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Christian Bale’s 10 Best Performances

Christian Bale’s 10 Best Performances
In conjunction with the world premiere of Scott Cooper’s western “Hostiles,” actor Christian Bale will receive a tribute to his screen legacy at the Telluride Film Festival this weekend. It’s a rare treat for the Oscar winner, who tends to avoid this kind of thing. But he’s passionate about the new film and, following a string of undeniable performances that many would say qualifies him as the greatest actor of his generation, now is as good a time as any to raise a glass to one of the great ongoing cinema careers.

Bale’s commitment to the form has been evident from the word go. A former child actor who effortlessly bridged the gap to an acclaimed run of commercial and art house successes, he has been noted for his versatility and dedication to character. His portfolio is wide and varied, so settling on his 10 best performances thus far, pre-
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BAFTA Awards predictions: Battle of the British in Best Supporting Actor

BAFTA Awards predictions: Battle of the British in Best Supporting Actor
In 2010, Christian Bale co-starred in “The Fighter” as Dicky Eklund , a former boxer and recovering drug addict who helps train his brother to be a prizefighter. He would be feted with at the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and numerous critics groups on his way to collecting an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. His one hiccup came at the BAFTAs where Geoffrey Rush proved victorious for “The King’s Speech”. -Break- Subscribe to Gold Derby Breaking News Alerts & Experts’ Latest Oscar Predictions He was nominated by the BAFTAs again in 2013 for “American Hustle,” this time for Best Actor. Fate did not prove to be kind to Bale, when once again he would walk away empty-handed. He would lose to another Brit, Chiwetel Ejiofor for “12 Years a Slave”. Both lost that Oscar race to Matthew McConaughey ("Dallas Buyers Club"). But third time could prove the charm for Bale....
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Academy Awards Series: Russell Boxing Drama a 'Smart Film' from a Commercial Viewpoint

'The Fighter' movie: Mark Wahlberg as boxer Micky Ward. 'The Fighter' movie review: 'Smart' filmmaking from a business standpoint David O. Russell's The Fighter is a smart film; smart in the way it's constructed and executed as a means to appeal to a wide audience. People tend to like sports movies. They also tend to like movies where the good guys win and where the hardships the characters go through can all get tidily worked out by the time the credits start rolling. The Fighter is smart from a business standpoint. That also means Scott Silver, Paul Tamasy, and Eric Johnson's screenplay is predictable and much too “safe” as well. Russell and the screenwriters don't tread any new territory; in fact, they don't even try. On the positive side, The Fighter offers several solid performances that make up for some of what's lacking elsewhere. 'The Fighter'
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The 101 Best Sports Movies of All Time

A quarter-century ago, Kevin Costner hit a double-play, following up "Bull Durham" with "Field of Dreams" and becoming king of the sports movie. Twenty-five years later, as "Field of Dreams" marks its 25th anniversary (it was released on April 21, 1989), Costner is back with "Draft Day." The movie's about football, not baseball, and Costner's character plays in the executive suite, not on the field, but his mere presence still offers a reminder of great sports movies past.

And after all, isn't nostalgia a key element of sports movies? "Field of Dreams" makes this explicit -- we long for the sports heroes of our childhood, for a supposed long-gone golden age of our preferred sport, as a way of connecting with our past and bridging the generational divide that separates us as adults from our parents. Sports movies offer more than just the drama of winners and losers, or the journey from dream to achievement,
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2014 Oscar Preview: Part 2

  • Cinelinx
Our Oscar coverage continues. Here we overview the best acting and best directing award nominees.

Best Actor Nominees

Christian BaleAmerican Hustle

Age: 40

Previously Best Known For:

Bruce Wayne/Batman – Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

Patrick Bateman – American Psycho

Previous Oscar Nominations/Wins:

Win - Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role 2011 – as Dicky Eklund in The Fighter

Interesting Fact: If he plays an American character, he will use an American accent in all the interviews related to the film. He says he does this so the audience isn't confused

Bruce DernNebraska

Age: 77

Previously Best Known For:

Freeman Lowell – Silent Running

Asa Watts – The Cowboys

Previous Oscar Nominations/Wins:

Nomination - Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role 1979 – as Captain Bob Hyde in Coming Home

Interesting Fact: One of the few actors to play a character to have killed John Wayne on screen (The Cowboys
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Ten Best: Sports Biopics

To celebrate the DVD and Blu-ray release of Rush this week, we’ve taken a look back at sports in the movies to bring you the Ten Best Sports Biopics…

Brian’s Song (1971)

A weepie isn’t something you always associate with a sports biopic, but Brian’s Song does such an extraordinary job in portraying two teammates and friends. American football players Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers butt heads when they both compete for a starting spot on the Chicago Bears. They ultimately become buddies, yet their friendship is cut short when Brian is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Try to hold back the tears at the end of the film … just try.

Raging Bull (1980)

The argument continues to rage amongst scholars and everyday moviegoers as to what director Martin Scorsese’s best film actually is, but any conversation about it has to include his knockout boxing biopic Raging Bull.
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Mark Wahlberg's 5 best movie roles: Boogie Nights, Ted, The Departed

Mark Wahlberg's 5 best movie roles: Boogie Nights, Ted, The Departed
Mark Wahlberg is back on the big screen this week with Lone Survivor, the gruelling true-life drama about four Us Navy SEALs who find themselves behind enemy lines during the war in Afghanistan.

Wahlberg has experienced a career resurgence of late, complementing high-profile acting roles with producing duties on Prisoners, Boardwalk Empire and Entourage. Dive into his back catalogue, however, and you'll find some great acting work from the man who started his career with the Funky Bunch.

Digital Spy picks Wahlberg's five best movie roles below:

Boogie Nights (1997)

Roles in The Basketball Diaries and Fear got Wahlberg up-and-running as a screen star, but it was Paul Thomas Anderson's porn opus Boogie Nights that cemented him as a leading man of note. As adult industry star Dirk Diggler - a role allegedly turned down by Leonardo DiCaprio - he swung from wide-eyed idealism to drug-addled desperation throughout the course of the film.
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Christian Bale: screen legend?

Feature Robert Zak 24 Jan 2014 - 06:16

As Christian Bale puts in a startling performance in American Hustle, Robert looks at how the actor's grown into a great character actor...

Christian Bale's performance in American Hustle sets him up for a future in which he can become screen legend, but for a while it seemed like we may never see the scope of his unique gifts as a character actor.

From the moment he fire-axed his way onto the Hollywood A-list with American Psycho in 2000, Christian Bale became a cult film icon. His character, murderous banking executive Patrick Bateman went on to become one of the most quotable film characters ever, as evidenced by the sheer amount of internet memes and YouTube clips dedicated to him. Bale set the bar high for himself with a performance that hit the extremes of darkness and hilarity, if not exactly emotional complexity. We
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Bulky Batman to American Hustle Flab: A Timeline of Christian Bale's Body Transformations

Bulky Batman to American Hustle Flab: A Timeline of Christian Bale's Body Transformations
Christian Bale could be back in the Winners' Circle at this year's Golden Globes, and if so, it will be with a whole new look. The actor took the Globe in 2011 for his role as a frail former boxer in The Fighter. But for his 2014 nomination Bale super-sized it, gaining 40 lbs. of flab to play the shady Irving Rosenfeld in American Hustle. This is only one of the startlingly rapid body transformations that Bale has endured as part of his craft. His talent is consistent, but the actor himself comes in all shapes and sizes, from bulging Batman to gaunt
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7 Movies That Christian Bale Completely Changed His Body For

Warner Bros

Christian Bale is arguably one of the greatest actors of cinema’s current generation. We can look towards the obvious reasons, such as an accurate representation of legendary superhero persona Bruce Wayne, despite admittedly overdoing the graveled tough guy voice for Batman.

You can also point towards his much deserved Oscar win for portraying the drugged out crack addict Dicky Eklund in The Fighter; a performance captured from true events so well that I was in disbelief at how similar both actor and character seamlessly blended together during the end credits additional footage.

There is simply no denying that Christian Bale is a talented actor, but there is something very specific – and potentially life threatening- to his character role preparation and encapsulation that really blurs the line between acting and simply becoming someone else entirely.

This element is a constant fluctuation between body weights. We’re not discussing
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Critical Mass: Christian Bale revels in the shadows in 'Out of the Furnace'

Critical Mass: Christian Bale revels in the shadows in 'Out of the Furnace'
Is anyone a better movie actor right now than Christian Bale? (Okay, I’ll give you Daniel Day-Lewis… but it’s close and getting closer.) The 39-year-old Welshman is fully in his prime, demonstrated most recently by two powerful performances landing in the heart of Oscar season. The flashier role might be in David O. Russell’s American Hustle, which doesn’t open until Dec. 20. In Scott Cooper’s Out of the Furnace, which opened Wednesday and expanded Friday, he plays the good-intentioned ex-con whose pursuit of justice — after his ne’er-do-well brother (Casey Affleck) goes missing — puts him on
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Out of the Furnace

Out of the Furnace

Directed by: Scott Cooper

Cast: Christian Bale, Zoe Saldana, Casey Affleck, Woody Harrelson

Running Time: 1 hr 56 mins

Rating: R

Release Date: December 6, 2013

Plot: Russell (Bale) tries to pull himself together after leaving jail while his brother (Affleck) gets involved with a dangerous gang leader (Harrelson) from the mysterious Pennsylvania backwoods.

Who’S It For? Fans of Bale’s acting palette, and those looking for a strong film during award season that isn’t eager to please.


In a current seasonal trend of lead men experiencing masculinity in crisis, Bale provides a presentation of such that comes with less of the fanfare of something like, oh, let’s just say for example, Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club. He shows the thoroughly Texas actor among others the more fortified elements behind a transforming performance, all while still managing the everlasting force that is one popular actor’s constant mojo.
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Christian Bale: Reluctant Movie Star Talks ‘Furnace,’ ‘Hustle’

Christian Bale: Reluctant Movie Star Talks ‘Furnace,’ ‘Hustle’
Christian Bale has an intensity that seeps into performances which leave fans awestruck. His passion for his craft, however, does not include self-promotion. With a pair of compelling perfs to tubthump, the excruciatingly private star now has to do his least favorite thing: face the media.

Christian Bale is the reluctant movie star.

Despite being regarded as one of the best actors of his generation, the enigmatic 39-year-old Brit has no interest in fame. His dashing, tall, dark and handsome looks are often concealed by the unattractive physical appearances and appurtenances of the characters he portrays. In an era when many of his contemporaries take to social media to connect with fans, he chooses to fly beneath the radar, straining to keep details of his personal life private and relying strictly on gut rather than a career strategy when picking roles. He is notoriously press shy, which has no doubt
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Is Oscar Just a Weighting Game? Thesps Go to Physical Extremes

Is Oscar Just a Weighting Game? Thesps Go to Physical Extremes
The 40-50 pounds that Christian Bale packed on to play inveterate conman Irving Rosenfeld in David O. Russell’s upcoming “American Hustle” appears all the more shocking when juxtaposed with the actor’s reedthin crackhead Dicky Eklund in “The Fighter,” his previous collaboration with the director.

“I think he might win a prize,” Russell joked to Variety when reminded of Bale’s feat for “American Hustle,” which opens Dec. 13.

The Motion Picture Academy has certainly been impressed by this kind of complete physical immersion in the past, awarding Oscars to Robert De Niro, who gained 60 pounds to play Jake Lamotta in blustery decline in “Raging Bull,” and Charlize Theron, whose supermodel looks were concealed by makeup and abnormal girth as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in “Monster.” Renee Zellweger, too, earned the Academy’s respect after she plumped up considerably for “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” earning a nomination for her effort.
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First Look at Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale in 'American Hustle': Actors Nearly Unrecognizable in Groovy Wigs

Christian Bale is known for his physical transformations, but it looks like Bradley Cooper might give him a run for his money in David O. Russell's "American Hustle." We've seen shots of the actors filming, but here's one of the first official images from the '70s-set drama about a sleazy scammer and his moll.

Bale and his fantastic comb-over star as the con man in question, one Irving Rosenfeld, and Amy Adams appears as his partner-in-crime, Sydney Prosser. Both actors received critical acclaim for their roles in Russell's "The Fighter," with Bale taking home an Oscar for his turn as former boxer Dicky Eklund.

Another Russell movie pair -- "Silver Linings Playbook" co-stars Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence -- are also back for another go-around with the director. Cooper rocks some Todd Phillips-style curls as a federal agent who forces Rosenfeld and Prosser to tattle on other grifters,
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'Boston Strong' to Show How Beantown Braved Through the Marathon Bombing

"The Fighter" co-writers Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy are ready to explore some of that Olde Towne strength once again, this time giving cinematic nod to the city's reaction to the devastating Boston Marathon Bombing on April 15.

According to Deadline, the pair purchased the rights to an as-yet-unreleased book on the events of that day and the following four-day dramatic manhunt which led to arrest of surviving suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev on April 19.

The book, titled "Boston Strong" and expected to hit shelves next year, is still currently being penned by Casey Sherman (the pair previously adapted another of his non-fiction titles, "The Finest Hours," which is being readied for production) and Boston Herald journalist Dave Wedge publication by University Press of New England.

Johnson and Tamasy share an Oscar nom with Scott Silver for their work on "The Fighter," a drama based on real-life Lowell, Mass. boxing brothers Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund.
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The Best & Worst Boston Accents in Movies

There's something about the Boston accent in cinema that forces actors to feel like they really have to nail it. Of course, there are movies set in other cities (Chicago or New York, for example) featuring normally straight-voiced actors straining to sound like they're from the area. But it's not as seemingly mandatory as it is with a Boston-set movie.

If a movie takes place in Boston — and an increasing amount of them do — it's apparently federal law for an actor to wind up and take a wild swing at their best McLaugh from Southie. Some knock it straight over the Monster, while others Buckner the chance and watch helplessly as Ray Knight frantically scores the winning run. (We'll have to wait and see about Friday's "The Heat.")

Let's take a look at the best of the best, and the wuhhhssst of the wuhhhhsst.* (*To be read with a terrible Boston accent.
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Top 7 Oscar-Winning Performances of the Past Decade

We start the Top 7. You finish the Top 10.

Ah, the Oscars. We so rarely agree on the best film of the year, and yet you know I can’t quit you. There are plenty of recent Best Picture winners that I like – even love in the case of No Country for Old Men – but my personal favorite hasn’t taken the gold in decades. The same cannot be said for the acting categories. Of course there are winners that leave me less than impressed – you sure were fine in Little Miss Sunshine, Alan Arkin – but recently there have been more than a few instances where my winner is the Academy’s winner. This is especially true over the past few years, as this list will reflect.

Case in point, unless Sally Field shocks on Sunday (February 24) and wins her third Oscar, Anne Hathaway’s performance in Les Misérables will earn
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Mark Wahlberg To Produce A&E Reality Pilot Inspired By The Women From ‘The Fighter’

Exclusive: Mark Wahlberg‘s Oscar-nominated feature The Fighter is the inspiration for a docu reality series. Wahlberg executive produces the half-hour project, which has received a pilot order from A&E. Inspired by the scene-stealing, big-haired, loud-talking, punch-throwing sisters of Wahlberg’s Micky Ward and Christian Bale’s Dicky Eklund in Fighter, the untitled Mark Wahlberg Boston Women Project showcases the real women of Boston, featuring the day-to-day life of four of these tough, hard-as-nails women who juggle family, work, and relationships all while remaining true to their way of life. Wahlberg is executive producing through his Closest to the Hole Prods, along with frequent collaborator Stephen Levinson of Leverage, Bill Thompson of Bill Thompson Prods Inc and veteran reality producer Stephanie Drachkovitch of 44 Blue Prods. Filming is slated to begin in a few weeks. This is the second Boston-set docu reality pilot at A&E for Wahlberg, Levinson and Thompson,
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Christian Bale signs back on for David O Russell conman film

The actor will be reunited with the director of The Fighter, for which Bale won an Oscar, in a story about a shyster hired to take down corrupt politicians

Christian Bale has returned to the role of a shyster hired by the FBI to take down corrupt politicians in David O Russell's forthcoming conman drama.

Bale, who won the best supporting actor Oscar for his turn as boxer Dicky Eklund in Russell's The Fighter, was reported to have left the project earlier this year, but has now signed on. The as-yet-untitled film is also due to star The Fighter's Amy Adams, along with Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner.

Like The Fighter, Russell's new film is based on a true story, though there appear to be significant differences between real-life events and the version playing out on screen. Eric Warren Singer's screenplay for the movie, which was once titled American Bullshit,
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