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Diana Westberg


Vessels Art Director AFI
Under the Night That Covers Art Director AFI
I Know What Lonely People Do Script Supervisor Jana Godshall
The Woman Beside Me Producer Moo Studios/Douglas Knox
Surviving Script Supervisor Tomas Calvo, Director
The Greatest Lesson-Robin's Story Producer/Script Supervisor Destiny Films/Robert Westberg


The Final Hour Research Intern Rivet Entertainment/Paul Lussier


Chevy- "All Star-Mom", "All Star-Dad", "All Star-Packer", "All Star-Shopper" Company-Larry Frey
Fandango-"Twins", "Sunburn", "Showdown at Seven", "Skydiving" Paydirt/Len Fink
Stride Chelsea Pictures/Jack Cole
Digiorno-"Menus", "Face Five", "Game Time" Chelsea Pictures/Rick LeMoine
RAM Company/Larry Frey
IBM-"100 Years" Pytka/Joe Pytka
Bounty-"Green Smear" , "Moving Stain" Company Films/Larry Frey
Dodge Chelsea Pictures/Rick LeMoine
Taco Bell-"Brazilian Steak Taco" Chelsea Pictures/Rick LeMoine
Target-Home "Big Brands" & "Fall Revitilization" Native/Tomer Devito
Apple: iPad Company/Larry Frey
Red Stripe-"Relax" Paydirt Pictures/John Bick
Rimmel-"Match Perfection", "Lash Accelerator","Lasting Finish" Chelsea Pictures/Charles Mehling
Bounty-"Food Artist" and "Dress" Company/Larry Frey
Bounty- "Chips and Salsa" , "Ups and Downs" Company/Larry Frey
Waste Management-"Bagster:Take It On" Company/Larry Frey
Jim Beam-"BeamFire" Framestore/Murray Butler & David Hulin
ATT-"Family" Moxie/Martin Granger
Comcast-"Uverse" Moxie Pictures/Martin Granger
Farmer's Insurance-"Autoboathome","University of Farmers" Moxie Pictures/Martin Grainger
AT&T-"HORSE Revisited", "AT&T U Verse", "Shed Some Light", "Coast To Coast", "Room to Room Crossection", "Kids" Moxie Pictures/Martin Granger
Target-"March Essentials" Furlined/Ted Pauly
Chemistry.com Form/Alex Winterstellar
Target-"Collections" Furlined
Zyrtec-"Nine Iron" Radical Media/Gregor Nicholas
Lexus-"Action Hero" & "Rushers" Believe Media/Javier Aquilera
Hamburger Helper Uber Content/Chris Hooper
Kayak.com-"Beige", "Grandfather Truth", "Nuns", "Kissing" Smuggler/Randy Krallman
JC Penney-"Eyes of the Child" Person Films/Michael Haussman
AT&T-"Cable Truck", "Liberty Choice Speech" Harvest/Adam Goldstein
Big Lots!-"Red Bow", "Thanksgiving Day", "Thanksgiving Story", "Need Stuff", "Baking" Company/Larry Frey
Target-"35-MOS" Furlined/Ted Pauly
AT&T- "Leather Chair", "Sidecar Motorbike", "Airplane" Moxie Pictures/Martin Granger
Toyota Venza Radical Media
McDonald's, "Minivan" Tool of North America/Tom Routson
Revlon Anonymous Content
Kellogg's The Director's Bureau
Dunkin' Donuts-"Everyone" Tool Of North America/Harry Cocciolo
Helzberg Diamonds-"Dog", "Pedicure", and "Card" Supply and Demand/Greg Popp
GoodYear- "Follow The Leader", and "ComforTred" Tool Of North America/Harry Cocciolo
Mastercard MJZ
Foster Farms-"Fortune Teller" Tool Of North America/Tom Routson
Miller Lite MJZ/ Phil Joanou
Direct TV-"Misery" Tool Of North America/Erich Joiner
Miller Lite "Follow The Leader" MJZ/ Phil Joanou
Toyota Corolla Buck Productions
Reebok "The Perfect Day" and "Hibernation" Independent Media/Danny Leiner
Nationwide House of Usher Films/Kinka Usher
Verizon-"Wow" Tool of North America/Harry Cocciolo
Capital One-"Hell Freezes Over", "Furnace Repair", "Gates" Tool Of North America/Erich Joiner
Yellowbook Tate & Partners/
Acura Tool of North America/Harry Cocciolo
Goodyear, "Fuel Max Tires" Twist Films/Matt Pittroff
Priceline, "Travelnapping" , "Spy" Tool of North America
Chevy Silverado, "Higher Voice", "Heated", "Man Step" Smuggler
Orange, "Back Light Snow", "Taxi", "Aerialist", Taxi & Clown", "Watchman & Orchestra" Brent Spector/USA, Inc.
Verizon "Coffee" and "Coin" Tool of North America, Tom Routson
GT Bicycles- "Gold Digger" Tool of North America/Erich Joiner
Amtrak, "Kids Repeat" Tool of North America/ Harry Cocciolo.
Heineken- "Moving" Tool of North America/Erich Joiner
MGD- "64" Tool of North America/Erich Joiner
Miller Lite Tool Of North America/Erich Joiner
Centrum-"20%" Tool Of North America/Harry Cocciolo
CountryTime-"Slip and Slide" Tool Of North America/Tom Routson
EA Games-"Need For Speed" Bob Industries/Jason Smith
Verizon-"Around the World" Backyard
Verizon-"Mother's Day" and "Father's Day" Bob Industries/Harry Cocciolo


Army Training Art Department Coordinator Assistant Anonymous Content


Assorted eHow projects Photographer, freelance Demand Media Studios


"Heat" Production Designer Destiny Films/Robert Westberg
Diana Westberg's Reel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_MYWLZ3X7M


  • Delaware State University, BS-Biology Education, Dover, Delaware, 1997
    Minor Chemistry, Graduated Magna cum Laude
  • University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware
    3 years nursing school experience.
  • Delaware Technical and Community College, Associates/Certificate CIS Programming, Stanton, Delaware
    Computer Information Systems certificate for programming languages, Fortran, RPG, Basic.

Employment Details

  • Work History: Art Department Coordinator, Decorator/Shopper, Art Director, Script Supervisor, Photographer/Photo Stylist, Music Video, Producer, Commercial, Film, Television, Internet
  • Job Categories: Screenwriter, Photographer, Script Supervisor, Art Department, Props, Production, Producing
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: Art Director
  • Prior Job Title 2: Producer
  • Prior Job Title 3: Art Department Coordinator

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