Tower Prep Premieres Tonight: And You Thought Your School Was A Prison For Gifted Kids?

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Premiering tonight on Cartoon Network, Tower Prep is a new live-action, hour-long series aimed at young adults. The show follows a group of teens with special powers held at a mysterious boarding school of an undisclosed location and agenda.

If you thought your high school experience was odd, try not remembering how you got to this prep school in the first place (and in one character’s case, not even remembering anything before arriving at said school) and being faced with nameless adult authority figures. Yes, it’s just “Head Master” or “Nurse” to these kids, but this is no Xavier’s Institute for Higher Learning.

Executive producer and writer, Paul Dini (Batman: The Brave and The Bold, Star Wars: The Clone Wars), of comics and animation cred, talks about the inspiration behind the series:

“This was an idea that always intrigued me ever since I went to boarding school some years back.
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Sdcc 2010 Exclusive: Ryan Pinkston and Drew Van Acker Talk Tower Prep

Every now and then, the status quo in television has to change. It was only a matter of time before the Cartoon Network debuted a (gasp) live-action, non-cartoon show. Cartoon Network history will be made this fall when Tower Prep hits the airwaves. In advance of its series premiere, four of the show's stars arrived in San Diego for Comic-Con 2010 to discuss this new show. Click below on our video interviews with series stars Ryan Pinkston, Drew Van Acker, Dyana Liu and Elise Gatien to hear more about this brand new, live-action Cartoon Network series.

Exclusive: Ryan Pinkston and Drew Van Acker Talks Tower Prep Season 1 @ Comic-Con 2010

Exclusive: Dyana Liu and Elise Gatien Talks Tower Prep Season 1 @ Comic-Con 2010
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San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Sunday Schedule Highlights

We've taken you through the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday schedules for this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego, and now it's time to highlight some of Sunday's offerings, too.

While this year's show continues the tradition of offering the most buzz-worthy items Thursday-Saturday, the lineup for Sunday has a few gems you might want to take note of, too. You can see the full schedule over at the official Comic-Con website, but I've picked out a few items to highlight — just in case you needed some help deciding what to check out.

Here are some of the underlined and red-lettered events on my schedule for this year's Comic-Con.

"Smallville" is entering its final season, so what better way to send it off than an early peek at the grand finale?

10:00-11:00 Smallville Screening and Q&A— Comic-Con favorite Smallville returns for its last visit to Comic-Con in
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Sd Comic-Con '10 - Schedule for Sunday (7/25)

Although Sundays are known as "Kids' Day" at the San Diego Comic-Con, there's still enough horror oriented content being offered on the final day of the 2010 show to keep fans sticking around "America's Finest City" for at least one more go-around our massive Convention Center.

Sunday – July 25

10:00-11:00 Emily The Strange — Get your last day of Comic-Con off to a strange start with Dark Horse's Emily the Strange panel! Meet Emily's creator Rob Reger and Dark Horse editor Shawna Gore, and come prepared to quench your curiosity about all things Emily. Exciting announcements, wacky wordplay, and tasty news bits are all on the menu for this early bird panel! Room 3

10:00-11:00 Spotlight on Rick Riordan — Comic-Con special guest Rick Riordan discusses his blockbuster book series Percy Jackson & the Olympians as well as his recently released The Kane Chronicles series and the upcoming all-new The Heroes of Olympus series.
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Sunday Schedule Announced for 2010 San Diego Comic-Con; Highlights Include Glee, Smallville, Supernatural, and It’S Always Sunny In Philadelphia

In terms of movie-related programming, the San Diego Comic-Con ends on Saturday. The schedule for Sunday, July 25th is now online and it’s “Kids’ Day”. That means there are a lot of Nickelodeon and Disney Channel panels as well as craft panels and screenings that are perfect for parents.

For geeks though, Sunday is all about picking up that last-minute collectible, walking the floor, or seeing some TV panels. Hall H isn’t even open on Sunday, so instead all eyes turn to the second biggest room, Ballroom 20, where the biggest panel of the day by far is the one for Glee. But that’s not all. Smallville, Supernatural and Castle all will have presentations on Sunday too. And panels featuring Sons of Anarchy and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are pretty much guaranteed to slap Kids’ Day in the face.

You can check out the schedules for Thursday,
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Full Comic-Con 2010 Schedule for Sunday July 25th

Here it is gang! The full schedule for the final day at Comic-Con, Sunday July 25th. There really isn't much happening on Sunday, it looks like it's gonna be a pretty relaxed day. There's a few panels we are going to catch, but I think we'll be playing catch-up on some articles. Sunday is traditionally known as Kids day, which features 27 Special Programs just for Kids. I've highlighted all of the events we hope to attend below. We are also planning a meet-up at Comic-Con with all of our readers. Details on the meet-up will be revealed soon. Check out the full Sunday schedule below and start planning out your day!

Sunday July 25th

Last changed: Sun, Jul 11, 8:51am

10:00-11:00 Emily The Strange— Get your last day of Comic-Con off to a strange start with Dark Horse's Emily the Strange panel! Meet Emily's creator Rob Reger
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