Justin Bieber Death Threat on Facebook — Don’t Bring Your Concert to Peru!

A Justin Bieber page on Facebook threatens to kill the singer if he comes to Peru for his concert on October 17. And Beliebers are fighting back with death threats of their own! Oh no! Justin Bieber has already begun his South American tour but thinks are starting to get scary! Kevin Aragon Otazu created a page on Facebook threatening to kill Justin when he performs in Peru at the National Stadium on October 17. It even has 810 "likes"! The page's "about" section says Jose Chavez will step up and give Justin a big push at the National Stadium. The "description" says many spectators will be lined up holding water bottles and eggs (presumably to throw at the Biebs). Then, in capital letters it says Justin Bieber you better not come to Peru, it will be the biggest regret of your life. Seriously. Under products it says "Kill Justin Bieber" candies. Beliebers
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