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'Lost' star Naveen Andrews, Barbara Hershey split

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"Lost" star Naveen Andrews and actress Barbara Hershey, his partner of 12 years minus a brief separation in 2005, quietly split six months ago, People confirms.

The pair met in 1998 and got together despite their 21-year age difference -- Andrews was 29 years old and Hershey was 50 at the time they met. The couple split in 2005 briefly and Andrews managed to father a child by another woman during that time. But the couple reconciled shortly after and were together up until late 2009 when the relationship ended.

Andrews seems to have a penchant for older women, as he caused quite a stir at the age of 16 when he moved in with his mathematics teacher, Geraldine Feakins. He and Feakins had a son together, Jaisal, seven years later, in 1992. Andrews also has a son with Elena Eustache. Naveen Joshua was born in 2006 and is the son from the aforementioned split with Hershey.

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'Lost' star granted sole custody of son

Lost star Naveen Andrews has been granted sole custody of his young son. The actor, who plays Sayid Jarrah on the ABC show, originally shared custody of three-year-old Naveen Joshua with his former girlfriend Elena Eustache. However, a judge at the La County Superior Court has modified the arrangement and granted the star sole custody until a full hearing, which is scheduled for next month. The 39-year-old actor had alleged that Eustache took (more)
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"Lost" Actor Naveen Andrews Granted Custody Of Son

"Lost" star Naveen Andrews has been awarded custody of his son. The British actor was granted physical and legal custody of his three-year-old son Naveen Joshua Wednesday despite the boy's mother Elena Eustache accusing Naveen's girlfriend Barbara Hershey of practicing witchcraft and poisoning her son.

The 39-year-old actor had shared joint custody with Elena, but a judge in the Los Angeles County Superior Court changed the custody order in favor of Naveen after Elena allegedly took the boy out of Los Angeles without permission.

Naveen's lawyer Laura Wasser asked the judge to order Elena to undergo psychiatric testing.

After the hearing, Elena - who was sat crying on the courthouse steps - said: "I can't believe celebrities and their money. They always get what they want."
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Lost's Naveen Andrews Wins Sole Custody of Son

Lost's Naveen Andrews has found a custody ruling in his favor.

The ABC show's star won sole custody of his three-year-old son, Naveen Joshua, at L.A. Superior Court on Wednesday, TMZ reports. A judge changed Andrews' joint custody with his son's mother, Elena Eustache, after she allegedly took the boy out of county without permission. Andrews also said that Eustache kept their son from him.

Eustache, meanwhile, reportedly made several claims of her own. Among them...

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Naveen Andrews Wins Full Custody Of His Son

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Naveen Andrews Wins Full Custody Of His Son
Lost star Naveen Andrews has won custody of his three-year-old son after the boy's mother allegedly broke court rules and left Los Angeles County with him.

Andrews also told the court on Wednesday that Elena Eustache, the mother of little Naveen Joshua, illegally kept his son from him.

The actor and his ex had joint custody of the boy, but the order has been modified and now Andrews has sole physical and legal custody of his son, pending a full hearing in February.

The star's lawyer, Laura Wasser, asked the judge to order Eustache to undergo psychiatric testing after she told the court she believed Andrews' actress girlfriend, Barbara Hershey, was a witch.

Little Naveen Joshua left the courthouse in Los Angeles with Hershey as Eustache sat on the court steps sobbing, according to TMZ.com.

She told the website, "I can't believe celebrities and their money. They always get what they want."

Under the new custody order, Andrews' son can accompany his father to Hawaii, where the actor films Lost.

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