Film Factory Releases International Trailer for ‘Marilyn’ Before Berlinale World Premiere (Exclusive)

Vicente CanalesBarcelona-based Film Factory Entertainment has given Variety exclusive access to the new international trailer for Argentine director Martin Rodriguez Redondo’s feature debut, “Marilyn,” which world premieres at this year’s Berlin Film Festival.

Cross-border co-production is thriving in Latin America, and “Marilyn” sticks out as a high-profile example with producers from Argentina (Maravilla Cine), Chile (Don Quijote and Rampante), and Uruguay (Cordon Films).

After having won an Argentine Incaa Film Institute script contest and an Ibermedia co-production award, the project was selected to participate at the 2014 San Sebastian Latin American Co-Production Forum, Chile’s Sanfic Industry Lab and Australab-FicValdivia, and will now compete in the Panorama section of this year’s Berlin Film Festival.

“Marilyn” is based on the true story of then Marcelo B, now Marilyn, who was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for killing his mother and brother with a shotgun, and later became one half of Argentina’s first
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Berlin: ‘Ixcanul’s’ Jayro Bustamante, Tu Vas Voir, Film Factory Unveil ‘Tremors’ (Exclusive)

Berlin: ‘Ixcanul’s’ Jayro Bustamante, Tu Vas Voir, Film Factory Unveil ‘Tremors’ (Exclusive)
Jayro Bustamante, France’s Tu Vas Voir and Spain’s Film Factory Entertainment have re-joined forces to make “Tremors,” director Bustamente’s follow-up to Berlin Silver Bear-winning debut “Ixcanul.”

La Casa de Producción, Bustamante’s Guatemala label, France’s Memento Films, Luxembourg’s Iris Prods. and Arte France Cinéma also produce. Memento Films Distribution will release “Tremors” in France. Film Factory will introduce the film, now in post-production, to buyers, screening a first promo reel at the Efm.

In “Tremors,” Bustamante transfers the action from “Ixcanul’s” rural setting to Guatemala City in a love story come family drama set in a context of religious bigotry.

Tremors” turns on Pablo, an evangelical Christian and father of two children, who falls in love with another man. His wife, Isa, determines to help her husband get “cured,” with the support of the church pastor and all of Pablo’s family. The most urgent thing is to protect their children
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Ventana Sur: Film Factory Swoops on ‘Dry Martina’ in High-Profile Ventana Sur Deal (Exclusive)

Buenos Aires — In what may well be the deal of Ventana Sur, Vicente CanalesFilm Factory Ent. has swooped on Che Sandoval’s “Dry Martina,” marking the first deal to be announced on a title in the Buenos Aires market’s competitions of Primer Corte and Copia 0, both pix-in-post competitions.

Chilean Sandoval’s third feature, the dramedy screened late afternoon Thursday at Ventana Sur in Copia O, a section reserved for near complete or finished movies judged to be catnip for international ales agents.

In typical Film Factory-style – when it moves it often does so fast – a deal had been sealed with producers Forestero and Rizoma by early evening.

Film Factory will handle world sales right on a feature which marks a departure and step-up in ambition and international reach for the young Chilean auteur. That cuts several ways.

After first two features – shot on the fly portraits of garrulous, flailing masculinity
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San Sebastian: Movistar +, Basque Standouts Bring New Energy to Spanish Fest

San Sebastian: Movistar +, Basque Standouts Bring New Energy to Spanish Fest
San Sebastian — Competition frontrunner “Pororoca,” Co-production Forum standout “My Tender Matador” and Films in Progress winner “Rust” led later trading at a vibrant 65th San Sebastián Festival graced by considerable star wattage – headed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, in town to tubthump “Wonders of the Sea 3D.”

Glenn Close arrived Thursday, hitting the fest circuit for “The Wife”; Alicia Vikander talked the press through Wim Wenders’ romantic drama-thriller “Submergence”; Antonio Banderas accepted a National Cinema Prize; Penelope Cruz will present “Loving Pablo” on Saturday; James Franco triumphed with “The Disaster Artist,” leading a Spanish critics’ poll with just two movies left to screen in competition.

The highest-profile world premiere at San Sebastián, and also critically lauded- “Constantin Popescu’s study of a missing-person crisis hits with direct emotional force,” Variety announced – “Pororoca” has sold to Hualu in China, Barton Films in Spain, Discovery Film (Former Yugoslavia territories) and Mirada Distribución (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile,
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Aly Muritiba’s Preps ‘Private Desert,’ Bows Distribution, International Co-Production (Exclusive)

Aly Muritiba’s Preps ‘Private Desert,’ Bows Distribution, International Co-Production (Exclusive)
San Sebastian — Brazil’s Aly Muritiba, one of its most sought-after young directors, is preparing a new feature film “Deserto Particular” (Private Desert) as his Grafo Audiovisual production company up its ante, expanding into international co-production and distribution in Brazil.

The multi-front expansive moves come as, making good on Muritiba’s promise, “Ferrugem” (Rust), his second feature as a director, cleaned up at San Sebastián’s Film in Progress, its Latin American pix-in-post showcase, taking all three prizes on offer. One of them, the Film Factory Award, sees Vicente Canales Barcelona-based sales company acquiring world sales rights to “Rust” outside Brazil and Spain, putting up a €30,000 ($35,700) minimum guarantee.

Set up at Grafo Audiovisual, produced by Antonio Junior, now written and 60% funded, “Private Desert” turns on a lonely 40-year-old cop in Brazil’s rich south whose Internet love interest lives in its poor North-East, in Bahia. One day she disappears from social networks. He
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San Sebastian: ‘Rust,’ ‘Dantza,’ ‘Permanent Staff’ Score Big at Fest Industry Awards

San Sebastian – Aly Muritiba’s “Rust,” Telmo Esnal’s “Dantza” and Ezequiel Radusky’s “Permanent Staff” won big at the San Sebastián Industry Awards, topping the Festival’s Films in Progress and new Glocal in Progress showcases and its Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum.

An indication of why Muritiba is one of Brazil’s most courted young directors these days, with new projects set up nt only at his own Grafo Audiovisual label but also at Rt Features and Gullane, “Rust” builds to a finally searing indictment of misogyny, anchored in a case of sexting which has ghastly consequences.

One forceful decision by Muritiba is to tell the story in two parts, the first from a young female high-school students Pov; the second describing the family circumstances of the boy who might have a sex tape from her mobile. Another is to talk about his subject as much via contrasting mise-en-scène of parts one rather than on-the-nose dialogue
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Location Basque Country: Upcoming Basque Movies

San Sebastian — The strength of the Basque industry as a potential co-production partner for Basque Country shoots will be seen, when push comes to shove, in its movies. Here, profiles of upcoming Basque movies whether playing this year’s San Sebastián Festival, in production or projects.

Advantages Of Traveling By Train

Pre-acquired by Entertainment One’s Seville International and co-produced by San Sebastian-based Señor y Señora and Madrid’s Morena Films “Advantages” marks the much-awaited feature debut of Aritz Moreno. Film –in pre-production– is penned by Javier Gullón (Denis Villeneuve’s “Enemy”) adapting Spain’s Antonio Orejudo novel.

Another Day Of Life

One of Europe’s most awaited animation films, the Indie Sales-sold “Day” revolves around the truth of war through the near-suicidal journey across Angola of Polish famed war reporter Ryszard Kapuściński. Raúl de la Fuente and Damian Nenow direct a hybrid animation-live action inspired by but not adapting the journalist’s first novel. Produced
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San Sebastián: Film Factory Entertainment Acquires ‘Black is Beltza’ (Exclusive)

San Sebastian — Spain’s Film Factory has acquired international rights to Fermin Muguruza’s adult animation feature debut “Black is Beltza.”

The project will be offered to buyers at the Berlinale’s next European Film Market, Film Factory CEO Vicente Canales told Variety. A teaser will be screened at Berlin, where Muguruza has promised a “noteworthy” musical landing, as well.

“’Black is Beltza’ is very different for the Spanish adult animation scene so far, and originality is exactly what the market is demanding,” Canales said, adding that the project is perfectly suited for combining international theatrical releases with launches on digital platforms and VOD services.

Co-produced by Basque country Talka Records & Film and Catalonia’s Setmagic, “Beltza” will offer a colorful canvas of the 60’s counterculture era, kicking off in October 1965 when a group of giants and carnival heads –inspired by Pamplona’s 17th century parades– is invited to march down New York’s 5th Avenue on
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San Sebastián: Film Factory Swoops on Witchcraft Thriller ’Akelarre’ (Exclusive)

San Sebastian — In one of the early deals to be announced out of the 65th San Sebastian Film Festival, which bowed Sept. 22 with the European premiere of Wim Wenders’ “Submergence,” starring Alicia Vikander and James McAvoy, Film Factory Entertainment has swooped on “Akelarre,” a flagship Basque project at this year’s Festival.

Currently in development, “Akelarre” will be presented Sunday at San Sebastian’s 2017 Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum, where it weighs in as one of the Forum’s highest-profile projects.

A thriller, Akelarre is directed by Pablo Agüero, whose first short, “Primera Nieve,” won a 2006 Cannes Festival Jury Prize; “Salamndra,” his first feature, made the 2008 Cannes Directors’ Fortnight cut: “Eva Doesn’t Sleep” was selected for San Sebastián’s 2015 main competition.

Akelarre is produced by Sorkin Films, a new joint tax break investment vehicle launched last year by Koldo Zuazua’s San Sebastián-based Kowalski Films and Iker Ganuza co-headed Lamia Producciones, based out of Zarauz.
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Alfa Pictures Nabs Spanish Rights to Diego Lerman’s San Sebastian Player ‘A Sort of Family’

Alfa Pictures Nabs Spanish Rights to Diego Lerman’s San Sebastian Player ‘A Sort of Family’
David Alfarás’ Barcelona-based distributor Alfa Pictures has taken Spanish theatrical, Tvod and video rights to Argentine Diego Lerman’s road-movie “Una especie de familia” (“A Sort of Family”).

Sold by Vicente CanalesFilm Factory Entertainment, the film vies for the Golden Shell Award playing in main competition at the 65th San Sebastian Film Festival edition, which kicks off Friday, Sept. 22.

Alfa Pictures plans to open the film theatrically early December in Spain, on about 30 screens. Dubbed as a touching, adult women-oriented drama, “A Sort of Family” toplines Goya-winning actress Bárbara Lennie, the star of Carlos Vermut’s 2014 San Sebastian Golden Shell winner “Magical Girl.”

In the film, Lennie plays Malena, a successful Buenos Aires doctor who receives a call, telling her to leave immediately for the north of the country because the baby she aims to adopt is about to be born.

After the child’s biological parents suddenly demand more money, Malena
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Venice: Film Factory Acquires Pablo Giorgelli’s ‘Las Acacias’ Follow-Up ‘Invisible’ (Exclusive)

Venice: Film Factory Acquires Pablo Giorgelli’s ‘Las Acacias’ Follow-Up ‘Invisible’ (Exclusive)
Madrid — Increasing its presence in Argentina, a country which has given it some of its biggest hits, Vicente CanalesFilm Factory Entertainment has acquired world sales rights to “Invisible,” the second feature by Pablo Giorgelli whose debut, the restrainedly romantic road movie “Las Acacias,” swept five prizes at Cannes in 2011, including its Camara d’Or for best first feature.

Lead-produced by Juan Pablo Miller and Ariel Rotter – a distinguished director in his own right – at Buenos Aires’ Tarea Fina and AireCine (“Las Acacias,” “Natural Sciences,” “Incident Light”), “Invisible” brings out a theme – or sentiment – coursing through “Las Acacias”: Solitude.

Here, however, he sufferer is Ely (Mora Arenillas), a normal school girl who works a few extra hours in a pet shop. Then she learns she is pregnant and her whole world implodes. She tries to carry on as usual. But she’s afraid, upset, know that there will be no turning back from whatever decision she
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Outsider Pictures Prepares U.S. Release for Dominican Republic Oscar Entry ‘Woodpeckers’ (Exclusive)

Paul Hudson’s Outsider Pictures has acquired U.S. rights to José María Cabral’s “Woodpeckers,” which was chosen this week as the Dominican Republic’s candidate for the foreign-language category at the 90th Academy Awards.

The deal was inked between Hudson and Film Factory founder Vicente Canales way before the Academy Award entry choice. Outsider Pictures will now release the film in American theaters starting Sept. 15 at the AMC Empire in New York and then expand the film across the country, including Miami, San Diego, Chicago as well as touring the main male lead Jean Jean across the U.S., Hudson said.

Az Films has acquired distribution rights to Canada.

Unveiling “WoodPeckers” as its choice, the Dominican Republic looks like the first Latin American country to announce its foreign-language submission. It has chosen a title which always liked like one of its frontrunners.

A buzzed-up title at Ventana Sur’s Primer Corte, where
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San Sebastian: Film Factory Boards Fernando Franco’s ‘Dying’ (Exclusive)

San Sebastian: Film Factory Boards Fernando Franco’s ‘Dying’ (Exclusive)
Madrid — Pouncing on the second feature by one of Spain’s preeminent on-the-rise, Vicente Canales’ Barcelona-based Film Factory Entertainment has acquired international sales rights to Fernando Franco’s character-driven romantic drama “Morir” (Dying), which plays as a Special Screening at September’s San Sebastian Festival.

Morir” marks Franco’s follow-up to “La Herida” (“The Wound”) which proved one of the biggest prize-winners at the 2013’s San Sebastian, snagging a Special Jury prize and best actress for Marian Alvarez, earning Goyas for actress and best new director at the 2014 Spanish Academy Awards.

Suggesting a talent for psychological insight, “Herida” focused intensely on a young woman with borderline personality disorder. The subject of “Dying” is equally forbidding: the fear of death and how its warps a couple’s relationship, inspired by what Film Factory describes as a “sorrowful, desperate” story of the same title by Arthur Schnitzler.

Written by Franco and Coral Cruz, In the film,
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Latest Films by James Franco, Lerman, Nakache, Toledano to Compete at San Sebastian

Latest Films by James Franco, Lerman, Nakache, Toledano to Compete at San Sebastian
The latest movies by U.S. multi-hyphenate James Franco, Argentine Cannes regular Diego Lerman, and Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, the duo behind “Untouchables,” the biggest French-language hit ever, will play in San Sebastian‘s main competition this September.

Barbara Albert’s “Mademoiselle Paradis,” Alexandros Avranas’ “Love Me Not,” Matt Porterfield’s “Sollers Point,” Nobuhiro Suwa’s “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “Soldiers. Story from Ferentari,” the feature debut of Serbian Ivana Mladenovic, also make up cut.

All vie for the festival’s top Golden Shell, as will already announced contenders such as festival opener, Wim Wenders’ “Submergence,” plus the Spanish movies “El autor,” by Manuel Martín-Cuenca, Jon Garaño and Aitor Arregi’s “Handia” and Antonio Méndez Esparza’s “Life and Nothing More.”

Several of the new international contenders will launch at Toronto’s market or official section before landing in San Sebastian for their European debuts.

That’s the case of James Franco’s comedy-drama
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Paramount Pictures, Atresmedia Cine, Film Factory Team for Pre-Teen Soccer Movie ‘Futbolísimos’

Paramount Pictures Spain has picked up Spanish distribution rights to Atresmedia Cine’s pre-teen soccer film “Los Futbolísimos,” an adaptation of Spaniard Roberto Santiago’s same-titled hit book series.

Vicente CanalesFilm Factory has acquired internationals sales rights, while Spain’s leading paybox Movistar+ and Nickelodeon network nabbed pay TV rights, confirming a strong interest in the project.

“Los Futbolísimos” marks Atresmedia Cine’s newest bet on movies aimed at young audiences, which have often played well at local box office. Examples take in 2013’s “Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang,” that earned €5.2 million ($5.9 million), and 2014’s “Pancho, Millionaire Dog” ($2.9 million). However, unlike other European markets such as Germany or France, production in Spain of children-oriented films disc much more sporadic.

Miguel Angel Lamata (“Unresolved Sexual Tension”) directs and co-wrote the script alongside Pablo Fernández (“Iván’s Dream”) and Roberto Santiago, also a movie director, with credits such as “The Suicide Club” and “Road to Santiago.”

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Chilean Cinema Punches Above Its Weight

Chilean Cinema Punches Above Its Weight
“We’re there to talk about cinema, not national flags,” Cannes’ topper Thierry Fremaux argued after announcing Cannes’ Official Selection this year. That said, 2017’s Cannes looks set to serve another reminder of one of world cinema’s biggest success stories: Chile’s emergence as a foremost Latin America’s filmmaking nation.

Led by Marcela Said’s Critics’ Week entry “Los Perros,” Chile boasts four films selected across major sections. From Latin America, only Argentina compares in presence.

At Berlin, “A Fantastic Woman,” from Chile’s Sebastian Lelio, was arguably the single most talked-about competition title.


Cannes’ Producers Network Spotlights 6 Leading Chileans

Since 2012, four Chilean directors — Marialy Rivas, Andrés Wood, Sebastian Silva and Alejandro Fernandez Almendras — have taken Sundance awards; Pablo Larrain won at Cannes (“No”), Berlin (“The Club), Venice and Toronto (“Jackie”). Chilean movies can garner significant overseas box office for foreign-language films and attract prestige foreign producers: “Gloria” and “No,
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Genre Kings Weigh Their Market Options

Genre Kings Weigh Their Market Options
Catalan genre films come with high expectations this year, with movies from two heavyweight auteurs, Jaume Balagueró’s “Muse” and Rodrigo Cortés’ “Down a Dark Hall,” looking set to hit major festivals.

But while names such as J.A. Bayona, Balagueró and Paco Plaza are regarded with fanboy reverence, Catalonia’s genre film movement, which boasts “[Rec]” and “The Orphanage” among landmarks, is undergoing market mutation.

“Spanish thrillers keep selling, although the best sales are titles with high production values and political or social elements,” says Film Factory Ent. Vicente Canales, citing “Marshland.” For horror, the key is “to go theatrical, fleeing from the B-movies, which is a saturated sector.”


Film Community Powers Catalonia’s Rebound From Recession

Another key may now be language; major directors are shooting in English, opening projects up to international casts.

Filmax’s supernatural suspense thriller “Muse” stars Elliot Cowan, Ana Ularu and Franka Potente and
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Spain’s VOD Boom May Have Lasting Effects

Netflix’s first Spanish original TV series, “Las Chicas del Cable,” which became available to subscribers April 28, captures the excitement of a technological revolution, imagining a plush 1928 Madrid where four young girls work as switchboard operators at Spain’s first nationwide telecom. Targeting female telenovela-sated audiences worldwide with upscale romantic melodrama, “Las Chicas del Cable’s” central issues remain, however, startlingly familiar: Machismo, pre-destined love and broken hearts.

Fast-forward 90 years from 1928 and Spain is caught in another cable revolution: VOD. Netflix entered Spain in October 2015; HBO España, a standalone streaming service, followed suit last November; Amazon Prime Video a few days later.

Netflix has bought bullishly, acquiring dozens of films from top Spanish companies, reportedly often paying premium prices. It has produced its first Spanish original movie, workplace thriller “7 Días.” But that buying spree may be over.


Spanish Broadcasters Bankroll Film Growth

“They’ve been a great partner,” says
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Africa-Set Thriller ‘Sara’s Notebook’ Comes to Cannes from Film Factory (Exclusive)

Boarding one of Spain’s biggest box office bets for early 2018, Barcelona-based Film Factory Entertainment has acquired international rights to “Sara’s Notebook” (El Cuaderno de Sara), from Telecinco Cinema.

Film Factory’s Vicente Canales will introduce the film to buyers in Cannes, presenting a first image promo.

Past movies from Telecinco Cinema, which has co-produced the No. 1 box office champ in Spain over four of the last five years, include J.A. Bayona’s “The Impossible,” “A Monster Calls,” “Spanish Affair” and its 2015 sequel. Telecinco Cinema, owned by broadcaster Mediaset España, grossed $77.5 million in 2014 with “Spanish Affair,” four times the take of its nearest Hollywood rival, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” ($17.5 million).

That has, of course, encouraged Hollywood studios to move into the distribution of such titles. In the case of “Sara’s Notebook,” Disney distributes in Spain.

With Telecinco Cinema taking an equity position in its movies,
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Rodar y Rodar Launches Mario Casas-Starrer ‘Mauthausen’ (Exclusive)

Berlin–Barcelona-based Rodar y Rodar — the prestige producer of successful psychological thrillers such as “The Orphanage” and “Julia’s Eyes”– will produce “The Photographer of Mauthausen,” the third outing as a feature film director of Mar Targarona (“Kidnapped”), Rodar co-ceo with Joaquín Padró.

Vicente CanalesFilm Factory has acquired international rights. The historical thriller will be produced in partnership with Belgium’s Umedia. Also backing the projects are Spanish public broadcaster Tve and its Icaa and Icec film institutes.

“Mauthausen” recreates the travails of Catalan photographer Francesc Boix, an inmate in the Mauthausen concentration camp from the winter of 1942, when he was 22, alongside his father and 1,500 Spanish Republicans, were imprisoned by the German army during their exile in France after the Spanish Civil War.

Spanish thesp Mario Casas (Michael Radford’s “The Mule,” Fernando González Molina’a “Palm Trees in the Snow”) will star. “It’s a role that could
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