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Horror Highlights: Camera Obscura, The Bigfoot Project, Splathouse Productions’ Blue Caveman, Justice Served, Black Rose

This summer, the fine folks over at Chiller Films will release Aaron B. Koontz's feature directorial debut, Camera Obscura, in theaters on June 9th and on VOD and Digital on June 13th. In today's Horror Highlights, we also have release details for The Bigfoot Project, Justice Served, and Black Rose, as well as information on Splathouse Productions' Blue Caveman Indiegogo campaign.

Camera Obscura Release Details: Press Release: "New York, NY – April 11, 2017 – Chiller Films is pleased to announce the release of the anticipated horror thriller Camera Obscura, in theaters on June 9 and on VOD and Digital HD on June 13. The film is written by Aaron B. Koontz and Cameron Burns and marks the theatrical directing debut of Koontz. The cast includes Christopher Denham (“Billions,” “Argo”), Nadja Bobyleva (“Bridge of Spies”), Catherine Curtin (“Stranger Things,” “Orange is the New Black”), Chase Williamson (Siren, “Beyond the Gates”) and Noah Segan (“The Mind’s Eye,
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Television that Home Video Forgot: The Secret Circle (2011)

The Secret Circle

Showcase Inventory

Developed by Andrew Miller

Based on The Secret Circle novel by L.J. Smith

Produced by Outerbanks Entertainment, Alloy Entertainment, CBS Television Studios, Warner Bros. Television

Aired on The CW for 1 season (22 episodes) from September 15, 2011 – May 10, 2012


Britt Robertson as Cassie Blake

Thomas Dekker as Adam Conant

Phoebe Tonkin as Faye Chamberlain

Shelly Hennig as Diane Meade

Jessica Parker Kennedy as Melissa Glaser

Louis Hunter as Nick Armstrong

Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong

Show Premise

After the untimely demise of her mother, Cassie Blake decides to move to her parents’ hometown, Chance Harbor, to live with her estranged grandmother. There she hopes to learn about her roots and solve the mystery of why her mother ran away from the town in the first place. After meeting the townspeople, she quickly learns that she is a hereditary member of a community of witches. As it so happens,
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Web Series Wednesday: Red Shirts

Welcome back to the series of posts here at SciFi Mafia that we’re calling Web Series Wednesday where we devote a space to the wonderment of the web series. Every Wednesday we’ll cover an awesome web series and give you all the info to get into it.

If you’ve got a favorite web series you’d like us to cover, head on over to the Contact Us page and shoot us your request. To catch up on past Web Series Wednesday posts click here.

This week we’re covering Red Shirts.

We were tweeted the suggestion to check out the web series Red Shirts by their twitter account @RedShirts3. After having watched their first three episodes we plan to hold them to their promise, “More to come!” We loved all three episodes (starring Nick Armstrong, Arnie Pantoja, and Shannon McKain) and the various other short outtakes and behind-the-scenes-like-videos too.
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Nytv Fest Awards 19 Development Deals

The New York TV Festival tonight announced recipients of 19 development deals, plus Critics and Audience Awards and other prizes. Seven development deals were awarded from the Nytvf Pitch competition — Bio Channel, Channel 4, Hasbro Studios, Logo, Red Arrow International, Sundance Channel and truTV — 1 each from Fox, Samsung and A&E; 5 from Lifetime; and 4 tied to Independent Pilot Competition categories from IFC, MTV, VH1 and Syfy. In addition to the 4 Pilot Competition development deals, the fest announced winners for Best Drama, Comedy, Actor, Actress, Directing, Writing, etc. Festival award recipients from tonight’s announcement: Winner of the Samsung Second Screen Storytellers Competition was “D-tec”, created by Joseph Saroufim, Peter Saroufim, and Stephen Interrante. It was announced during Samsung’s Live Pitch event on Friday evening and is receiving a $300,000 production budget from the electronics leader to create an original multi-screen series for Samsung Smart TVs. 2012 Development Deals Nytvf Pitch Each Pitch
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The Secret Circle Spoilers: Who is Returning?!?

  • TVfanatic
John Blackwell is back. And Cassie's grandmother will finally make an appearance, following weeks off the air, on tonight's new episode of The Secret Circle.

But Executive Producer Andrew Miller spilled on another major return spoiler earlier this week, one that may divide fans of this CW drama. Read on to see who will soon be showing up again in Chance Harbor...

... Nick Armstrong!

"We are thrilled to have Nick back, but he's not the same person as he was before," Miller teased to Zap2iIt. "The Circle is stunned, but those closest to Nick, his brother Jake and girlfriend Melissa, find themselves on opposite sides as they struggle with how to deal with his unnatural return."

The same may be said for viewers. Yes, Nick was a popular character and many may be anxious to see what this return entails. (Will he be resurrected by Eben? For nefarious purposes?
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The Secret Circle Review: One Shady Sibling

  • TVfanatic
The death of Nick Armstrong grew even sadder this week on The Secret Circle. Because I felt bad for various characters, most notably Melissa? Eh, sure.

Mostly, though because it led to a rather gloomy, dare I say it, boring hour of television. Granted, "Wake" was faced with the challenging task of following a pair of outstanding, shocking, suspenseful episodes, but that doesn't change the irony of the episode title: I found it hard to stay awake.

I hate to pick on a young actor, but Chris Zylka did very little for me as Jake. The character isn't exactly oozing charisma, is he? He's stiff, he lacks a personality and yet he was the major focus of this episode.

Fortunately, the final scene teased an intriguing set-up for Jake's presence. I'm less surprised and fascinated by the fact that Jake is a witch hunter - did anyone really trust this guy at any point?
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‘The Secret Circle’ Key Comments: Fans Are ‘Devastated’ Over [Spoiler]‘s Death!

From 'Let's start a petition' to 'I don't think I can keep watching,' fans of 'The Secret Circle' are mourning the loss of Nick Armstrong. Even though I knew going into the Oct. 13 episode of The Secret Circle that Nick (Louis Hunter) was going to die, nothing could have prepared me for the flood of emotions I felt watching him go -- and watching his fellow circle members react to the tragedy. And I clearly wasn't alone, as dozens of outraged commenters took to's recap of the episode with their own sentiments of sadness, frustration -- and in one case,  dreams of a shirtless ghostly future. Many fans believe Nick had serious potential and were looking forward to seeing him mature, not only as a person, but as a love interest for Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy.) Chloe 24 writes: "Characters like Nick (think Damon from Vampire
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'The Secret Circle's' Shocking Death

'The Secret Circle's' Shocking Death
The secret is out, and the circle is broken. On last night's (Oct. 13) shocking episode of "The Secret Circle," we said goodbye to Nick Armstrong, the oft-shirtless ne'er-do-well boy next door.

The twist was particularly startling given the fact that Nick is a fan favorite character from the L.J. Smith novels from which the series is adapted... not to mention the fact that actor Louis Hunter has appeared in all of the show's promotional materials up to this point.
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'The Secret Circle' shocker: Louis Hunter on Nick's early demise

The secret is out, and the circle is broken. On tonight's shocking episode of "The Secret Circle," we said goodbye to Nick Armstrong, the oft-shirtless ne'er-do-well boy next door. The twist was particularly startling given the fact that Nick is a fan favorite character from the L.J. Smith novels from which the series is adapted... not to mention the fact that actor Louis Hunter has appeared in all of the show's promotional materials up to this point.

Unfortunately for Nick fans, this isn't one of those deaths that's easily remedied by a potion or a clap-if-you-believe-in-witches spell. Zap2it spoke exclusively with Hunter last week and he confirmed that after shooting the episode, "Slither," he packed his bags.

Zap2it: How permanent is Nick's death? Were you on set again after filming this episode?

Hunter: No, I pretty much left Vancouver straight away after filming this episode. I had
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The Secret Circle Episode 5 Review: Death and All His Friends...

Well I will be damned!

There are two things for certain about tonight's episode of The Secret Circle. #1) Some serious game changers were implemented tonight and the show will never be the same again. 2) Fans of the book series might be hella pissed about tonight's developments. Why? Because one of the Circle members is officially and irrevocably dead. And it is not the one who you expected it to be...

After last week's cliffhanger, Melissa was possessed by the demon they thought they had just killed within Heather. The possessed Melissa then manipulated Nick into digging up the demon's brethren, who had been buried in the forest for God knows how long. After wigging out the other coven members, the demon finally showed its true colors after retrieving a suitcase filled with the creatures. She then attacked the rest of the coven, most notably Nick, whose weakness for Melissa became
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Dennings and Behrs on the Set of '2 Broke Girls'

Dennings and Behrs on the Set of '2 Broke Girls'
"Extra" correspondent Adrianna Costa was on the set of the new fall comedy, "2 Broke Girls," starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs. The girls had a special shoutout for Mario Lopez, giggling, "Hi, AC!"

video platform video management video solutions video player

The smart and funny sitcom is about two waitresses who become best friends and dream of opening a cupcake shop. Behrs, who in real life once worked at Chili's, recalled, "I dropped a whole
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"The Secret Circle" SnapCap: Come On, Baby. Light My (Car On) Fire!

The Secret Circle is the CW's latest entry into TV's supernatural sweepstakes. Based on a book by the author of The Vampire Diaries and executive produced by out Kevin Williamson, the network hopes to capture the same magic again that propelled Tvd into a hit.

Our protagonist Cassie (Britt Robertson), having been orphaned when her mother Amelia is magicked to death in a fire by a dastardly stranger, moves to a seaside town to live with her grandmother Jane (Ashley Crow), who we can tell is a “free spirit” by her unruly mane of curly locks and her vast assortment of jaunty scarves. Cassie has meet-cutes with the rest of the teenage cast except for neighbor Nick (Louis Hunter), who instead ups the creep factor by staring at Cassie in her bedroom from his house.

After Faye Chamberlain (Phoebe Tonkin) proves to the group that Cassie's a witch by setting
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Secret Circle Spells effect Youtube

  • Boomtron
Secret Circle Spells effect Youtube

What happens when witches take over Youtube? You’re about to find out; if you dare! We’ve all had difficulty watching a video online at one time or another and believe me, it can be pretty frustrating, but today’s video offering will prove the power of the Secret Circle. All loss of control is do magic, my friends. Let’s just hope it isn’t dark magic.

Secret Circle is a fresh new offering at the CW network, slated to unleash sparks starting tonight with its season premier (following the Vampire Diaries)! Based on the books by L.J. Smith, author of The Vampire Diaries, we expect the new series will be a hit.

Want to get to know the cast before they put a spell on you? We can help! You’ll notice the lead character, Cassie Blake, is brought to life by Life Unexpected actress,
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First Look: The Secret Circle - The Witching Hour You Don't Want To Miss

It goes without saying that Thursdays this fall on The CW will be dubbed 'The L.J. Smith Night' when both of the author's popular book series, The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, will finally be paired up to deliver more tales of teen angst with a supernatural twist to eager viewers. While The Vampire Diaries (which is returning for its third season) has already proven itself to be a viable contender on the TV battle land known as Thursdays, The Secret Circle doesn't have that clout under its belt just yet given that it is one of the many new shows premiering this fall. So can The CW strike lightning twice with another L.J. Smith/Kevin Williamson supernatural hit?

Um, yeah!

The Secret Circle is a worthy lead out show from The Vampire Diaries and should capture not only fans of Tvd and the Tsc book series, but new casual fans as well.
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'The Secret Circle' on The CW: All about Nick Armstrong and Melissa Glaser

In L.J. Smith's "Secret Circle" book series, Nick Armstrong is a fan favorite character with an icy attitude. He's referred to as the "iguana" and he's got a cold, disengaged demeanor. So far, we haven't heard much about how Nick will be adapted for the upcoming series on The CW, so Zap2it sat down with executive producer Andrew Miller to get all the intel on the mysterious character.

In the pilot episode, we won't learn much about Nick, aside from the fact that he's played by Aussie actor Louis Hunter. He lives next door to Britt Robertson's character, Cassie, and when she moves in after the tragic death of her mother, he expresses his concern with an eloquent "R U Ok?" sign that he holds up to her window. He seems sweet... until he magically opens her curtains later while she's changing.

"Nick is a troubled young man,
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Fall TV 2011: 20 Shows to Watch Out For!

Fall TV 2011: 20 Shows to Watch Out For!
The 2011 Fall TV season is shaping up to be an intriguing one. There's the CW reality show "H8R," hosted by "Extra's" own Mario Lopez; the NBC retro drama "The Playboy Club," starring Eddie Cibrian; Steven Spielberg's highly anticipated "Terra Nova" on Fox, and more.

Check out these 20 must-see shows!

2011 Fall TV: 20 New Shows to Watch!'Terra Nova' (Fox)

Who: Jason O'Mara, Christine Adams, Stephen Lang, Byron J. Brochmann, Shelley Conn; executive
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'The Secret Circle' pilot loses a coven member

Turns out it's six down and none to go, "Secret Circle" fans. At least for the pilot.

Sources confirm to Zap2it exclusively that the character Doug Henderson has been removed from the CW pilot.

In the original pilot script (penned by Andrew Miller), Doug is part of the seven-member coven of witches which the pilot focuses on. He's a football player who was bumped from up from third-string to starting quarterback thanks to the coven's powers. In January, "The Vampire Diaries'" showrunner and executive producer Kevin Williamson was brought in to rewrite Miller's script and soon the project was picked up to pilot. Fast forward to March and Doug is no longer in the pilot script.

So does this mean the character is gone from the project for good? Put down the spell books, "Tsc" fans. We're told it's simply too early to tell as the pilot (which
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Louis Hunter Cast on The Secret Circle

  • TVfanatic
The Secret Circle continues to expand.

Louis Hunter, an unknown in the United States whose most prominent work has been on the Australian soap opera Out of the Blue, has landed a key role on this upcoming CW drama. He'll portray the witch Nick Armstrong, a drug dealer who lives next door to Britt Robertson's Cassie.

Hunter's casting follows the announcement that Natasha Henstridge has also signed on to the series, coming on board as Vice Principal Dawn Chamberlain.

The Secret Circle will premiere this fall with a pilot penned by Vampire Diaries producer Kevin Williamson and Andrew Miller.
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Natasha Henstridge joins The CW's 'Secret Circle' pilot

"Drop Dead Diva" and "Eli Stone" actress Natasha Henstridge has joined "The Secret Circle," a drama pilot for the CW, Deadline reports.

Henstridge will be playing Dawn Chamberlain, the vice principal of New Salem High School and Faye's (Phoebe Tonkin). She was a friend of new girl Cassie's (Britt Robertson) mother growing up and knows about the town's secret coven of witches.

 In the casting sides Zap2it obtained for the pilot, Dawn is described as a beautiful red-head in her late 30's who seems to have her own agenda.

"The Secret Circle" centers on Cassie (Robertson), a young girl who moves to New Salem, Maine and learns she is a member of a secret coven of witches. She is also the key that will unlock a centuries-old battle of good versus evil. You know, typical teenage girl problems.

Earlier today, we reported that Australian actor Louis Hunter was cast as coven member Nick Armstrong.
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TV: Drug Dealing Trouble in 'Secret Circle'

TV: Drug Dealing Trouble in 'Secret Circle'
Australian actor Louis Hunter has been cast as a drug dealer named "Nick Armstrong" in CW's pilot episode of "Secret Circle," alongside previously announced Phoebe Tonkin, Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Shelley Hennig, and Jessica Parker. Hennig will be playing "Diana," the leader of the seven-member coven who has been dating Adam (Dekker) since childhood. Kennedy also recently signed on to play coven member "Melissa." Kevin Williamson recently came onboard "Secret Circle," which is based on a three-book series from "The Vampire Diaries" author L.J. Smith. It centers on a California teen (Robertson) who moves to her mom's hometown of New Salem and discovers that she is a witch. Williamson is now working on the script and serving as an executive producer on the project, which, with its auspices, has emerged as a strong contender for a pilot pickup. Shooting begins this month in Vancouver.
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