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Interviews (2)

Cleveland Plain Dealer (US) November 10 2012, pg. E1+E5, by: Clint O'Connor, "Saga was a dream that took Meyer beyond her wildest"
Time (US) May 5 2008, Vol. 171, Iss. 18, pg. 49-51, by: Lev Grossman, "The Next J.K. Rowling?"

Articles (8)

Entertainment Weekly (US) November 9 2012, Iss. 1232, pg. 64-65, by: Sara Vilkomerson, "Stephenie Meyer on Twilight's Unsung Heroes"
The New York Times (US) December 4 2009, Vol. 159, Iss. 54,879, pg. C5, by: Motoko Rich, "Judge Rules in Favor of 'Twilight' Author"
Vogue (US) March 2009, by: Robert Sullivan, ""Dreamcatcher""
The Sunday Times (GB) August 17 2008, by: Nicolette Jones, "Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer"
Contra Costa Times (US) August 4 2008, by: The Associated Press, "Million-Selling Opening for Vampire Series Finale"
The Sydney Morning Herald (AU) August 2 2008, by: Frances Atkinson, "The night of the vampire writer"
The Washington Post (US) August 1 2008, Vol. 131, Iss. 240, pg. C1+C6, by: Laura Yao, "Bitten And Smitten: Readers Crave Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight' Tales of Vampire Love"
Contra Costa Times (US) July 31 2008, by: Jackie Burrell, "'Twilight' Fans Herald New Book Arrival"

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