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First Official Trailer for Brooklyn-Based Indie Action Movie 'Bushwick'

"Some people know better than to stick around in a war zone?!" Rlj has unveiled an official trailer for the action film Bushwick, a very low budget project that first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in the Midnight category this year. This has a cool concept - it plays out as one single shot following a woman, Brittany Snow, who emerges from the subway in Brooklyn, NYC to discover the city is being invaded by the military. The backstory is that Texas is seceding from the Us, and NYC is under attack. She runs around trying to get home and befriends Dave Bautista. The cast includes Christian Navarro, Arturo Castro, Jeremie Harris, and Jeff Lima. As cool as this may seem, it's actually a terrible film. I saw it at Sundance and hated it, does not live up to expectations at all. I suggest skipping this, it's really not worth your time.
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LatinoBuzz: Interview with Filmmaker Randy Wilkins on His Web Series 'Docket 32357'

*This article was first featured on Indiewire's Shadow and Act's blog on Oct 5th, 2015

Randy Wilkins is a product of the Bronx which has been evident in the short film he wrote and directed called "Osvaldo's" which was about a single Puerto Rican father of two trying to keep the pieces of his family together as he courts a new woman. The film boasted an impressive cast that featured Gina Rodriguez ("Jane The Virgin") and Lemon Andersen ("Lemon") in the role of the patriarch of the family. Since then Randy has edited projects for Spike Lee as he continued to expand on his filmmaking.

"Docket 32357" was his foray into making a web series. Season 2 introduces new characters which features a large number of Latino actors and a story line that takes the conflict closer to the victims and how it affects their families. “What attracted me the most was it's authenticity, the writing was real, personal, as well as powerful given the circumstances of each character. I look for those moments that are genuine and show an individual's humanity.” says Alexis Suarez. Actor Pedro De Leon says he was drawn to the character of 'Alex', “I guess I understand where Alex is coming from.

He feels the need to be the best there is at what he does to break the standard society has pre-disposed for him. I think he is also very defensive when it comes to his background, so he tries to cover it up by trying to blend in his color, and that makes him a little hypocritical in fact. I think everyone who's not from here [New York] has felt like that at least once.”

Expanding of the importance and truth in Wilkin's work, Jeff Lima, who had also worked on "Osvaldo's," noted that “Relationships among diverse people who share similar profound sentiments toward universal circumstances is a vision which I believe film-maker Randy Wilkins wishes and continues to successfully expound.” On the subject of the roles she usually goes in for, Cynthia Bastidas welcomed a role that she “wasn't asked to put on a Spanish accent.” As he gears up to shoot season 2, he breaks down the journey of concept, fundraising and completion.

Randy Wilkins: “In 2011, Eljon Wardally and I released a short film entitled “Docket 32357,” which is the story of two lonely women who are brought together by a shared tragedy in a courtroom hallway. We were proud of our work and especially proud that we were able to complete it for only $3,500. Our biggest concern prior to sending the film out into the world was, would people engage with a film that features two women confiding in one another on a courthouse bench?

That concern was laid to rest almost immediately when we began submitting to festivals. We were fortunate to have the film play in over 30 festivals and win multiple awards across the globe including the Huffington Post’s Black Voices Breakthrough Theater Series Short Film Award. While we were traveling with the film, our growing audience and community always asked one question: “what happens after the end of the short?” As "Docket" was an adaptation of a feature length play that Eljon wrote, we knew the answer to that question, so we decided to pursue a seven episode web series.

We chose the web series route because it was the most immediate way to deliver the content to our growing and excited audience. We launched a successful crowdfunding campaign through the incredibly dope Seed & Spark, and were able to raise over $12,000 to create the first season. We received a great deal of positive feedback and satisfaction from our core audience. This inspired us to create a second season and reach even higher.

There are a few things about the second season of "Docket" that have me incredibly excited that I want to share. The first is the diversity both in front of and behind the camera. The second season features Black actors, Latino actors, Asian actors and Moroccan actors. In following the footsteps of the first season, our women characters are multidimensional and strong. The talent behind the camera is just as diverse. Our writer is a woman of Grenadian descent. Our producers are a Black woman, A Jewish woman and a Trini man. The "Docket" team reflects the diversity of our audience.

The second thing that has me excited about Docket is that, unlike many crime dramas, our focus is on the impact crimes have on the family and victims. Their voices often go unheard in dramatic entertainment and we feel like "Docket" fills that void. We explore the emotional depth that accompanies tragedy and represent it through multiple perspectives. I am proud of that.

The biggest thing that I’m excited about is our "Docket" community. We like to call them our jurors. It is a fact when I say "Docket" wouldn’t be where it is without our incredible audience. We made the web series because of them and I am asking all of you to join us.

We are currently raising money for the second season of "Docket 32357" on Seed and Spark. Our goal is $30,000 to cover all production costs. We have some great incentives including beauty advice from our on screen stylist character, Cece, a legal consultation call from our main characters Alex Batista and Pete Larchmont, tickets to our premiere, and on screen walk on roles. In addition, all contributions are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsorship with Cinefemme Films. I am also proud to announce that "Docket 32357" is a recipient of the Big Vision Empty Wallet’s Kickstart Diversity program. This will help us build relationships on the production and distribution side to make "Docket 32357" Season Two as successful as it can be.

You can check out the entire first season of "Docket 32357" at

Below you will find the original award-winning short film that launched the web series, as well as the teaser for the second season.

Then visit the campaign page set up for season 2 at . We sincerely hope you consider joining our growing community of Docket 32357 jurors. The jury is in!”

Also check out for more on Randy's work!

Written by Juan Caceres. LatinoBuzz is a feature on SydneysBuzz that highlights Latino indie talent and upcoming trends in Latino film with the specific objective of presenting a broad range of Latino voices.
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William H. Macy and more join Stealing Cars

According to Screen Daily, William H. Macy, Emory Cohen, Mike Epps, Felicity Huffman, John Leguizamo and Paul Sparks are joining the long-gestating indie feature Stealing Cars.  The premise is about " a rebellious teenager who is sent to juvenile prison and learns to forgive himself in the wake of a tragic car accident."

Those already cast include Heather Lind, Al Calderon, Leopold Manswell, Jeff Lima, Grace Van Patten, Deema Aitken, Chance Kelly, David Holmes, Craig Grant, Chris Caldovino, Volney Steffire, Chris Cenatiempo and Black Thought.  The movie is currently filming now in New York.

Initially I was very skeptical about this movie, as a few of the cast have a rocky track record (Mike Epps and John Leguizamo can be a kiss of death for a movie sometimes). But hearing the premise, this sounds like the sort of sweet independent movie that would attract this many actors and names.  I do
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Dustin Hoffman and Steve Buscemi Take on The Cobbler; Lake Bell to Star Opposite Simon Pegg in Man Up; William H. Macy Takes to Stealing Cars

Here's today's latest casting news: Dustin Hoffman and Steve Buscemi will join Tom McCarthy's comedy, The Cobbler, starring Adam Sandler, Dan Stevens and Method Man. Lake Bell is set to star opposite Simon Pegg in director Ben Palmer's romantic comedy, Man Up. William H. Macy, Felicity Huffman and John Leguizamo are among those who join the ensemble cast of Bradley Kaplan's drama Stealing Cars. Hit the jump for more on each project. First up from The Wrap is news that Hoffman and Buscemi will be joining The Cobbler. Plot details are being kept quiet but the story centers on "a shoe repairman (Sandler) who integrates himself into the lives of the people whose footwear he fixes." It's unclear what Hoffman's role will be, but Buscemi plays a character named Manny. The indie is currently filming in New York. Deadline reports that Bell will join Man Up opposite Pegg.
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Huffman, Leguizamo join Stealing

  • ScreenDaily
Huffman, Leguizamo join Stealing
Dallas Buyers Club producer Rachel Winter has lined up the cast on her long-gestating next project, Stealing Cars.

Emory Cohen, Mike Epps, Felicity Huffman, John Leguizamo, William H Macy and Paul Sparks are among the ensemble on the drama, currently shooting in New York.

Stealing Cars tells of a rebellious teenager who is sent to juvenile prison and learns to forgive himself in the wake of a tragic car accident.

Winter (pictured) first read the Stealing Cars screenplay 14 years ago and it has been set up at several studios with different cast and film-maker attachments.

She produces the story with Dan Keston while Steve Levinson and Mark Wahlberg serve as executive producers with Erika Hampson.

Production entities are Winter’s Tangerine Films, alongside Benefit Street Films, Truth Entertainment and Two Ton Films. Financing comes from private equity and New York tax credits.

Bradley Kaplan makes his narrative directorial debut from a screenplay by Will Aldis and Steve Mackall
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Long-stalled ‘Stealing Cars’ Draws Emory Cohen, Mike Epps, Felicity Huffman

Long-stalled ‘Stealing Cars’ Draws Emory Cohen, Mike Epps, Felicity Huffman
Emory Cohen (“Smash”), Mike Epps, Felicity Huffman, John Leguizamo, William H. Macy and Paul Sparks are starring in ensemble indie feature “Stealing Cars” — 14 years after development started.

The project is directed by documentary filmmaker Bradley Kaplan (“Muhammad and Larry”), making his narrative directorial debut. Shooting began recently in New York.

Rachel Winter and Dan Keston are producing. Steve Levinson and Mark Wahlberg are exec producing, along with Erika Hampson.

Winter is a producer on “Dallas Buyers Club,” a film that had been in development since the mid-1990s before going into production a year ago. She first read the “Stealing Cars” script in 1999.

“Stealing Cars,” inspired by true events, centers on a tragic car accident that sends a confident yet rebellious teen (played by Cohen) spiraling downward into the grim injustice of the juvenile penal system. The script was written by Will Aldis and Steve Mackall.

Also starring are Heather Lind,
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'Blue Bloods' Season 4, episode 6: Jamie and Danny are still 'Growing Boys' ... and troubled cops

For one Reagan police brother, the problem was an ex-gang mamber. For the other, it was an ex-girlfriend.

Jamie (Will Estes) and Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) each had concerns in Friday's (Nov. 1) episode of CBS' "Blue Bloods," "Growing Boys," directed by former actor Eric Laneuville ("St. Elsewhere"). Jamie's problem involved a threat to his career, while Danny's posed a mild threat to his marriage.

Shooting hoops with former gang member Tomas (Jeff Lima) in the Juvenile Robbery Intervention Program initiated by Frank (Tom Selleck), Jamie was dismayed to see the youth hassled by some of his earlier comrades. The trouble escalated when Jamie witnessed Tomas being chased by the others, prompting him to give pursuit and yell, "Police!"

The chase ended tragically when one of the potential assailants ran into the path of a car that struck him, causing injuries that left the sudden victim possibly paralyzed from the waist down.
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Half Nelson Review – Ryan Gosling, Shareeka Epps d: Ryan Fleck

Half Nelson (2006) Direction: Ryan Fleck Cast: Ryan Gosling, Shareeka Epps, Jeff Lima, Nathan Corbett, Tina Holmes Screenplay: Ryan Fleck, Anna Boden Oscar Movies Recommended Ryan Gosling, Shareeka Epps, Half Nelson Although Ryan Fleck's raw, edgy drama Half Nelson could use a little trimming, it is nevertheless a compelling drama rooted on Ryan Gosling's mesmerizing performance as Dan Dunne, a crack-addicted, inner-city high-school history teacher who resorts to drugs in spite of (or perhaps because of) his desire to change the world for the better. Co-written by Fleck and Anna Boden, Half Nelson chiefly chronicles the relationship between Dan and one of his students, Drey (capably played by Shareeka Epps), a teenager whose brother is in jail for dealing drugs and whose future looks equally dim. In most Hollywood movies, those two disparate characters would find redemption through one another, but to their credit, Fleck and Boden don't resort
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Cop Out Tops the DVD Sales and Rental Charts

A group of losers and a band of girls couldn't stop director Kevin Smith's new film on the home video charts. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cop Out took the top spot on the DVD sales and rentals charts, for the week ending July 25.

The Losers debuted in a fairly distant second place last week, selling only 77% of the units that Cop Out sold. The Losers also debuted in third place on the DVD rental charts behind last week's top seller and rental, The Bounty Hunter, which took third place in sales and second place in rentals in its second week on the shelves. The only other notable new release was the rock band biopic The Runaways, which took fourth place on the sales charts and 10th place in rentals.

The Losers managed to come away with a win on the Blu-ray sales charts, narrowly beating out Cop Out.
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Kevin Smith Talks Cop Out on Blu-ray!

The fan-favorite director discusses the Blu-ray version of his latest comedy Cop Out featuring the all-new "Maximum Comedy Mode."

Director Kevin Smith is not someone who is known for mincing words. The fan-favorite director of such films as Clerks and Chasing Amy has always had a reputation for being honest and outspoken about the movie making process. He hosts a weekly podcast online and is known for participating in hilarious Q&A sessions that are often filmed for DVD release. So it only makes sense that the new "Maximum Comedy Mode" feature on the Blu-ray Combo Pack of his latest film Cop Out, available on July 20th, would be the perfect outlet for the popular director. The new feature allows fans to watch the buddy-cop film along with Smith, who periodically pops up with the movie's co-star Seann William Scott to give commentary, introduce deleted scenes, outtakes and generally just
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Cop Out Hits the Shelves Hard on DVD and Blu-ray July 20th

You can bring home Kevin Smith's latest comedy on DVD and Blu-ray this July. Cop Out will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on July 20. The standard DVD will be priced at , while the Bd will be priced at $35.99 Srp. You can take a look at the special features and cover art below. The film stars Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Seann William Scott, Kevin Pollak and Adam Brody.

Action star Bruce Willis and ace comic Tracy Morgan play bickering-but-got-your-back Brooklyn buddy cops. Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy) directs the gritty, goofball goings-on as the guys hunt for a stolen 1952 mint-condition baseball card, a hunt plunging them into a gunslinging war with a deadly drug ring. Batter up, fans. The boys are ready to take you out to the ol' brawl game!

Special Features:

Deleted ScenesMaximum Comedy Mode with Kevin Smith and Seann William Scott (Blu-ray only)Focus Points (Blu-ray
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