New Release: urban comedy The Hustle DVD

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Screen Media will release the urban comedy movie The Hustle on DVD on July 5 for the list price of $24.98.

Charlie Murphy (l.) and Al Shearer sneak a peak in The Hustle.

Here’s the film’s story: Falling upon a large sum of mob money which they then proceed to lose, Freddie Manning (Al Shearer, Glory Road) and his cynical best friend, Junior (Charlie Murphy, TV’s Chappelle’s Show) find themselves owing $10,000 to an Asian crime boss and his spicy daughter (Bai Ling, Love Ranch)–which they have to repay in seven days!

Lots of familiar faces pop up in this one, including David Alan Grier (Little Man), Tony Cox (Bad Santa), Tiny Lister (Extreme Prejudice), Tamala Jones (TV’s Castle) and even Brigitte Nielsen (Beverly Hills Cop II)!!

Directed by Deon Taylor and Diana Erwin, this 2008 R-rated production looks like it could offer serve up some silly fun
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Chain Letter (2010)

Directed by Deon Taylor

Written by Diana Erwin, Deon Taylor, and Michael Pagan

Featuring Nikki Reed, Michael J. Pagan, Noah Segan, Matt Cohen, Cody Kasch, Betsy Russell, Cherilyn Wilson, Brad Dourif, Keith David, Michael Bailey Smith

There is only one appropriate response to a chain letter. Delete. Then unleash your best arsenal of curses that you picked up in the Merchant Marines against the sender.

The same applies to Chain Letter, Deon Taylor’s upcoming horror film. I use the term “film” loosely. The editing and plotting have the choppy grace of a YouTube mashup. But Chain Letter runs 90 minutes long, compounding your suffering.

Rather than watch Chain Letter, you can have the same experience for far less money and agony. Go to the seediest Starbucks in Hollywood. Find the flailing hobo with suspicious stains on his trousers. He’s on the corner, ranting. Buy him a coffee and ask his screenplay idea.
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Is There a Need for a Chain Letter Movie?

Why do film studios i.e. Deon Taylor Studios choose to make a movie based off of the latest technological device, or latest fad i.e. chain letter, text messaging? Does this kind of film have staying power? No one remembers the film Text, or the television series Voicemail, but here we have another gimmicky titled film called Chain Letter. Maybe director Deon Taylor (7eventy 5ive) can spark something imaginative in Chain Letter. Yet, the title and synopsis says shallow drivel, despite Taylor's somewhat excellent track record (Night Tales, The Hustle). This is only an opinion, as the film has not been reviewed here, or seen. However, to really excite a viewers' fears look at the mythology that children are raised on i.e. Hansel and Gretel (cannibalism, infanticide), Little Red Riding Hood (attempted murder, mutilation) and others. Have chain letters and a connection to fear sunk deep enough into
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Exclusive Set Visit: Deon Taylor's Dark Christmas / Updates on Chain Letter and Dead Tone

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It’s not often that you get an opportunity to talk extensively with both Bud Bundy and the Candyman all in one day. But that was just one of the treats from this writer’s visit to the set of Dark Christmas, which appropriately lensed last week in Sacramento.

Starring David Faustino as a darkly comedic version of himself looking to reinvent his public persona based on the success of his vindictive reality show called "Clown’d", Dark Christmas is one part of the next upcoming Nite Tales horror anthology from writer/director Deon Taylor.

Taylor’s first Nite Tales feature film anthology debuted in 2008, with a subsequent TV series spin-off that started in 2009. Dark Christmas also stars Tony Todd (interview here), April Scott, Miguel Nunez, Tiny Lister and former NFL star Ephraim Salaam.

While on set, this writer sat down with Taylor, Faustino, and Todd to discuss the details
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New Films answers the Chain Letter

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New Films answers the Chain Letter
Variety reports that New Films has picked up worldwide rights to the teen-torture flick Chain Letter. The company plans a U.S. release for the movie next year, and sees it as the potential launch of a screen franchise.

Produced by the Saw masterminds at Twisted Pictures and directed by Deon Taylor from a script he wrote with Diana Erwin and Michael J. Pagan, Chain Letter is about a group of high-schoolers who receive the titular messages electronically, and soon learn that failure to pass them on means painful death at the hands of hulking psychopath the Chain Man (The Hills Have EyesMichael Bailey Smith). The cast also includes the Twilight films’ Nikki Reed, the Saw sequels’ Betsy Russell, Deadgirl’s Noah Segan and genre stalwarts Brad Dourif and Keith David; Toolbox MurdersDean Jones created the makeup FX.
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Chain Letter World Premiere at the Afm

A wicked looking little film is Chain Letter. Chain Letter stars Nikki Reed, Betsy Russell, and Brad Dourif and the film will have its world premiere at the American Film Market. The picture is still looking for distribution, but the first trailer and movie poster are available here. Also, fans can take a look at the full cast from this New Films International production below. Chain Letter will start Monday, November 9th at the Afm and for more info' on this picture visit the Afm homepage past the break.

Release: Unknown.

Director: Deon Taylor.

Writer: Diana Erwin, Deon Taylor, and Michael J. Pagan.

Cast: Nikki Reed, Noah Segan, Keith David, Betsy Russell, Michael Bailey Smith, Matthew Cohen, Cody Kasch, Michael J. Pagan, Cherilyn Wilson, and Clifton Powell.

A trailer for Chain Letter below:

For more info' on Chain Letter and showtimes for Chain Letter visit the Afm website below:

Chain Letter
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