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This Is England ’90 Episode 4 Review – ‘Winter’

Tom Beasley bids farewell to This Is England with a review of the final, feature-length episode of This Is England ’90, which looks set to be the end of the decade-old franchise…

It’s finally happened. After the best part of a decade on our screens – whether big or small – Shane Meadows has finally called time on his This Is England universe. With that, we must bid a fond, if bittersweet, farewell to one of the most loveable, complex and, above all else, real ensembles of characters ever committed to television. True to form, though, they went out in a hail of violence, tears and four letter words.

Following directly from last week‘s chilling final scene in which Milky (Andrew Shim) plotted violent retribution against Combo (Stephen Graham), the finale opened with Combo starting a new job. He’d moved out of Lol (Vicky McClure) and Woody’s (Joe Gilgun
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This Is England '90 episode 4 review: A bittersweet triumph

This is the end of This Is England - and bringing his powerful working-class saga to a close would seem no mean feat for series mastermind Shane Meadows. Both the original movie and its TV spinoffs have been of a spectacularly high quality, Meadows' truthful scripts and the scarily authentic performances of the cast fostering our deep investment in the characters.

That said, last week's episode was a devastating outpouring of emotion that set the stage superbly for this grand finale, with Milky (Andrew Shim) plotting revenge on Combo (Stephen Graham) - the reformed thug who once viciously assaulted him.

In its final TV outing, This Is England finally addresses that brutal moment from the '03 film - something that until now it's always danced around. There's a feeling of coming full circle that permeates this finale from the off, Meadows opening with one last example of his trademark montage.
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This Is England ’90 Episode 1 Review – ‘Spring’

Tom Beasley reviews the first episode of Shane Meadows’ latest, and possibly final, return to the This Is England universe…

From the moment we’re tossed back into the world of This Is England ’90, it’s as if we’ve never been away. Shane Meadows’ captures the milieu of working class Britain and the lives of his ensemble cast just as well now as he did in 2006’s incendiary film This Is England. That film, and its two sequel series set in 1986 and 1988, serve as a chronicle of the Thatcher years and a torturous time for the working classes in the UK. This time around, though, as Meadows returns to the universe for reportedly the final time, things are a little different. Maggie has shuffled out of Downing Street and there’s a cautious optimism in the air.

No one crushes that optimism quite like Meadows, but he is keen
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This Is England '90 review: Shane Meadows' series remains profound as ever

"De-de-de-ding-ding / dig-a-dig-a-ding / a-flinky-flonk / wanky-shank ding-dong."

So this is England, 1990 - and Shane Meadows' latest follow-on from his 2006 film appears, on the surface, to be the saga's sunniest outing to date.

Our first reunion with the gang - 2010's This Is England '86 - was perhaps the most bleak. Replete with rape, murder and betrayal, it was to be admired rather than enjoyed.

The following year's '88 didn't spare the heartbreak either, but ended on a more optimistic note - and the beginning of '90 follows through on that, kicking off with a more positive outlook.

First episode 'Spring' - the four episodes being divided into the four seasons - opens with some good-natured larks, as Gadget (Andrew Ellis), Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) and Milky (Andrew Shim) wangle a free school lunch off of dinner lady kitchen boss Lol (Vicky McClure).

Milky's insistence that "the good times will come again" is
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Celebrating Shane Meadows’ This Is England series

As This Is England ’90 comes to TV, we look back over the rest of Shane Meadows’ brutal, funny and warmly empathetic series…

Try a bit of mental calculation: how many punches in total would you say you’ve seen thrown on screen? Bloodied faces? Kicks to the head? Unless you’ve kept your TV and film intake to a strict diet of family animation (and even then…), that total is likely to be swirling around the thousands.

Now, think of the number of times an on-screen attack has stopped your breath in your chest. When each kick has landed with nauseating weight and filled you not with ringside exhilaration but with dread. In short, how often have you been made to really care about an act of on-screen violence?

That was Shane Meadows’ aim in This Is England, the 2006 feature film that introduced the world to Shaun, Woody, Lol, Combo,
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Find out when This Is England '90 will air on Channel 4

This Is England '90 now has an air date.

The final chapter in the series will begin on Channel 4 on Sunday, September 13 at 9pm.

Two years after the events of This Is England '88, the upcoming four-part outing follows the same group of youths in the north of England including Lol (Vicky McClure), Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) and Woody (Joe Gilgun).

Flip (Perry Fitzpatrick), Higgy (Joe Dempsie), Smell (Rosamund Hanson), Kelly (Chanel Cresswell), Harvey (Michael Socha), Trev (Danielle Watson), Gadget (Andrew Ellis) and Milky (Andrew Shim) are back as well.

This Is England '90 is written by Shane Meadows and Jack Thorne. Meadows is also behind the camera.

The miniseries will premiere its first episode at the Edinburgh International Television Festival later this month.
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80s Fashion On Film

The bright, brilliant fashion of the 1980s has often been captured on film – the over-the-top nature of the clothes lends itself beautifully to cinema, with some of the most iconic outfits of all time captured in this era. To celebrate the home entertainment release of A Most Violent Year, in which Jessica Chastain showcases an incredible array of 1980s-era Armani, we take a look at other films which demonstrate the fashion of the decade.

Submarine (2010)

Richard Ayoade’s comedy drama stars Craig Roberts as 15 year-old Oliver Tate, who has two major ambitions – to lose his virginity to the beautiful Jordana (Yamin Paige), and to save his parents’ rocky relationship (a task made all the more difficult when his mother’s ex-lover reappears in their lives). Costume designer Charlotte Walters does a brilliant job of capturing the wonderfully quirky take on the classic coming-of-age tale, dressing the young cast in a wonderful array of duffle coats,
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This Is England '90: Final four-part series to air in 2015

Channel 4 has confirmed that This Is England '90 will air next year

The Shane Meadows drama will conclude with a four-part series in 2015, set two years after the events of This Is England '88.

This Is England '90 will follow the same group of youths in the North, including Lol (Vicky McClure), Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) and Woody (Joe Gilgun).

The director said: "We will see an enormous transformation in the lives of our cast over these final four stories as Shaun writes his final chapter with the gang he loves."

Piers Wenger, Channel 4 Head of Drama, added: "We might feel like we've grown up with Lol, Woody, Shaun and the gang but what Shane has planned for them in these final four parts will ensure that they are in our hearts forever."

Milky (Andrew Shim), Smell (Rosamund Hanson), Gadget (Andrew Ellis), Harvey (Michael Socha), Kell (Chanel Cresswell), Trev
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Benny & Jolene review

A folk duo embark on an ill-fated tour in British comedy drama, Benny & Jolene. Here's Ryan's review of a disappointing film...

As long as there are musicians, there’ll be managers and producers promising gigs, audiences, record deals and huge stardom. The fickleness of fame and the music industry have been part and parcel of movies as varied as This Is Spinal Tap, The Fabulous Stains and Anvil! The Story Of Anvil, and British comedy drama Benny & Jolene cuts a similar cautionary groove.

The title’s teen folk duo (respectively, Submarine’s Craig Roberts and Fresh Meat’s Charlotte Ritchie) are precisely one album and one single into a new record deal, and they appear to be on the cusp of breakthrough success: they have an appearance booked on ITV’s This Morning, and there’s a festival gig booked to mark the launch of their debut LP.

In reality,
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Benny & Jolene Review

Benny & Jolene is micro-budget British indie does This is Spinal Tap. While not quite a mockumentary, this film covers the same fruitful territory of disastrous gigs, incompetent managers, brainless hangers-on and inter-band conflict. Yet, while Spinal Tap were a heavy metal band powered by twin engines of egotism and stupidity, Benny & Jolene are hamstrung by shyness, naivety and a total inability to speak up for themselves.

Benny (Craig Roberts) and Jolene (Charlotte Ritchie) are a two piece folk band with a surprise number one single under their belt. We meet them as they’re being awkwardly thrust into the world of the minor celebrity with an appearance on daytime TV show This Morning. The two are endearingly awkward, tripping over their words and telling stories that don’t really go anywhere, their normality in stark contrast to the tanned slickness of the presenters.

This is, unfortunately, the peak of their career.
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Review: We Are The Freaks

Normal 0 false false false En-gb X-none X-none In 1990's England three friends embark on a crazy night out akin to Human Traffic. Narrator, Jack (Jamie Blackley, Misfits), confesses he hates "rioters... politicians... archive footage... mobs... skin heads... goths... films where people talk to the camera..” as a montage of archive footage is shown, immediately suggesting Director/Writer, Justin Edgar (Large) is trying to be clever in his second feature, We Are The Freaks.

Jack explicitly states “This isn't a teen movie" but setting and content don't quite match this claim. Jack and pals are immature pre-university age, either miserably failing, arrogantly choosing to opt out or expectantly awaiting University acceptance letters; Jack plans to study to be a writer, Parsons (Mike Bailey, Skins) is content coasting and Chunks (Sean Teale, Skins) is happy living off the allowances his guilt-ridden extremely rich divorced parents dole out.

Set in Birmingham, opening with
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New Clip From Benny & Jolene

British comedy needs a constant supply of new blood, and the latest infusion is Benny & Jolene, from feature directing debutant Jamie Adams and Fresh Meat actress Charlotte Ritchie, alongside Submarine star Craig Roberts. Check out a new clip from the film here, featuring Ritchie and Rosamund Hanson. brightcove.createExperiences();The story sees Ritchie's Jolene, a rising folk singer, facing the aftermath of a sudden breakthrough. The music industry is trying to persuade her to become more commercial, but her writing partner Benny (Roberts) is firmly resistant, and Jolene finds herself pulled between the two as she sets off to play at a Festival.The film was inspired by the Mumblecore efforts of the Duplass brothers and has an improvisational style, but promises a mix of comedy and heart that bodes well. Benny & Jolene also stars Dolly Wells, Tom Rosenthal , Nick Mohammed, and Ian Smith, and hits UK cinemas on June
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First Clip from Benny & Jolene with Charlotte Ritchie and Craig Roberts

Getting its world premiere at the London Comedy Film Festival earlier this year, Jamie Adams’ directorial debut, Benny & Jolene, is just weeks away from arriving in cinemas this summer.

Charlotte Ritchie (Fresh Meat) and Craig Roberts (Submarine) top a great cast, and with its June release date fast approaching, Verve have released a great first clip from the film, teasing a little of the comedy, and difficulty, of traversing the music industry as two young rising musicians.

Benny and Jolene are a folk duo, supposedly on the up. But 19 year old Jolene is having trouble convincing her writing partner Benny to become more commercial. Too many industry types get involved, leaving Jolene feeling dazed and confused and Benny marginalised. Now they are on a crowded tour busy on their way to a festival in the most beautiful, yet remote, location – forcing them to confront their ambitions and emotions for the first time.
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First Trailer For Independent British Comedy ‘Benny & Jolene’ Released

Independent British Comedy flick Benny & Jolene has released its’ first trailer online today ahead of it’s upcoming summer release date. The film received its’ world premiere at January’s London Comedy Film Festival and marks the directorial debut from British director Jamie Adams. The film stars Craig Roberts (Submarine) and Charlotte Ritchie (Fresh Meat) as an indie folk duo trying to make it big whilst staying true to their roots.

From the looks of the trailer we’re in for an awkward love-story as Benny and Jolene take their talents on the road with highs and lows along the way. We’re massive fans of anything Roberts touches and it looks like his character is another deadpan comedy goldmine. Also in the cast are other recognisable faces from the British comedy scene including Plebs and Friday Night Dinner star Tom Rosenthal, This Is England’s Rosamund Hanson and Dolly Wells from Star Stories.
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Charlotte Ritchie attending the "Benny Tamera Foster attending the "Benny Rosamund Hanson attending the "Benny Matt Johnson attending the "Benny Laura Patch attending the "Benny Charlotte Ritchie - "Benny & Jolene" World Premiere - Arrivals - BFI Southbank - London, UK © Landmark / PR Photos Rosamund Hanson and brother Julian Hanson - "Benny & Jolene" World Premiere - Arrivals - BFI Southbank - London, UK © Landmark / PR Photos Tamera Foster - "Benny & Jolene" World Premiere - Arrivals - BFI Southbank - London, UK © Landmark / PR Photos Charlotte Ritchie - "Benny & Jolene" World Premiere - Arrivals - BFI Southbank - London, UK © Landmark / PR Photos Charlotte Ritchie - "Benny & Jolene"
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Verve takes Benny & Jolene for UK

  • ScreenDaily
Verve takes Benny & Jolene for UK
Verve Pictures has acquired UK rights to Jamie Adams’ feature debut, starring Submarine’s Craig Roberts and Fresh Meat’s Charlotte Ritchie.

Benny & Jolene will receive its UK premiere at the Loco London Comedy Film Festival in January 2014 and will be released theatrically in the UK by Verve in the spring.

The film centres on an up-and-coming folk duo, with 19-year-old Jolene having trouble convincing writing partner Benny to go more commercial.

The cast also includes Rosamund Hanson, Tom Rosenthal, Dolly Walls, Ian Smith, Nick Mohammed, Laura Patch and Keiron Self.

Adams directs from his own script and also serves as producer alongside executive producer Jon Rennie.

Verve is set to release Destin Daniel Cretton’s Short Term 12 across the UK this weekend.
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Edinburgh Film Review: ‘We Are the Freaks’

Edinburgh Film Review: ‘We Are the Freaks’
“I hate films where people talk to the camera,” says Jamie Blackley’s smartass protag Jack at the outset of “We Are the Freaks.” He’s speaking directly to the camera, of course, setting the tone of winking japery for Justin Edgar’s amusing, appealingly performed and sensibly brief third feature. A teen comedy in the crass but cute vein of TV’s “Skins,” the pic, with its nostalgic 1990 setting, may appeal more to Generation X-ers than current high schoolers, but the randy, drunken hijinks of its skimpy one-wild-night narrative are hardly period-specific. Ancillary-suited result will be a theatrical tweener for U.K. distrib Metrodome.

Centered on a bickering, overstimulated trio of misfit pals approaching adulthood in drab suburban Blighty, Edgar’s film returns him to the thematic territory of his crude 2001 debut, “Large,” but bears the influence of subsequent teen phenomena. In particular, the shadows of hit Brit shows
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We Are The Freaks trailer

  • ScreenTerrier
Screenterrier spotted We Are The Freaks, a new teen comedy directed by Justin Edgar and produced by Alex Usborne at 104 Films back in March last year when it started filming.

Starring two Skins alumni, Mike Bailey (represented by Waring and McKenna) and Sean Teale (also Waring and McKenna), alongside fast-rising star Jamie Blackley (represented by United Agents).

The cast also includes Michael Smiley, Rosamund Hanson, and Adam Gillen, and the film is set to premiere at this year's Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Check out the trailer below!
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We Are The Freaks to open Bornshorts

  • ScreenDaily
We Are The Freaks to open Bornshorts
Exclusive: Justin Edgar’s teen comedy stars Michael Smiley and Jamie Blackley. Watch the first trailer here.

104 Films’ We Are The Freaks has been chosen as the opening film of the Bornshorts film festival in Denmark, which runs September 12-14.

Written and directed by Justin Edgar, the anarchic “anti-teen comedy” about three misfits on a disastrous night out, is set against the social and political turmoil of 1990.

Rosamund Hanson, Mike Bailey, Sean Teale, Adam Gillen, Hera Hilmar and Amber Anderson also star.

Profile: Justin Edgar and Alex Usborne, 104 Films

Metrodome will release the film in the UK later this year, following its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and market premiere at Luff.

The film is produced by Alex Usborne and Justin Edgar for their UK production company 104 Films, with Gareth Jones and Colin Pons as executive producers. Metfilm Post are co-financiers.

Edgar said: “I am delighted that We Are The Freaks has been invited
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First Trailer for Jolene: The Indie Folk Star with Craig Roberts and Charlotte Ritchie

Having made a real name for himself in his feature debut, Richard Ayoade’s Submarine, Craig Roberts continues to impress with a slew of promising projects on his upcoming slate, including Dan BeersPremature with Alan Tudyk and Nicholas Stoller’s Townies with Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, and Rose Byrne. But before all that, we can look forward to seeing him star alongside the brilliant Charlotte Ritchie in Jamie Adams’ feature debut, Jolene: The Indie Folk Star.

Adams’ movie is eyeing a debut at Raindance this autumn, and is then set to tour the film at a handful of universities around the country in successive weeks, ahead of a DVD/VOD release around Christmas 2013. And with Jolene now approaching the end of post-production, we’ve got the brilliant first trailer to share.

Summer 2012, England and Wales.

Jolene (19), an indie folk star, is having trouble convincing her writing partner Benny (20) to become more commercial.
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