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White Wall – Blu-ray

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White Wall

Directed by: James Boss

Cast: James Boss, Gary Kohn, Michael Teh, Aurelie Kynn, Hugh Mason, Nevin Milan, Walid Amini

Running Time: 1 hr 31 min

Rating: R

Due Out: May 30, 2010

Plot: In the near future, a virus called the Vxii wipes out a large chunk of the world’s population. Living in a land surrounded by white walls are the uneasy survivors of this event. A janitor named Shawn Kors (Boss) seeks to escape this land and find the truth about the virus that has imprisoned himself and others for many years.

Who’S It For?: The wide range of genres can open this film to many different audiences. But no fan of any film style is safe from the crushing disappointment of White Wall. If you like your action spare, your story drawn out to the point of near incomprehension, and your acting different shades of awful,
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[DVD Review] White Wall

Significantly and obviously inspired by anime, White Wall is a low-budget mix of martial arts, western and post-apocalyptic sci-fi. The latter is the genre it captures the best, as it cribs liberally from the standard apocalypse scenarios. Dystopian cities under military rule, the last arks for human civilization; all that's left after a deadly virus has turned most into the infected.

It's a decent time-tested premise. Combined with western kitsch and some kung fu fighting, it reads like a solid recipe for a fun flick. But this is one of those dishes that would increase, not sate, the appetite. In other words, when the credits roll, you're going to want to watch this movie again. Just maybe not this one.

Giving new meaning to "white wall," the film opens with several walls of text explaining the film's backstory. After human civilization is ruined by the virus Vxii, a white wall
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Gorgeous Pa flick White Wall is back with a new trailer!

When we posted the first stills and then the teaser for the great looking Pa flick White Wall, we were very excited to see what James Boss' film had to offer. It sounded great, looked fantastic and basically looked like it would leave us begging for more. But that was two years ago. It's not really clear what happened to the film but it seemed to disappear. Until now.

Yes, it's back and we may actually get to see it this time. In case you need a refresher (you might, it's been a while) take a peek:

A virus has decimated humanity and left the world in squalor and full of violence. Shawn Kors world is confined to a large white wall and he looks for a way out and a cure to the virus, Vxii, until he gets close to the truth.

Reason for excitement? Yup. The new
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The Weekly Wrap-Up: November 15-21, 2008

Let's face it. Teenage girls like looking at hot teenage boys just as much as vice versa. And if they're also hot vampires, all the better. Who are we to begrudge them an outlet for their burgeoning womanhood? Let them shriek and swoon and enjoy this weekend of Twilight while we focus on several of the smaller stories that broke during the week of November 15-21, 2008.

Director Kevin Munroe passed on some info about his interpretation of Italian comic Dylan Dog entitled Dead of Night. It offers a cornucopia of monsters: werewolves, zombies, and vampires - and a few sub-categories of those as well. I'm with Butane; this sounds like something to keep tabs on.

One upcoming project that gives me a very creepy vibe is Mel House's Walking Distance, as evidenced by the disturbing exclusive behind-the-scenes stills Mel provided to us.

By far the best news of the
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Hugely Impressive First Teaser For James Boss’ White Wall

Zowie. Every now and then a film just kind of comes out of nowhere, featuring talent that nobody’s really heard of, and yet it is done with such a sense of style, such a clear vision of what they want to do that it’s almost impossible to believe that it’s a first project at all. Some guys have to work to develop their world and style over time while for a rare few it just seems to emerge full grown and such is the case for James Boss and White Wall. Here’s the synopsis, as far as it goes:

Set in a wasteland enclosed by a large white wall, the last survivor from a brutal child internment camp reluctantly takes on one final bounty hunting job to protect the idyllic life he has rebuilt.

A post-apocalyptic sci fi action flick that looks to incorporate a large dose
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Teaser & Poster for White Wall Appear

The guys over at Quiet Earth just got their hands on the first teaser for a film I’ve never heard of but now wish I had: James Boss' White Wall. You can check out the teaser trailer below, and click on the teaser image to the right to see the whole poster which, while wordy, is pretty damn cool.

So what’s White Wall about? A virus has decimated humanity and left the world in squalor and full of violence. Shawn Kors' world is confined to a large white wall, and he looks for a way out and a cure to the virus, Vxii, until he gets close to the truth.

The teaser trailer has style to spare; here’s hoping the entire film will live up to its promise. Look for the official White Wall site to be showing up in the next two days, where I
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