in 2018, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s fast-talking narcotics officers will stage their comeback in the form of Bad Boys For Life.

Considered the “strongest of the trilogy,” we now have word that Joe Carnahan’s action threequel is “very, very close” to entering production. That’s according to Will Smith, who appeared on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his awards-tipped drama Collateral Beauty. Previously, Smith’s co-star Martin Lawrence hinted that filming on Bad Boys 3 would commence in March of next year, and though he refrained from confirming – or indeed denying – those claims, the actor simply stated: “It is very, very, very close. It’s very close.” It’s close, you guys.

News that Bad Boys For Life is on the verge of entering development will be all
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Bad Boys 3 Will Be R-Rated, Has Multiple Villains

Bad Boys 3 Will Be R-Rated, Has Multiple Villains
After languishing in development for several years, Bad Boys 3 is finally back on the right track, with Joe Carnahan coming aboard to write and direct. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are returning as Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett, but there still hasn't been much revealed about the sequel. Joe Carnahan has now revealed plenty of details in a new interview, where he confirms that he's aiming for an R-rated approach, while teasing that there will be multiple villains.

Sony has handed out a January 12, 2018 release date for Bad Boys 3, with Joe Carnahan bragging in August that the script is the strongest in the entire trilogy. Collider caught up with Joe Carnahan, who revealed that Will Smith has been involved in the process as he works on the script. Here's what the writer-director had to say below.

"It's been a pretty centralized process. I've been writing this thing for
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'Bad Boys 3' Is Still Waiting on a Script

Bad Boys 3 is just a little over a year away. But it doesn't sound like any progress has been made on the long-anticipated sequel since Sony moved it out of the February 17, 2017 release window, bumping it into summer of next year. By all accounts, the movie should be heading into production soon. But perhaps there is another delay in the cards? Producer Jerry Bruckheimer gave a quick update on the movie this weekend while being honored at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. And it doesn't sound too promising.

"We have to get the script in. Once we get that, we'll make a lot of decisions."

While most assumed that Bad Boys 3 would start production in the second half of 2016, Will Smith is set to start shooting Bright later this year. A cop thriller that revolves orcs and fairies, this fantasy adventure reunites Will Smith with
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'Bad Boys 3' Director Teases Freeway Motorcycle Chase

Bad Boys 3 is happening in a big way, and it promises to take the action over the top. While he hasn't been officially confirmed to direct yet by Sony Pictures, action maestro Joe Carnahan is already in the previsualization stage for the movie, and is now teasing a freeway chase involving a motorcycle on his official Twitter page. This may be all the confirmation we need that the man behind such action favorites as Smokin' Aces, The Grey and the big screen A-Team adaptation is joining forces with returning stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. Though, he won't reveal the identity of the man on the motorcycle, only saying this.

"...who is this man? ...and how bad is he?"

Sony announced last year that Bad Boys 3 will arrive on February 17, 2017, with Bad Boys 4 set for July 3, 2019. During a radio interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra this past week,
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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Will Return in 'Bad Boys 3'

Back in June, we reported that Sony's long-awaited Bad Boys 3 is finally coming together, with Joe Carnahan coming aboard to write and direct the sequel. Just a few months later, Sony announced that Bad Boys 3 will arrive on February 17, 2017, with Bad Boys 4 set for July 3, 2019. While the project is certainly moving forward, the studio still hasn't confirmed whether or not Bad Boys and Bad Boys II stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will return for the sequel. During a radio interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra, Will Smith confirmed that both he and Martin Lawrence will be back as Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett.

"I saw Martin a few weeks ago. I hadn't seen him for about two years, and we just looked at each other. We hugged and in that moment we both knew we were making another Bad Boys. So we're definitely doing another one."

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Will Smith probably won’t be in Bad Boys 3 or 4

So, it looks like Will Smith will be limiting himself to just the role of producer on the planned Bad Boys sequels that are confirmed to land in the next few years. He will apparently not star in the films. Hang on, what?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, will see both Martin Lawrence and Will Smith involved, but it is unclear “it’s not clear whether [Smith] will star, produce or both”.

In my opinion, there is no Bad Boys without Smith’s Mike Lowry. It just won’t be the same.

The first film is set to arrive in February 2017, so shooting will have to start in the early part of next year at the latest. The last we heard was that The A-Team and Narc director Joe Carnahan will be writing and directing the new movie in the franchise, and we’ve heard nothing to say that this isn’t still the case.
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Bad Boys 3 Announced By Martin Lawrence

On the day of August 13th, 2014, Sir Martin Lawrence appeared on the Conan television talk show. His intentions were to promote discussion and celebration of his new FX series Partners. Mr. Lawrence was plenty excited about the team-up with Kelsey Grammer. But he was, perhaps,more excited about a new project. A project that will reshape the cinematic world as we know it. Though the show has only just aired, we have heard that Martin Lawrence has announced another collaboration with Michael Bay. Once again, the actor will be playing Detective Marcus Burnett. Shit just got real: there's going to be a Bad Boys 3. Lawrence says that he has been talking with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and that a screenplay for Bad Boys 3 is being actively developed. The script would "potentially re-team him" with co-star Will Smith. But, really,how can you have Marcus without Mike Lowry?And going
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Safe House Writer David Guggenheim Linked With Bad Boys 3 Script

Sony Pictures are currently eyeing Safe House scribe David Guggenheim to pen the script for Bad Boys 3, according to Deadline. The studio, which recently underwent a restructuring process that resulted in Michael De Luca slotting in as co-president of production, hopes to attract the primary stars back to the franchise, namely Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, in order to get the shiny wheels in motion.

At this time, it’s unclear whether Michael Bay will return to direct Bad Boys 3, although we understand that should the film gain some momentum, Jerry Bruckheimer will produce the action-packed threequel. In truth, there hasn’t been much information regarding the potential follow-up since 2009, when novelist Peter Craig was attached to the nascent script.

In terms of Guggenheim, though, his cinematic track is rather fitting for the Bad Boys universe. Having provided the source material for the Nicholas Cage thriller Stolen and
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Thn’s Top Five Movie Bromances

Guy love is all around us these days. You can feel it in your fingers, you can probably even feel it in your toes. The time has come for us members of the not-so-fair sex to embrace the joys of manhood we can share together. As such, it seems only fitting to bring you Top 5 Movie Bromances. Now, everyone knows that I am Mr. Mainstream, and these are purely my own personal top five faves, but I’m sure you’ll relate to some of them…

Let’s kick it off…

5. Mike Lowry and Marcus BurnettBad Boys

Possibly one of my favourite Michael ‘Bang Bang’ Bay movies to have ever graced the silver screen, but the thing that really works with this movie is the central ‘bro’ relationship between the two main characters, played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. In fact, I prefer the sequel, which is so ridiculously insane…
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Films To Watch Before You Die #55 - Bad Boys (1995)

D.J. Haza presents the next entry in his series of films to watch before you die...

Bad Boys, 1995.

Directed by Michael Bay.

Starring Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, Téa Leoni, Joe Pantoliano and Theresa Randle.

Bad Boys is the directorial debut of Michael Bay and since the majority of his films have the same shots recycled over and over again maybe it’s the only one of his films with any visual originality, but is great fun nonetheless.

The film is an action comedy that sees Miami cops Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) and Mike Lowry (Smith) trying to uncover $100 million of heroin stolen from a police vault. The seized drugs need to be recovered within five days or Internal Affairs warn that the narcotics division of the Miami-Dade Police Force will be shut down. When escort Max is hired for a party and takes along her flat mate Julie (Leoni) what
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