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Review: The House With 100 Eyes

I have a confession to make: there is something about the urban legend of the snuff film that piques my interest and has for many years. I usually don’t share that with anyone as I don’t want to be seen as someone who could possibly need psychiatric help or be perceived as a sadistic, closeted Ed Gein in the making. Since I first read about the myth of their existence back when I was a budding teen-aged horror fan, I extensively researched films such as Last House on Dead End Street, Cannibal Holocaust and the notorious Snuff – all of which prompted a great deal controversy when they were released. There was a certain fascination about them that stayed with me and that I have never been able to shake off. In the 80’s, partly thanks to Charlie Sheen, they were again brought into mainstream focus when he attended
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Penny Drake gearing up for sci-fi web series 'Star Chicks'; watch the trailer

Angela Lee, producer of Zombie Strippers, has a new sci-fi web series in the works called Star Chicks, and her company Scream HQ has turned to the grass roots fund-raising website to finance it.

Star Chicks stars Penny Drake, Laura Bach and Shannon Malone (from Zombie Strippers) and is a sci-fi comedy set to debut on the web. The series follows three highly trained shape-shifting aliens who are sent to earth to study the planet for eventual takeover. Since Earth is the only planet in the universe to have women, the Scourge believes the gender to be Earth’s most dangerous life form. The highly trained intergalactic agents must infiltrate society and prepare Earth for invasion armed with only a no-limit credit card and an issue of Cosmo. Bombarded by strange new emotions and desires, hunted by alien police, the newly minted ladies must decide whether to complete
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