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House Of Dust (2012) Inbar Lavi, Eddie Hassell, Holland Roden Photos

House of Dust Inbar Lavi, Eddie Hassell, Holland Roden Photos. The Inbar Lavi, Eddie Hassell, Holland Roden House of Dust photos also feature Joy Lauren, Steven Grayhm, Nicole Travolta from the 2012 A.D. Calvo directed film. House of Dust‘s plot synopsis: “College students exploring an abandoned insane asylum accidentally shatter canisters holding the cremains of former mental patients; inhaling the dusty ash filling the air, they’re soon possessed by the souls once held within them. One, is a convicted serial killer from 1950.”

The House of Dust photos:

Inbar Lavi, House of Dust

Inbar Lavi, House of Dust

John Lee Ames, House of Dust

Inbar Lavi, Steven Grayhm, Holland Roden, Nicole Travolta, Joy Lauren, House of Dust

Eddie Hassell, House of Dust

I bet that serial killer possesses a guy in the film but maybe A.D. Calvo will throw a curve ball and have it possess a girl. Possibly the
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Bread Crumbs (2011)

Directed By: Mike Nichols

Starring: Marianne Hagan, Dan Shaked, Amy Crowdis, Steve Carey, Kristina Klebe

There seems to be no shortage of modern day fairy tales turned to horror these days. With all the talk about Hansel and Gretel turning to action heroes and Little Red Riding Hood wanting to lose her virginity, it's no surprise really to find Bread Crumbs waiting patiently for me in my pile to review. I've said a few times now that Hansel and Gretel is one of the all time creepiest fairy tales, but Mike Nichol's Bread Crumbs seems to take the story into very unfamiliar territory. There's nothing wrong with change of course, but Bread Crumbs ends up being less like a spin on Hansel and Gretel and more of a lesson on how not to update a fairy tale--and unfortunately there is something very wrong with that.

An aging star, Angie (Marianne Hagan
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Hansel and Gretel Tale Spun into Porn and BreadCrumbs For New DVD

Who loves a good porn related fairy tale!? Mike Nichols' 'BreadCrumbs' is finally going to be available to buy on DVD across Us stores in the new year. The re-imagining of the classic Brothers Grimm tale 'Hansel and Gretel' in which a group of porn filmmakers are systematically attacked by 2 children on the set of a remote shoot arrive s on 25 January 2011, courtesy of Green Apple Entertainment. Of course when you're talking slashers and pornstars you can bet your bottom dollar that hotties are involved. 'BreadCrumbs' stars Kristina Klebe (below) (who appeared totally naked in Rob Zombie's 'Halloween'), Marianne Hagan, Alana Curry, Amy Crowdis, Shira Weitz, Marianne Hagan, Darbi Worley, Jim J. Barnes, Steve Carey, Michael Goodin, Rex Irons, Douglas Nyback, Dan Shaked, Darbi Worley and Zoe Sloane....
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Bread Crumbs: new title announcement – release 01.25.2010

Bread Crumbs Some Fairy Tales are True … Heart-Pounding Thriller Comes to DVD Jan. 25th Boca Raton — Jan. 1, 2011 — For Immediate Release — Mama was wrong … some fairy tales are true in Bread Crumbs, a heart-pounding thriller coming to DVD Jan. 25 from Green Apple Entertainment. An aging star, Angie (Marianne Hagan, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Perfume), reluctantly goes on one last shoot for a seedy, B-movie producer. On location – lodging in an enchanting, old cabin deep in the shadowy forest – the cast and crew encounter Henry (Dan Shaked, Counting to Infinity) and his little sister, Patti (Amy Crowdis, The Melancholy Fantastic), two odd children who mysteriously seem to live in the woods. A violent attack on the second evening of shooting sends Angie, her handsome lead Billy (Steve Carey, Jack and Jill vs. the World) and the rest of the crew [...]
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