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2011 Sundance Predictions: Victoria Mahoney's Yelling to the Sky

#50. Yelling to the Sky - Victoria Mahoney And finally....I'd be truly disappointed if somehow this 50th prediction pick didn't materialize, as it as "Sundance" written all over it. I sort of jumped the gun with my predictions last year by naming Victoria Mahoney's Yelling to the Sky as a 2010 ready title. I was "off" by couple of seasons. The Sundance Lab supported filmmaker has spent 2010 deep in post-production and receive some extra support from the Ifp Filmmaker Labs and was a Cinereach Sundance Institute Grantee. All that to say: 2011 will definitely be the breakout year for her directorial debut. Set in a depraved New York neighborhood, the youngest of three mixed-race sisters named Sweetness (Zoë Kravitz's first major starring role) O’Hara, spends the better part of being seventeen navigating an identity between the known: a violent life of crime, and the unknown: a life of purpose and meaning.
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The Weekly DVD Round-Up - October 15th, 2010

Another week's gone by and that brings a new assortment of things to catch up with on DVD. From classic television to some SNL anthology re-issues. So take a look and find a few interesting tidbits to occupy your time this weekend.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Eddie Murphy & The Best of Adam Sandler

Vintage Eddie Murphy is a lot of fun. He's quick-witted, vulgar, politically incorrect and a master impersonator. His skits like the: "James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub," "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood," and "Buh Weet Sings" are inventive and at times, laugh out loud funny. What is interesting about this particular collection, however, as well as the Adam Sandler best of collection is how it theyare both evidence of just how much times have changed.

"Mr. Robsinson's Neighborhood" is a parody of "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood," except he lives in a place with pictures coming off the walls and cracks in the ceiling.
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Exclusive: Don't Let Me Drown DVD Clip

We have a brand new exclusive DVD clip from Don't Let Me Drown, which just arrived on the DVD shelves on October 5. Click below to watch this exclusive clip, which features Gina Torres trying to keep her family together:

Don't Let Me Drown: Family Dynamic

Two young people are brought together by a tragedy that has touched both of their families in this refreshing and honest love story. Stefanie (Gleendilys Inoa) is a teenaged girl whose family has moved to Brooklyn shortly after the September 11 terrorist attack, which claimed the life of Stephanie's sister. Meanwhile, Lalo (E.J. Bonilla) comes from a family that struggles financially and Lalo's father works sifting through the debris at Ground Zero. Stephanie meets Lalo at a party in a city park, and while she's not sure how she feels about him at first, he's immediately infatuated with her and as he pursues her, they
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Danny Huston is Back in "Black," a Complete "Grindhouse," and More New DVDs

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A look at what's new on DVD today:

"Fade to Black" (2010)

Directed by Oliver Parker

Released by Image Entertainment

It looks like we'll have to update our list of actors who've played Orson Welles with this long-delayed drama from "The Importance of Being Earnest" director Parker, which stars Danny Huston as the "Touch of Evil" auteur who gets caught up in a murder mystery all his own on 1948's "Black Magic" in Italy when he finds out his name is on a hit list. Christopher Walken, Diego Luna and Paz Vega co-star.

"30 Days of Night: Dark Days" (2010)

Directed by Ben Ketai

Released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Rare for a direct-to-video sequel, original author Steve Niles returns to co-write this follow-up to the 2007 graphic novel adaptation about a vampire attack in Alaska. This time, "Lost" star Kiele Sanchez is protecting her neck, along with Diora Baird, Harold Perrineau, Rhys Coiro and Mia Kirshner,
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The Buzz Out of Sundance

Robert Siegel Writer-director, Big Fan Robert Siegel admits that Big Fan is the first script he wrote that "didn't suck." The dark comedy-drama focuses on nerdy New York Giants fan Paul Aufiero (Patton Oswalt), a parking garage attendant whose obsession leads him into danger. Siegel, who makes his directorial debut with the film, was inspired by his childhood days of sports geekdom. "I grew up on Long Island and I would listen to sports radio a lot as a kid," he says. "I would lie in bed and listen to these late-night callers, and I didn't think of it this way at the time, but it was kind of like an indie movie. The characters were these weird, flawed people calling in to rant and rave about something that happened at the Mets game that night." Siegel, who was editor-in-chief of the satirical newspaper The Onion before transitioning into screenwriting,
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Sundance Journal 2009 Day 7: Cruz Angeles' Don't Let Me Drown

  • When Hollywood and indie film started tackling 9/11, for the most part, these films' integrated characters into a story-line, you get a sense that it is the other way around with Cruz AngelesCruz Angeles
[/link]' drama/coming-of-age portrait where the characters have a backstory and where the backdrop and the aftermath are found in daily reminders by a thoughtless comment or an overhead plane appearing to be too close to the ground. Angeles was on hand with his leads, other cast, his co-writer wife and his producing team of Parts and Labor. There were some primary and secondary characters in the mix that I found didn't fit the part (Ej Bonilla does a fine job (above) but Gleendilys Inoa's inexperience (below) does show, and Don't Let Me Drown works best when investigating the impact of the horrible day in September on the American Latino but works less when approaching the
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Sundance 2009 Review: Cruz Angeles' Don't Let Me Drown

Due to fervent encouragement from the guys at Latino Review, I decided to catch a screening of Don't Let Me Drown, a 2001 Brooklyn set coming-of-age drama. I'm glad I did, because I loved it. While the film isn't anything particularly new (like 500 Days of Summer) and takes a little while to first get going, it is a very funny and still very emotional and charming look at a few teenagers living in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks. I'm not entirely sure why, but when I finally got into the story, I found myself laughing out loud at every funny moment and happily smiling at the wonderful romantic scenes. Don't Let Me Drown is essentially about two Latino teens from Brooklyn. Lalo (E.J. Bonilla) and his friend are living in a changed New York, just one month after the September 11th attacks. He meets Stefanie (Gleendilys Inoa) at ...
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Sundance 2009 competition lineup

U.S. Dramatic Competition

This year's 16 films were selected from 1,026 submissions. Each film is a world premiere.

Adam (Director-screenwriter: Max Mayer)

A strange and lyrical love story between a somewhat socially dysfunctional young man and the woman of his dreams. Cast: Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne, Peter Gallagher, Amy Irving, Frankie Faison.

Amreeka (Director-screenwriter: Cherien Dabis)

When a divorced Palestinian woman and her teenage son move to rural Illinois at the outset of the Iraq war, they find their new lives replete with challenges. Cast: Nisreen Faour, Melkar Muallem, Hiam Abbass, Yussuf Abu-Warda, Alia Shawkat.

Big Fan (Director-screenwriter: Robert Siegel)

The world of a parking garage attendant who happens to be the New York Giants' biggest fan is turned upside down after an altercation with his favorite player. Cast: Patton Oswalt, Michael Rapaport, Kevin Corrigan, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Matt Servitto.

Brief Interviews With Hideous Men (Director-screenwriter: John Krasinski)

When her boyfriend leaves with little explanation,
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