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This Jason Goes To Hell Halloween Mask Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Halloween 2017 was dominated by Pennywise and Diana Prince of Themyscira, while Jigsaw laid claim to the horror throne once again with a long-awaited, and sadly underwhelming, horror sequel.

But it seems special effects maestro Steven Kostanski (The Void, ABCs of Death 2 – W is for Wish) one-upped just about everyone with his eerily life-like Halloween costume. Inspired by Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, the ’93 slasher film that presented a deep dive into Voorhees’ supernatural roots, Kostanski has posted close-up photos of his mask, and the makeup work here is undoubtedly impressive.

Created in collaboration with Pierce Dirks, Bloody Disgusting was the first to uncover this gruesome guise, and thank heavens they did. We’ve included all four photos in the gallery below, but fair warning: the faint of heart need not apply. Indeed, if you’re at all squeamish, you’d be best skipping this one altogether, otherwise you risk ruining your breakfast.
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Fantasia’s Frontières Market: The Best Horror Films Yet to Be Made, Including George Romero’s ‘Road of the Dead’

For the past six years, genre moviemakers and moneymen have congregated for long weekends at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival, taking part in the Frontières Co-Production Marketplace. Founded in 2012, the market was conceived as a place for horror/fantasy/action auteurs — both established names and newcomers — to pitch projects to potential backers and take part in various networking events.

A highlight of the Market is the opening-day pitch session, in which selected directors, writers, and producers offer multimedia presentations of their nascent features. At the very first Frontières, this event spawned Anouk Whissell, Francois Simard, and Yoann-Karl Whissell’s exuberant futuristic actioner “Turbo Kid”; subsequent movies that took their first steps to fruition there include Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie’s cult/monster horror film “The Void”; Caroline Labrèche and Steeve Léonard’s science-fiction thriller “Radius,” which premiered at this year’s Fantasia; and Jenn Wexler’s upcoming punk-slasher opus “The Ranger.
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New to Streaming: ‘Punch-Drunk Love,’ ‘Free Fire,’ ‘The Salesman,’ and More

With a seemingly endless amount of streaming options — not only the titles at our disposal, but services themselves — we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight the titles that have recently hit platforms. Every week, one will be able to see the cream of the crop (or perhaps some simply interesting picks) of streaming titles (new and old) across platforms such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and more (note: U.S. only). Check out our rundown for this week’s selections below.

Best in Show (Christopher Guest)

Christopher Guest has had an exceptionally strong ’00s with A Mighty Wind and For Your Consideration, and it remains to be seen how his upcoming Mascots will be received, but his arguable peak is still the gloriously funny mockumentary Best in Show. Guest’s other films have lovingly skewered egotistical oddballs and the insanity of subjective or objective criticism, so Best in Show is
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‘The Void’ Director Behind This Epic ‘Transformers’-Themed Music Video!

‘The Void’ Director Behind This Epic ‘Transformers’-Themed Music Video!
The Cybertronic Spree‘s insane new video not only gives homage to “Transformers” but it hails from cult filmmaker Steven Kostanski, yes, one of the directors of The Void! “Cybertronic Warrior” follows the band through a dangerous space fortress filled with evil cybernetic life forms hell-bent on their destruction. They’ll have to load their courage files […]
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Cybertronic Warrior: Steve Kostanski's Awesome Music Video For The Cybertronic Spree!

Stop everything you are doing, right now. The Cybertronic Spree, the hair metal band that dresses up like the classic Transformers and plays songs from the animated movie, have just dropped their first original single, Cybertronic Warrior, and it is a sight to behold. If you are a fan of the animated Transformers show/movie and hair metal then this is your lucky day! We have the brand new music video below, directed by Manborg and The Void's Steve Kostanski!  Turn up the volume and raise your Unicron Horns to the sky!...

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Interview: Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski – Writers/Directors of The Void (2016)

We got the chance to sit down with writers/directors Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski at McM Comic Con in London over the weekend to discuss their horror film The Void (2016) which is out now on Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD.

I am talking to you here today because you have recently released The Void on Blu Ray and DVD. What it your inspiration for writing The Void, which is an unusual film and quite in-depth?

Steven Kostanski: It’s a departure from our usual stuff for sure. I think the biggest inspiration is, we wanted to make an actual legitimate, serious horror film.

Jeremy Gillespie: It’s maybe, sort of a reaction to the stuff we had been doing a little bit. So we wanted to try something new and through a series of discussions, I think, that’s sort of the direction we were thinking of going.
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Now on Blu-ray: Open Your Mind, Step Into The Void

Today marks the Blu-ray release of Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie's new horror film, The Void. Regular Screen Anarchy readers will recognize the co-directors as members of the renegade Winnipeg cinema collective Astron-6, but The Void is their first feature outside of that collective and it feels like a whole other beast.  When a young cop named Carter (Aaron Poole) picks up an injured man on the side of the road and drives him to the nearest hospital, he has no idea that he's in for the night of his life. Working at the hospital, which is in the middle of packing up to close its doors, is his estranged wife Allison (Kathleen Munroe), and if the tension between them weren't thick enough already, a...

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Have Your Say: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Most Lovecraftian Of Them All?

Last week saw the premiere of The Void, a quite icky horror film by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski. In it, a small group of people are stuck in an empty hospital, in the middle of a forest. Hooded strangers kill anyone who tries to leave, while inside the building... "things" come alive. Michelle "Izzy" Galgana gave the film a positive review, and mentioned that the film was (directly and indirectly) inspired by the writings of H. P. Lovecraft. She is not the only one who noticed this: reviews may vary, but across the board almost everyone mentions Lovecraft, and in the comments sections, this is mostly seen as a good thing. But what does 'Lovecraftian' mean? People will lob the term at you whenever...

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'The Void': Film Review

'The Void': Film Review
One of the more action-packed features to come from the current crop of John Carpenter-inspired filmmakers, The Void finds collaborators Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski going much further than many of their peers: Where others might relish an hour or so of slow-build retro mood that leads to a single horrific set piece, these writer/directors graft enough plot for three different varieties of 1980s drive-in flicks into a single film. The result should find admirers among the fanboy crowd, raising the stakes for the team's next feature, even if it has little crossover potential.

Aaron Poole plays Daniel Carter, a...
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Contest: Win an Autographed Poster for The Void

Lovecraftian horrors lurk through hospital halls in The Void, and with the movie now available to watch in theaters and on iTunes courtesy of Screen Media Films, we've been provided with five theatrical posters autographed by directors Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski to give away to lucky Daily Dead readers.


Prize Details: (5) Winners will receive (1) The Void poster (see below) autographed by directors Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski.

How to Enter: We're giving Daily Dead readers multiple chances to enter and win:

1. Instagram: Following us on Instagram during the contest period will give you an automatic contest entry. Make sure to follow us at:

2. Email: For a chance to win via email, send an email to with the subject “The Void Poster Contest”. Be sure to include your name and mailing address.

Entry Details: The contest will end at 12:01am Est on April 14th.
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The Void Review: As Vastly Entertaining as it is Ominously Dark

Fans of Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie's work within the Canadian film collective known as Astron-6, specifically Manborg and Father's Day, are in for a surprise with their latest offering, The Void, which they wrote and directed together. Gone is the tongue-in-cheek, wink-and-a-nod satire of those two previous films, which has been replaced with a much darker and serious tone, all while still paying homage to a bygone era of genre cinema.

It's a typical boring night on patrol for small-town police officer Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole) until a man covered in blood (Evan Ste [Continued ...]
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Smurfs & Gramps Take One Last Swing At Box Office -- The Weekend Warrior

Welcome back to the Weekend Warrior, your weekly look at the new movies hitting theaters this weekend, as well as other cool events and things to check out.

Three New Movies May Have Trouble Making Much of a Mark

After a couple impressive March weekends with one new box office record, and a couple impressive openings, we’re now into April, and of the new movies, there just doesn’t seem like anything can defeat last week’s powerful duo of DreamWorks Animation’s The Boss Baby--which exceeded all predictions with $49 million, taking the top spot from Beauty and the Beast. Ghost in the Shell didn’t even do as well as I thought it may, opening with just $19 million, those late reviews helping to kill its weekend.

Sony Pictures Animation are giving the loveable blue Smurfs a third go at American audiences with The Smurfs: The Lost Village (Sony), after two previous movies,
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Exclusive: First 2 Minutes Of Hair-Raising Horror ‘The Void’

This year has already given us a couple pretty great horror movies with “Split” and “Get Out,” and now the producers behind the sensational “The Witch” have a spring treat filled with terror for genre fans: “The Void.”

Written and directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski, and starring Aaron Poole, Kathleen Munroe, Ellen Wong, Kenneth Walsh, Evan Stern, Daniel Fathers, and Grace Munro, the film unfolds inside a hospital where things get cosmically terrifying.

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New to Streaming: ‘Kaili Blues,’ ‘Split,’ ‘Tropic Thunder,’ ‘The Void,’ and More

With a seemingly endless amount of streaming options — not only the titles at our disposal, but services themselves — we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight the titles that have recently hit platforms. Every week, one will be able to see the cream of the crop (or perhaps some simply interesting picks) of streaming titles (new and old) across platforms such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and more (note: U.S. only). Check out our rundown for this week’s selections below.

The Bfg (Steven Spielberg)

CGI loses the day in Steven Spielberg’s The Bfg, a partly motion-captured, eco-minded adaptation of Roald Dahl’s adored children’s book that leans so heavily on green-screen trickery that even Mark Rylance’s kind eyes — squinting out from that computer-generated abyss — can’t save it from mediocrity. The plotline of a friendly, dream-blowing giant who takes an orphaned girl under his wing has
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Review: ‘The Void’ is a Surreal Hybrid of ‘The Thing’ and ‘Hellraiser’

I was recently comparing directorial culture today with that of the 80s and 90s, referencing how new technology has allowed a disintegration of the old school “pay your dues” mentality. Forty years ago you had artists working their way up under the tutelage of established directors through the more niche technical departments. See James Cameron (matte painter on Escape from New York) and Joe Johnston (visual effects on Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark) as examples. I’m not saying this type of mailroom intern to studio executive evolution isn’t still possible or relevant, just that young filmmakers can currently make a calling card film like the $750,000 budgeted Safety Not Guaranteed and find themselves helming a $150 million blockbuster like Jurassic World in only three years.

Is that talent? Luck? A bit of both, surely. But I still admire the idea of learning before jumping, earning the big
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Film Review: ‘The Void’

Film Review: ‘The Void’
Writer-directors Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski started out in Winnipeg film collective Astron-6, whose first features “Manborg” and “Father’s Day” were subversively funny low-budget genre send-ups of dystopian-future action cheese and bad-taste gore horror, respectively. There’s nothing spoofy about their latest, however. “The Void” plays its tale of one hectic night’s bloody peril at a rural hospital relatively straight, which is not to say there’s anything straightforward about the story these Canadians have cooked up. Indeed, after a promising start, this enterprising but overstuffed endeavor drifts increasingly into a muddled sci-fi mystical horror hybrid that only gets more confusing as it grows more thematically ambitious.

At least its failings aren’t formulaic ones — or perhaps they’re the fault of jamming in more fantastic-cinema formula than one modestly scaled film can support. “The Void,” which Screen Media opens on thirty-odd U.S. screens April 7 after a successful festival-circuit run,
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Review: The Void, Grim, No-Nonsense Horror

Following its Frontieres market pitch a few years ago and a successful Indigogo campaign, The Void shot in Canada last year with Aaron Poole, Kathleen Munroe, Kenneth Welsh, Ellen Wong, and Art Hindle. The film premiered at Fantastic Fest 2016 in Austin to a packed house, with producer Casey Walker and directors Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski in attendance. The Void draws inspiration from a number of horror influences, including Hellraiser, The Beyond, H.P. Lovecraft, and Lucio Fulci.    Those expecting the absurd comedic touches of Aston-6 (the filmmaking collaborative of which Gillespie and Kostanski are part) are in for a surprise, because The Void is grim. However, those who have been paying attention know not to expect any funny business here, unless your idea of laughs is a Rob...

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Exclusive: Writer/Directors Jeremy Gillespie and Steve Kostanski Talk The Void

Now only a week away from release, The Void is finally wrapping up its festival run at the 19th annual Boston Underground Film Festival. A masterpiece of “Weird Fiction,” the film introduces us to an indifferent evil intent on invading… Continue Reading →

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The Void movie review: retro monsters, alien mystery

MaryAnn’s quick take… It’s Lovecraft by way of The Thing and Alien in this satisfyingly schlocky 80s throwback, complete with practical FX. A genuinely eerie experience. I’m “biast” (pro): big Sf fan

I’m “biast” (con): but not much of a horror fan

(what is this about? see my critic’s minifesto)

It’s Lovecraft by way of The Thing (John Carpenter’s) and Alien in this deliberately and enjoyably schlock 80s throwback from writer-directors Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski, who crowdsourced the construction of their practical (ie, not CGI) monsters. Primarily artists and FX specialists on big-budget Hollywood films — including, recently, Suicide Squad and Pacific Rim — they’ve created an effectively eerie and very, very gruesome homage to old-school body horror and mind-bending science fiction that satisfies in a less-is-more way, granting us only peeks at frightful creatures and leaving the question of just
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Re-enter The Void! The greatest 80s throwback horror movies you need to watch

Author: Sean Wilson

As if last year’s nostalgia-infused sensation Stranger Things didn’t make it clear enough, the world is currently going mad for all things eighties. Not the big hair or the shellsuits, mind – rather woozy synthpop, blood-rich neon and anything related to the heyday of creepy body horror.

With Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski’s splattery new gorefest The Void out now, one that gleefully mashes up loving homages to H.P. Lovecraft John Carpenter, David Cronenberg and more, here are the essential throwback horror movies that you need to watch in preparation.

The House of the Devil

Writer/director Ti West is at the forefront of recent revival horror and this deliciously slow-burning spooker remains one of his best. Drawing on the ‘Satanic panic’ craze that swept America during the eighties, it’s the unbearably suspenseful story of a young woman (Jocelin Donahue) whose babysitting job at a creaking,
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