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Indie Producer Comes to Devil's Fork

Friend of the site and indie producer Jeff Chitty (Bonnie and Clyde Vs. Dracula) dropped us a line yesterday with a heads up about his latest film, The Devil’s Fork, complete with a trailer you can check out below.

The Devil’s Fork follows a couple (Debbie Rochon, pictured, and Allen Lowman) who encounter a strange hitchhiker (Tina Krause) and her even stranger and more dangerous accomplice, Preacher (Jared Cyr) on their way home from a wedding. The drifters put the couple through a series of hellish tests to find out if they are truly survivors.

For now all that’s been shot is the trailer you can see below, but the hope is the trailer will be enough to drum up funds to get a budget in place to shoot the whole film. Keep it here for updates as The Devil's Fork comes to life!

The Devil's Fork
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Exclusive promo trailer, comments on Devil’S Fork

Kansas City-based filmmaker Jeff Chitty gave Fango an exclusive look at a promotional trailer he recently shot for his road movie/horror film Devil’S Fork. You can see it below the cut.

The trailer is part of Chitty’s plan to raise financing for the movie, and showcases the cast who have already committed to star in the feature: Allen Lowman from Bonnie And Clyde Vs. Dracula, Fango Radio’s own Debbie Rochon, Bad Biology’s Tina Krause and newcomer Jared Cyr. Lowman and Rochon play a couple driving home from a wedding reception who encounter a strange hitchhiker named Autumn (Krause) and her companion, Preacher (Cyr), resulting in what Chitty calls “a true road trip from hell!”

Originally intended as a short to be included in an on-line series called Heartland Horrors, Devil’S Fork proved to be too graphic for the backers, and Chitty and his co-scripters
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