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Law Tarello



Height:6' Weight:210 Hair:Dark Brown Eyes:Hazel Vocal Range:Baritone

25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee Lead William Barfee u/s Circle In The Square Gypsy of the Year '05 & '06 Ensemble Spelling Bee Cast Neil Simon Theatre

Elephant in the Room Ensemble Conspiracy Fringe NYC '07 Other People's Junk Lead Roger 30th Sam French Festival The Government Inspector Lead Osip Stage 13 / Roundtable

The Night the Music Died Lead The Big Bopper Galveston Island Musicals Little Shop of Horrors Lead Audrey II Vision Theatre The Odd Couple Lead Oscar Madison Vision Theatre The Star-Spangled Girl Lead Norman Cornell 1891 Fredonia Opera House

IMPROV & COMEDY Performance

SEARCH ENGINE IMPROV (SEI) Co-Founder / Performer / Instructor The Space, Rochester NY

Boston Improv Festival Performer Improv Boston

Lazy Susan (SEI Original) Performer Thumbs Upstate, Syracuse NY

Providence Improv Festival (P!F 7) Performer Perishable Theater

MONSSSSTROCITY (SEI Original) Co-Creator /Performer The Space, Rochester NY

Paul & Vinny Automotive (SEI Original) Co-Creator /Performer East Region, U.S. Festival Tour

Improv A**hole Guest Performer Village Theater, Atlanta GA

Mortified: Angst Written Original NYC Cast Magnet Theater, NYC

500% Italian Founding Member The P.I.T. NYC

8 Is Never Enough Cast Member The Improv, NYC

3 Chicago Improv Festival (CIF) Featured Troupe - Solo Performer The Second City, Chicago

2 Chicago Improv Festival Featured Troupe Member Improv Olympic, Chicago

Random Acts: Fredonia, NY Creator / Director 1891 Fredonia Opera House

M'larky Manetti Supporting TV Pilot Central The 4th Floor Cast Lead Sketch ComedyNet Aaron Loves Kendra L.T. Supporting Feature Big Fresh Pictures Stock Room Lumpy Lead Industrial M3 6x9 Griffin Lead TV Pilot Towhead Productions Eat This! Co-Host Lead TV Pilot B&T Films

Film & Television Bob Krakower One on One Prod. NYC T.V. Commercial Angela Montalbano, Nadette Stasa Independant, NYC Improvisation Matt Besser, Amy Poehler,

Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh CIF/ UCB Julie Brister Long Form UCB Theatre Martin De Maat - Master Class Second City, NY Acting Shakespeare Patrick Tucker - XVII American Theatre Fest. LIU/CW Post B.A. Theatre Arts State University of New York at Fredonia - Class of `99

Thomas W. Loughlin - Advanced Acting Dr. Robert Klassen –Directing & Theater Management Candice Brown – Voice & Movement Mary Charbonnet – Dialects Carol J. Blanchard – Theatre History Gary C. Eckhart – Make-up

Writing & Composition: Screen and Stage Play,Sketch Comedy,Music & Lyrics

All Pop, Rap & Rock Styles Voice Characterization: Tony Soprano, Ray Romano, Christopher Walken,

Elmo(Sesame Street) Music: Guitar, Harmonica, Drums: African & Latin Percussion,

Singing; All Pop, Rock & Theatre Styles, Freestyle Rap, Beat-box, Professional Radio & Club DJ Sports: Football, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Baci-Ball, Double-Dutch,

Rapier Sword Stage Combat
Voice: IPA trained for any dialect, Cartoons, most Muppets, Kids, Animals,

Superheroes, Villains,Mad Scientists, Monsters, etc. Can ask directions and order meals in French and Italian. Miscellaneous: Cooking, Eating, Raise Left Eyebrow, Flare Nostrils,

Grow Full Beard in Seven Days, Tans Well, Licensed motorcycle & car. Manual & Automatic transmission.

Commercial conflicts available. Headshots, V.O. mp3, Reel, Media and more available at &

Call 917.583.0317 E-mail


  • Goddard College, MFA - Interdisciplinary Arts, Plainfield, VT, 2014
    The Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts (MFAIA) engages artists from a variety of practices, including visual arts, dance, music, theater, performance art, social practice, design, digital media, and the literary arts, to study in a rigorous interdisciplinary context. Students not only have the opportunity to work across artistic disciplines both individually and in collaboration with peers, but the MFAIA also encourages broader interdisciplinary inquiry, enabling dialogue among art and science, social science, humanities, and other systems of knowledge. One of the only graduate programs in the world committed to art as a transformational practice, the MFAIA is designed to support artists with diverse life experiences and goals ranging from the social, political, to the aesthetic, spiritual or autobiographical. Our learning community supports the development of a robust lifelong art practice. We envision artmaking as a form of critical thinking, that integrates research and interdisciplinary problem-solving and engages ethically in public contexts.
  • State University of New York, College at Fredoina, BA Theatre Arts, Fredonia, NY, 1999
    The Department of Theatre and Dance at SUNY Fredonia offers to students interested in theatre the most comprehensive offering of degree programs of all the liberal arts colleges and universities within the SUNY system. With Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Acting, Musical Theatre (with tracks in Theatre and Music), Theatrical Production and Design (with emphases in Costume Design, Scenic Design, Lighting Design and Technical Production) and Dance, and the Bachelor of Arts in General Theatre Studies, as well as minors in Theatre and Dance, no other SUNY liberal arts institution can offer you the range of experience or opportunity that Fredonia can.

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