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Dean Constantin

SABAM, FilmFund Luxembourg,

Performer Profile

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5 feet 10 in
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Age Range: 30 - 38
  • Physique: Athletic
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: European
  • Voice Type: Soprano, Bass, Baritone

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Improvisation, Dancing, Stunts, Comedian, Voiceover, Singing
  • Athletic Skills: Boxing, Martial Arts, Cycling, Basketball, Swimming, Soccer, Football
  • Accents: New York (Brooklyn), Texan, Spanish, British, Irish, New York (Bronx), German, Russian, Australian, Italian, French, Southern
  • Spoken Languages: French, English, American, Spanish, Greek, Italian, German
  • Musical Instruments: Guitar, Bass Guitar
  • Dance: Tap, Salsa, Modern, Tango, Waltz, Swing, Club/Freestyle, Disco


  • Sorbonne University, Comparative Literature & Cinema (BA / MA / Research), Paris, France
  • ACA, North Hollywood , Acting, Directing, North Hollywood, USA
  • Comparative Literature, London, United Kingdom
  • Business School, Dublin, Ireland
  • Audiovisual Sciences, Belgium/France
  • Dramatic Arts, Belgium
  • Political Sciences, Bruxelles, Belgium


  • Side by Side, UK, USA, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Acting & Theatre, (Film Directors) - 1998 - Present
    TRAINING, EXPERIENCES & SKILLS: #1988 to Present#: Dean Constantin Project management / Scenariography Professional Author/Scenariographer registerd under International Guild. * 9 scripts on agreement for production and "made for hire". (Analysis of synopsis under request by Guild members only) CINEMA (FEATURE) & THEATRE: Casting Directors: NW, KMB(OWA), Michael Radford, Irwin Winkler, Valerie Shiel,Jimmy de Brabant, Monik Durlacher, Tim Disney, Ruth Skinner, Andy Bausch, Brigitte Kreger, Beryl Koltz, Christopher Kulikowski, Frédéric Fonteyne, Katja Wolf,Andy Bausch,Tom Reeve.. ACTING & SIDE BY SIDE COACHING: #2004-2005#: Short Movie / Comedy-Drama. Title: Starfly Samsa Films / Anne Schroder (Dean Constantin G) /. (Doctor-Intensive care unit) Side by side coaching: Beryl Koltz (Director), Rob Stanley, Florence Blatmann, David Baillie #2004#: Long Movie / Thriller-Drama. Title: Tempesta Kasander Productions / Tim Disney Delux Productions / Jimmy de Brabant (Dean Constantin G) /. (Journalist) Side by side coaching: Tim Disney (Director), Ruther Hauer, Tcheky Karyo, Malcolm McDowell, Roya Zargar #2004#: Theatre / Comedy. Title: Midsummer Night's Dream. Palais Royal and Unesco Theatre,Paris in French and English. Director: KMB (Dean Constantin G) / (Role/Robin Goodfellow / 33 scenes in English and French) #2004#: Long movie, Drama-Comedy. Title: The Merchant of Venice by Schakespeare / Drama Spice Factory Productions / Cary Brokaw Delux Porductions / Jimmy de Brabant (Dean Constantin G ) / (Role: Leonardo / Bassiano's servant(Joseph Fiennes) (VS) (January 2004)*on hold further contract*/ Amended- “Last minute” role cancelled (see Dean CG pdf.) Side by side coaching: Michael Radford (Director) & Valerie Schiel (Director), Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Joseph Fiennes #2003-2004#: Long movie / Drama Titre: La Femme de Gilles Artemis Productions / Frederic Fonteyne Samsa Films / Claude Waringo (Dean Constantin G) (Semi role /Dancer Valse,Tango,Java and fight interceder between Clovis and Benjamin) Side by side coaching: Emmanuelle DEVOS, Clovis Cornillac, Laura Smet, Benjamin Ramon, Patrick Quinet, #2003-2004#: Long movie / Science-Fiction. Title: Retrograde Carousel Productions Co / Tom Reeve (Dean Constantin G) (Semi role/Ice breaker) Role dropped due to schedule on “Merchant of Venice” Side by side coaching: Dolf Lundrgen, Ken Samuels, Joe Sagal, Derek Kueter. #2003-2004#: Long movie / Action-Thriller, Title: The Preacher (De Samsa Films / Jani Thiltges Theorema Films / Rene Huybrechtse (Dean Constantin G) (semi-role/ Sleazy Criminal and dealer) Side by side: Peter Paul Muller #2003-2004#: Long movie, Musical Drama -Romance, Title: De-Lovely (Just one of these things) Metro Goldwyn Mayer / Iriwn Winkler Delux Productions / Co-Pr (Dean Constantin G ) (semi-role/ Porter) Side by side coaching: Valerie Schiel (Director), Irwin Winkler (Director) , Kevin Kline, Ashley Judd, Jonathan Pryce, Elvis Costello, Kevin McNally #2003#: Long Movie / Action-Comedy Title: Porta Westfalica / Autobahn Raser Constantin Films Produktion GmbH / Oliver Berben Delux Productions / Jimmy de Brabant (Dean Constantin G) (semi-role/Cop & Carjacker) Side by side coaching: Michael Keusch (Director) #2003#: Short Movie / Comedy drama Title: The Schmoll SAMSA Productions. (Dean Constantin G) (semi-role/Casino Gambler-Gigolo) #2003#: Publicity / TV Commercial Theme: LuxLait Samsa Productions / Andy Bausch (Dean Constantin G) (Interpretation: Drunk guest) Side by side directives: Andy Bausch #2002#: Publicity / TV Commercial, Theme:Casino RTL Productions. (Dean Constanin G) (Interpretation: Casino main guest) #1997#: Life's slap / accident (refer to Biography) #1997#: Theatre / Drama – Romance Title: Don Juan de Marco (Dean Constantin G) ( Role : Don Juan de Marco) Side by side coaching: Coach Mr Nanard #1997#: Theatre / Romance Theme: The train passenger (Dean Constantin G) (Improvisation: Latino lover) Side by side coaching: Coach Mr Nanard #1995-1997#: Acting & Theatre coaching in French and English Communications & Arts Sciences, Belgium #1995-1997#: Music & Vocal studies in French and English Conservatory of Music, Belgium
  • ACA, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA , Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA, 2007 - 2008: Cold reading / Scene Analysis / Acting Technique: Meisner, Chekov, (S.Walsh), 2008
  • ACA, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA, 2008 - 2009: On Camera Technique, Showbusiness Analysis, Acting technique: Meisner, Chekov, (S.Walsh) , 2009
  • ACA, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA, 2009-2010: Advanced Acting Technique, 2010
    2009 Program

Employment Details

  • Work History: Television, Voice Over, Music Video, Radio, Commercial, Film, Theater
  • Job Categories: Directing, Composing, Stunts, Writing, Casting, Acting, Editing
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: Actor, Screenwriter
  • Prior Job Title 2: Author
  • Prior Job Title 3: Lecturer

Theatre (1997- Present)

Don Juan de Marco
" Lead / Don Juan de Marco
| Nimes Theatre


Flash Back " Lead / Damian
| LA, Hollywood Acting Corps BlackBox


The Boom Boom Room
" Eric
| LA, Hollywood Acting Corps BlackBox


Rabbit Hole " Howie
| LA, Hollywood Acting Corps BlackBox


The Player " Griffin
| LA, Hollywood Acting Corps BlackBox


Sex, Lies & videotapes " John | LA, Hollywood Acting Corps BlackBox


Midsummer Night’s Dream
" Robin Good Fellow
| Unesco Theatre


Thoroughly Modern Millie
(Broadway Musical)
George Gershwin
" Burglar, Dancer, Singer


(more upon request)

Film ( 2000 - 2013)

Mobius 2013 by Eric Rochant
CIA Officer (Colleague Joshua)

Scapegoat 2013 by Nicoals Bary


Wave 2012
"Sean" (rumored)


The symmetry of the butterfly, 2012
"Theocharis Stavropoulos"
Iris Productions


La vie d'une autre, 2012
" Marketing employee
| Dialogues Films & Paul Thiltges Productions


Nuit Blanche, 2011
" Police officer
| Chic Films & Saga Film Productions


" Doctor
| Samsa Productions


La Femme de Gilles
" Tango Dancer
| Artemis Productions


De Dominee
" Colombian Dealer
| Theorema Films


Tempesta " Journalist | Delux Productions


The Merchant of Venice " Leonardo (*dropped) | Delux Productions


De-Lovely " Hotel Porter | Goldwyn Mayer


" Racer - Cop | Delux Productions


The Schmoll " Casino Gambler | Samsa Productions

Commercial ( 2000 - 2013)

** CSV Elections, TV Spot

** BE Design Hollywood, California, USA

** Strellson Menswear Design Germany

** Raynair Airlines Ireland

** LuxMilk Products Luxembourg

** Casino Gambling Luxembourg

( more upon request)

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