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Casualty Sin City: the soft-boiled Frank Miller homage no one expected

Noir comes to Holby as the veteran hospital drama tries its hand at something a little out of the ordinary. But can such tricksy pastiches revive a flagging patient?

Casualty will be 30 next year. How much longer the Saturday-night medical soap can soldier on must be a question asked regularly in top-level BBC pow-wows: so is its current yen for special, spoof and spin-off episodes a celebratory show of strength or a cry for help?

This week’s edition is entitled Holby Sin City – written in an opening caption using a crimson font mimicking the Sin City graphic novels and 2005 film. The episode is entirely taken up with fussy registrar Ethan (George Rainsford) and his interaction with long-term patient and femme fatale Bonnie (Renee Castle), a 1940s-style sex bomb who might have committed murder. Rain lashes the hitherto rarely glimpsed neon mean streets of downtown Holby. It’s what the
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Jessica Raine wants 'naughtier' Call the Midwife character

Jessica Raine wants her 'Call the Midwife' character to develop a ''naughtier side''. The brunette actress plays midwife Jenny Lee in the BBC One drama and she is hoping her levelheaded alter-ego might start being a bit wilder since she started dating Alec, a friend of Jimmy Wilson (George Rainsford), at the end of the show's second series. She said: ''I'm hoping a naughtier side comes out! We'll see ... I'm looking forward to getting some spark, some flirts. ''I don't know quite yet how I'm going to play Jenny in a relationship because she's always on the outskirts of something
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Doctor Who Review – “The Burning Prince”

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

(Warning: Significant spoilers follow)

Here we have part one of a three part series. Rather like Big Finish’s “Excelis” series (released in 2003 for the show’s 40th anniversary and guest starring Anthony Stewart Head as the recurring villain), this series seems to focus on the Doctor’s involvement in one planet over the course of three different regenerations. In this first story, we have the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison). Next month we’ll get the Sixth Doctor and then in November, the Seventh. This format worked well with “Excelis”, and also included a lovely bonus story with Bernice Summerfield and Iris Wildthyme. How does it work for this series?

Well, this is just the first part, but at least so far it works well. The story focuses on the Doctor, travelling solo, and arriving on board a spaceship that’s ferrying a young prince (George Rainsford
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