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Restitution and Entering the Murderous World of Neo-noir: A Movie Review

*a screener of this film was provided by Video Services Corp.

Director: Lance Kawas.

Writer: Mark Bierlein.

Restitution is an indie neo-noir thriller that is set in Detroit, Michigan where anything can happen. And that anything is Tom Arnold playing an ex-Marine sharpshooter. As well, the protagonist gets to kill two thugs while meandering around the crime scene. Should someone arrest him? Also, there are dubious detectives, a damsel in distress and a phony corporation who likes to deal in nose candy rather than legit' products. All of these plot elements create for a very enjoyable time in a neo-noir world.

The plot takes awhile to build momentum as two characters flirt across a bar. Their romance is short lived as Bryan Spikes, an investigator, finds his boss to be a little too demanding. Soon, Bryan is heading over a bridge with a chain collar. A year passes and a
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Interview: Tom Arnold of Restitution

In the nifty little thriller Restititution (DVD $26.95, Monterey Media, released on Nov. 8), Tom Arnold makes a memorable supporting turn as the lively next-door neighbor to leading man Mark Bierlein. A journalist who’s pulled into a small town off Lake Ontario to write a book about a murder that went down a year ago, Bierline is a little more than thrown when he meets Arnold, who’s all about fast-talking, big hugs and a lot bit more that comes to light by the film’s finale. Arnold spoke with Disc Dish about his role in the film and the myriad other projects he’s been involved in over the past year.

Disc Dish: How did Restitution come your way?

Tom Arnold: The usual way—somebody sent it to my manager and I read it. I was interested from the beginning; they did a really good job with the overall story and the mystery.
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New Release: Restitution DVD

Release Date: Nov. 8, 2011

Price: DVD $26.95

Studio: Monterey Media

Mena Suvari might be involved in her ex-boyfriend's murder in Restitution.

The 2011 independent crime thriller movie Restitution opens on a picturesque city on the shores of Michigan, where a series of mysterious murders has an unlikely but common thread — Bryan Spikes, a hired insurance fraud investigator who is inexplicably killed and then framed for the crimes.

A year later, writer Alex Forrester (Mark Bierlein, Street Boss) arrives in the city researching the case for a book. As Alex begins uncovering the truth behind the murder, his informants start turning up dead, and he soon learns that he may be next on the list. Maybe Alex should look closer at Bryan’s ex-girlfriend (Mena Suvari, Hemingway’s Garden of Eden) or his new overly friendly ex-sharpshooter neighbor (Tom Arnold, True Lies).

Written by leading man Bierlein and directed by Lance Kawas (The Deported
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Monterey Media Gets Lance Kawas' "Restitution"; Plans Fall 2011 Release

Monterey Media Gets Lance Kawas'
Monterey Media has acquired North American rights to writer-director Lance Kawas' "Restitution," starring Mena Suvari, Tom Arnold, C. Thomas Howell, Willian Sadler and Mark Bierlein. Monterey plans a limited release in September/October 2011. Here's the synopses for this revenge action-thriller: In a picturesque city on the shores of Michigan, a series of mysterious murders all have an unlikely but common thread – Bryan Spikes, a hired insurance fraud investigator who ...
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Restitution Comes in the Form of Murder in this Exciting Preview

Restitution is a thriller from Vision Films, which deals with fraudulent insurance companies. Their way of doing business involves murder, until Alex, a mysterious writer, comes to town. Is Alex one of the victims of big business? Fans of thrillers will have to wait until later in 2011, as this film has only recently been completed. Starring Mena Suvari (Domino), C. Thomas Howell ("Criminal Minds"), Tom Arnold and William Sadler, viewers can preview the film's first poster here and an early synopsis is below.

The synopsis for Restitution is here:

"A true crime writer investigates a murder spree surrounding insurance fraud, and uncovers the devastating truth that leads him on a path of revenge and changes his life and the town forever" (Vision).

Completion Year: 2011.

Director: Lance Kawas.

Producer: Mark Bierlein.

Cast: Mena Suvari, Mark Bierlein, C. Thomas Howell, William Sadler, and Tom Arnold.

*no trailer available.


Restitution at Vision Films
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