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Jake Lamotta, Real-Life ‘Raging Bull’ Boxer, Dies at 95

Jake Lamotta, Real-Life ‘Raging Bull’ Boxer, Dies at 95
Jake Lamotta, the boxing champion whose memoir inspired Martin Scorsese’s 1980 film “Raging Bull,” is dead. He was 95.

Lamotta’s daughter, Christi, confirmed the news in a Facebook post. “Rest in peace pop,” she captioned a photo of her late father. Lamotta’s wife told TMZ the late boxer “died in a nursing home due to complications from pneumonia.”


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Lamotta was born in the Bronx in the early ’20s to Italian immigrant parents. He became a professional boxer at 19, and fought most of his career as a middleweight. His career was highlighted by a rivalry with Sugar Ray Robinson, which led to a six-fight series, of which Lamotta won only one. He did, however, win the world middleweight title in 1949, defeating Marcel Cerdan. Over the course of his career as a boxer, Lamotta earned the nickname “The Raging Bull” for his rough and aggressive fighting style.

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Grant Hart, Drummer of Influential Rock Band Hüsker Dü, Dies at 56

  • The Wrap
Grant Hart, Drummer of Influential Rock Band Hüsker Dü, Dies at 56
Grant Hart, drummer and singer of the alternative rock band Hüsker Dü, has died at 56, his bandmate Bob Mould confirmed on Facebook. The band’s official Facebook page posted a photo of Hart with no caption early Thursday morning. Mould, however, wrote a detailed post about the news. “The tragic news of Grant’s passing was not unexpected to me. My deepest condolences and thoughts to Grant’s family, friends, and fans around the world,” Mould wrote. “Grant Hart was a gifted visual artist, a wonderful story teller, and a frighteningly talented musician. Everyone touched by his spirit will always remember.
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Husker Du Drummer Grant Hart Dies at 56 Following Cancer Battle

Husker Du Drummer Grant Hart Dies at 56 Following Cancer Battle
Grant Hart, drummer and singer of the indie rock band Husker Du, has died at the age of 56.

Although the cause of death is unconfirmed, Hart had been battling cancer, according to Variety.

The news was confirmed by his bandmate Bob Mould in a Facebook post recounting how he met Hart in college and spent years making music together.

“The tragic news of Grant’s passing was not unexpected to me,” Mould wrote. “My deepest condolences and thoughts to Grant’s family, friends, and fans around the world. Grant Hart was a gifted visual artist, a wonderful story teller, and a frighteningly talented musician.
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Julian Assange on Raindance jury

  • ScreenDaily
WikiLeaks founder to judge films at the 21st Raindance Film Festival; 2013 line-up unveiled.Scroll down for full line-up of films

Julian Assange has joined the jury of the 21st Raindance Film Festival (Sept 25 - Oct 6), a London-based event that celebrates independent film in the UK and around the world.

The appointment is a controversial one. The Australian editor-in-chief and founder of WikiLeaks took refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy in London in June 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning about sexual assault allegations.

It is understood that he fears Sweden would extradite him to the Us, where he believes he is wanted in relation to WikiLeaks’ disclosure of a significant amount of classified Us military and diplomatic documents.

Commenting on Assange’s appointment, Raindance founder Elliot Grove said: “Every year Raindance invites interesting people to join our jury. In the past we have had musicians like Mick Jones, Marky Ramone and [link
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'Color Me Obsessed' Brings a Non-Musical Twist to Alamo's Music Mondays

By Virginia Yapp

Immediately after the sold-out screening of Gorman Bechard's documentary Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, the first questions asked of the film's director at the Q&A were about something many audience members may have had on their minds: "Why didn't you use any of The Replacements' songs in your documentary? Was the rock doc's lack of 'Mats tracks due to copyright issues? Wouldn't you have put music in the documentary if you had been able to get it?"

Fair enough. Color Me Obsessed may be just about the only movie shown as part of the Drafthouse's signature Music Mondays programming that had not a single note of music. Instead, the documentary -- true to its title -- examines the fervent fandom surrounding the iconic '80s rock band from Minneapolis, rather than presenting the band's greatest hits interspersed with archival footage and photos.
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Project of the Day: Being a Member of Husker Du in 'Every Everything'

Project of the Day: Being a Member of Husker Du in 'Every Everything'
Here's your daily dose of an indie film in progress; at the end of the week, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite. In the meantime: Is this a movie you’d want to see? Tell us in the comments. "Every Everything" Tweetable Logline: A rock 'n' roll "Fog of War" about Husker Du's Grant Hart, one of the most influential musicians of the last 30 years. Elevator Pitch: William S. Burroughs, Groucho Marx, Studebakers, rare books, Marcel Duchamp, Freemasons, obscure history, diatribes against chain hotels. Sit down with Grant Hart for even a few minutes and chances are it will be one of the most fascinating conversations you've had in some time. In 1979, Grant co-formed punk band Hüsker Dü and blazed a new sonic trail which gave way to every rock song heard since. "Every Everything" will tell the story of his life: influences, obsessions, loves, passions, art,
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Hüsker Dü’s Grant Hart to get his own Gorman Bechard-directed rock doc

Last year, The A.V. Club chatted with director Gorman Bechard about his fantastic Replacements documentary, Color Me Obsessed, which profiled the seminal Twin Cities group without actually featuring the band or its music in the film. Bechard is once again focusing his lens on a pioneering Minnesota-born band: Hüsker Dü. But this time around, Grant Hart will be the sole star and interview subject. The new movie, Every Everything, will profile the hardcore trailblazer, from his early days meeting Bob Mould at a St. Paul record shop, to the group’s drug-muddled breakup after nearly a decade of ...
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Film Pop: ‘Color Me Obsessed’ the story of The Replacements, as told by fanatics

Color Me Obsessed: A Film About the Replacements

Written by Gorman Bechard

Directen by Gorman Bechard

USA, 2011

Independent rock music inspires the kind of fandom that defies simple logic, transcending the bounds of what’s meant to represent taking a “healthy interest” in an obscure cultural property. There’s a reason that Michael Azerrad’s book on American indie rock fandom, Our Band Could Be Your Life, features a segment on ramshackle Minnesotan rockers The Replacements – as the diverse lineup of talking heads in Gorman Bechard’s unusual rock-doc Color Me Obsessed attests, the Paul Westerberg-fronted quartet (then trio) bore its way into the emotional lives of its fans like few others.

Over a clearly excessive 123 minutes, Obsessed tracks the band – also featuring mercurial, preternaturally talented guitarist Bob Stinson, his barely-teenaged brother Tommy on bass and “nice-guy” drummer Chris Mars, who were actually the three founding members – from their
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Pop Montreal 2011, Where music and film make out in the dark: Ricky D’s Three Most Anticipated Films

Pop Montreal is an international music festival here in Montreal which is celebrating its 10th anniversary from September 21st to the 25th, 2011. Pop is now recognized as an important multidisciplinary taste-making event, expanding its mission through various components: Puces Pop, Art Pop, Film Pop, Kids Pop and the Symposium. For the first time, we here at Sound On Sight will be present to cover Film Pop, a program branched out of a driving desire to create cinematic events within the same independent spirit as Pop Montreal. Film Pop became the first of our 5 segments. It is an annual celebration of the best in music related underground cinema and presents each year bold movies that are making waves in the scene. Through artistic cinematography, it gives the public rare opportunities to attend special viewings and seek to demonstrate the significant place music holds within our society, the world and in movies.
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Music On The Silver Screen: Three Rock Docs To Watch

  • IFC
While some songs suggests they'd "like to teach the world to sing", the sad truth is that much of the world is tone deaf. We couldn't write hit songs if our lives depended on it. We may not be able to even hum "It's A Grand Old Flag" in key, let alone sing karaoke without humiliating ourselves. So instead of damaging the eardrums of those around us, we buy records and idolize musicians. However, save for autograph signings, impersonal if awesome videos, and concerts, there aren't that many opportunities to get up close and personal with our idols. Then every few years comes a great documentary that shows our favorite bands in a unique light and makes us want to go buy their entire discography. Again. Currently there are some great documentaries available that give a peek into the lives of the musicians we love. Here are three to watch:
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Documentary On Indie-Rock Legends The Replacements Set To Premiere

Documentary on indie-rock legends The Replacements set to premiere.

Color Me Obsessed, the first documentary about famed 80.s indie-rock band The Replacements, will have its World Premiere at the 5th annual Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa, Florida.Gorman Bechard, the film.s director, took top honors at last year.s Giff with his romantic-comedy Friends (With Benefits).

Told through the eyes of fans, friends, and contemporaries, Color Me Obsessed breaks from the traditional music documentary format of music and performances. Not looking to make a VH1/where-are-they-now style documentary Bechard took a unique approach, .I decided to present the band in a more iconic way,. he explains. .I thought, people believe in God without seeing or hearing him but rather through the passion, faith, and stories of others. After watching Color Me Obsessed, I.m pretty sure music fans will believe in The Replacements in much the same way.
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Books: Book Review: Andrew Earles: Hüsker Dü

Considering Hüsker Dü’s massive influence and unimpeachable discography, it’s shocking that no book in the two decades since the band’s breakup has tackled its full story. Hard feelings linger all this time later, which helps explain biographers’ hesitation, and why Hüsker Dü’s landmark albums have yet to receive the deluxe-reissue treatment. Writer (and former A.V. Club contributor) Andrew Earles had his work cut out for him with Hüsker Dü: The Story Of The Noise-Pop Pioneers Who Launched Modern Rock. Bob Mould (guitar/vocals), Grant Hart (drums/vocals), and Greg Norton (bass/vocals ...
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