Daleks and Doctor Who guest stars at the National Space Centre

Daleks from the past 40 years are to invade the National Space Centre in Leicester this weekend for a special event called Exterminate.

On September 11 and 12, the iconic Doctor Who baddies will be on show and gliding around, courtesy of the Dalek Builders Guild and Project Dalek.

Full-size Daleks from every era of the hit TV show will be roaming free.

They will be joined by special guests from Doctor Who. Attending on Saturday will be David Atkins (Cleric/Angel Bob from Flesh and Stone and Time of Angels) and Karen Westwood (Amy Pond's mum).

On Sunday, the guests are Nina De Cosimo (Blanche in Victory Of The Daleks), Sonila Vjeshta (Vampires of Venice) and Ruari Mears (Slitheen, Cyberman, Ood, Judoon, Pigman, Scarecrow, Hath and Cyber Shade to name just a few).

Hyde Fundraisers will be joining the invasion on Saturday to celebrate 25 years of raising money for charity through costuming.
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