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Nickname Kraemah
Height 6' 1" (1.85 m)

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Sean LeeRoy is Maryland born NYC based Actor, Writer and aspiring Producer. Trained in Meisner, with dabs of Method and exposure to Adler; he takes from each technique what he needs depending on the role. He specializes in Crime, Thriller, Drama and Action; but has aspirations to merge into Comedy, Family and Political pieces.

Acting saved Sean LeeRoy's life, and each day he looks for a way to pass the same miracle on to someone else through the roles he portrays on screen or work he produces.

As soon as Sean graduated from NYC Meisner Conservatory in 2011 (Masters Accepted) he jumped right into an internship with Liz Lewis Casting Partners, in an attempt to first understand what was being looked for out of actors in today's market. During this time, he had landed a couple of little Guest Staring roles in some re-enactment shows to get his feet wet. Then transitioning into 2012 he landed his first NY Principal and Supporting roles in Independent Features. During this time he also began training, working with and assisting in a Mid Town Acting Studio at the Producers Club in connection with the Actors Studio NY. A great opportunity to work on his craft and understand the business side of things. During this time, Sean began being seen by a number of larger television shows and Film Productions. Juggling auditions, shoots, overseeing operations of the NY Studio as well as being offered two to three out of state studios to manage; he realized something had to give. Being at the end of a Feature Film screenplay he was single handedly writing he chose to step away from the studio to give the script the attention it required to finish. In 2013 he began Producing the Pitch Video and Spec Trailer for the script and pitching the project in general. Taking the sidelines from Acting for that time period short of a couple of Industrials and Print jobs. In 2014 he stepped back up to the plate and began auditioning again and landing some Lead and Principal roles in Film and Industrial projects. One film he had a small principal in has aired at TriBeCa and NBFF with more to come, already winning 1 Award. Another 50min short he was Lead in, is gearing up for the Festival Market late 2015. He was also offered his own Acting Studio in Philly and a Book on his life to inspire those coming from unfortunate situations and home lives; though for personal reasons he humbly declined the offer. In 2014 Sean was also introduced and recruited to a Non-Profit organization helping Drug Addicts and Alcoholics who are at the end of the road and have no second chances left. Sean has set out to find more economical solutions to offering the type of assistance that's actually needed to help those in extreme need. 2015 has been a slow start, as Sean was thrust into the Real-Estate business without warning. After finally locking down all bolts and screws, LeeRoy is back up and hoping to break the treadmill experience of his career in the Film Industry, and spark monumental steps into the career he had always seen himself accomplishing; allowing him a way to help others on a larger scale.


Born in Maryland to a life that would be a tough pill to swallow in one sitting if asked for details. So to sum it up in just a few words to save time: Violence, Drugs, Death, Incarceration, Homelessness and Perseverance. Skimming an education halt at ten years of age to make money, and then a possible Basketball career at the end of High School after six years in the Foster Care System only brought him closer to the Performing Arts with each passing year. A couple of weeks before High School graduation he was offered a training opportunity by a retired Broadway Coach after she had sat in on a public performance of the play "Pirates Of The Caribbean", where Sean played the lead role of the Captain. Even though presented with a chance to make Acting a career path, he passed up the opportunity to revert back to General Construction after a hard loss in the family. A profession he grew up around and felt most at home doing. Unfortunately with that decision also came the slippery slope of becoming what he was born into and what had initially pulled his family apart.

After nine and a half years, Sean had successfully pulled off every wrong move a human being could make and faced the consequences each rendered... falling just short of what should have been the outcome numerous times. After waking up just shy of a decade he opened his eyes to wreckage and decay. The only thing that still had breath in its lungs was a thing we call Acting. Two years before hitting bottom Sean was re-introduced to the world of Acting which sparked the seed that had lied dormant since High School (minus a few acting roles here and there during his last two years of chaos) until all else was lost and that was all that was left.

Sean then made the decision to move to NYC and clean up his life indefinitely. He spent Nine and a half months in an In-Patient Faith Based Rehabilitation center for Addicts and the homeless. Toward the end of his time he auditioned for and landed a "Full Scholarship" to a NYC Meisner Conservatory while still without home. For Eight and a half months Sean lived feet to street fueling through school and eventually finding work on the off days and at nights to afford him a place in Manhattan. Never once straying from the strait and narrow. Today LeeRoy is involved with a None Profit organization finding help for addicts that are at the end of the line and don't have the money or understandings of how and what to do to get clean.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: LeeRoy K

Trivia (14)

Sean LeeRoy is the oldest of 11 that he's aware of.
At age 10 going on 11 Sean LeeRoy dropped out of school.
By trade, Sean LeeRoy is a Carpenter, Brick Mason and Heavy Machine Operator.
Sean's 1st job as a kid was as a Roofing Assistant at 9 years of age.
By age 12 Sean LeeRoy had lived in 21+ locations along the East Coast.
Sean LeeRoy has survived an estimated 20 vehicle related accidents and collisions. Hit by approximately 5 while on foot. Fallen out of 3 while in motion.
In the 10th grade during the Columbine Shooting, Sean wrote a poem about the lock-downs that were illegally happening in his High School which was sent to the newspapers by his Grandmother unknowingly. The Poem was published, which raised awareness to the Lock-downs and a stop was put to it immediately following an investigation.
Sean was college bound to play Basketball until injuries and an altercation with the Coach ended his career early. Prior his injuries he played in 7 - 8 leagues a year for 8.5 years, including Semi Pro AAU and College training camps.
Sean worked with the Mentally and Cognitively challenged for 5 years, with plans to return once reaching a comfortable stage in his career.
Was turned down by the Military (Marines & Navy Seals) because he has A.D.D. He did not even make it past the Recruiters.
Manhattan, NY USA: working in the Tri State area in Film, Television and Theatre as an Actor and Stunt Performer. [April 2012]
New York, NY USA: Attending NYC Meisner Conservatory landing a full talent scholarship, after almost a 1.5 year hiatus from acting. [January 2010]
New York, NY, USA: Working with The Actors Studio in conjunction with Acting Coach John Pallotta. While simultaneously continuing work in Film, Television and Theatre. [April 2012]
Sean turned down the chance to train with a Broadway Acting Coach strait out of High School; after she saw him in a public performance and offered her services for free.

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