Response: The Whitehall farces had a major role in the TV-theatre relationship

The 80-odd one-night stands that I staged should not be dismissed as irrelevant

In his article about the relationship 'twixt theatre and television, it would have been good if Mark Lawson had mentioned the Whitehall farces and their significant postwar contribution (TV and theatre should separate and end this glorified casting couch, 31 March). The BBC, too, in their retrospective views of the first 75 years of television, seem to have had a similar loss of memory. Could it be that Lawson and the BBC dismiss as irrelevant such blatantly populist offerings? Or that the BBC researchers are so young they believe their grandparents were unsophisticated simpletons, prepared to laugh at farces with no bad language, no obscene allusions and no nudity, except for the occasional dropping of trousers?

Lawson writes: "The first TV play broadcast was a Pirandello script, and subsequently the BBC and ITV would sometimes screen part of a
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Alan Greenspan Joins Cork Media Panel

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Producer Alan Greenspan (High Fidelity, Donnie Brasco), Dr. Barry Monahan, lecturer in Ucc's Film Studies Deapartment (Ireland's Theatre on Film: style, stories and the national stage on screen) and Teresa McGrane, head of business affairs of the Irish Film Board, have all been confirmed as the working group facilitators of the film discussion event being presented on 6 November, by the Corona Cork Film Festival and Media Desk Ireland. The event, designed to mark the fact that this year is the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, will also see Ucc lecturer Donncha Kavangh join veteran filmmaker George Morrison (Saoirse) and keynote speaker Dr. Edward de Bono, Maltese Ambassador for the European Year of Creativity & Innovation, in giving filmmaking presentations. Rapporteur for this event will be filmmaker and musician Philip King (Rocky World).
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