The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters Is Being Developed Into A Musical

One of the best gaming documentaries of all time is being developed into a musical. The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters the musical is being developed by the original director Seth Gordon whose most recent film, Baywatch, is now in theaters.

Very little is known about the adaptation, save the fact that it will feature an original song from Twin Galaxies iconic scorekeeper Walter Day called ‘Museum of Your Heart’. I'm also sure, like the doc, it will explore the rivalry between Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell who were competing for the world record for Donkey Kong.

Of all the shows to appear on Broadway, I truly believe this is the first I would make the trip to NYC to go and see. When talking to IGN about the project, Gordon said:

“Yeah, some scripts have been written – we’re actually working on a musical right now, which is pretty great.
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‘Nintendo Quest’ Review

Featuring: Jay Bartlett, Billy Mitchell, Walter Day, Patrick Scott Patterson, Warren Davis, Tommy Tallaric | Written by Robert McCallum, Jordan Christopher Morris | Directed by Robert McCallum

Confession time. Between working a full time job and keeping Nerdly going, I don’t have a lot of downtime. Working all day and well into the night also means I also often struggle to unwind at bedtime. But a few years ago I found a solution for that, YouTube. Whereas a lot of people will read a book in bed for going to sleep, I watch videos. In particular the myriad of retro gamers on YouTube making videos about their collections, their game hunts and their general all-round love for old-school gaming. I’ve even made some videos of that nature myself.

Over the years there has been an explosion of well-produced YouTube “shows” that rival Us reality television in terms of editing, production and quality.
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Vision Films Launches Nintendo Quest Documentary on Vimeo

  • Cinelinx
Nintendo Quest is a new documentary launching today that shows what happens when two fans go on the hunt to track down and purchase all 678 games for the Nes console. If you're a gamer or collector, this may be worth checking out. Come inside to learn more.

This should be an interesting documentary not only for gamers, but retrogaming collectors. While I used to collect a lot of retro stuff, I gave it up a while back. Even so, I still feel a certain passion for it, and this sounds like the type of documentary that's right up my alley.

Nintendo Quest from Vision Films on Vimeo.

Vision Films is set to release adventure-filled documentary Nintendo Quest with an exclusive worldwide premiere on Vimeo On Demand on October 1st. It will then be released on all other major digital platforms and DVD in North America on December 1st 2015.

The documentary follows two gaming enthusiasts,
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Watch Now: Trailer for new documentary ‘Nintendo Quest’

Nintendo Quest follows two gaming enthusiasts, director Robert McCallum and life-long friend Jay Bartlett, as they hit the open road in hope of buying all 678 official retail licensed Nintendo games in just 30 days, with no online purchases.

One man. 30 days, 678 games. No online purchases. It’s the premise that launched a film over 10,000 miles in the making and showcases the adventure of video game rock star, Jay Bartlett, a fanatic collector in pursuit of his dream to own a complete official North American Nes library. Along the way, filmmaker Rob McCallum examines the enduring legacy of the Nes and Nintendo while talking to the enthusiastic community of retro gamers and game collectors.

Nintendo Quest features exclusive interviews with well-known names in the game industry including ‘greatest arcade player of all time’ Billy Mitchell, ‘Twin Galaxies’ founder Walter Day, and gaming personality Patrick Scott Patterson, as well as legendary game designers Warren Davis and Tommy Tallarico.
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Crowdfunding Friday: Nibbler and survival horror

Feature Ryan Lambie 23 Aug 2013 - 06:34

Here are a few geeky crowdfunding projects for your consideration, including a videogame documentary and a survival horror adventure...

If you were a documentary maker, and you went to a major television network, would they necessarily give you the money to make a quirky film about a largely forgotten videogame? Would a major publishing company give you the cash to make an off-the-wall horror game where you fight off monsters using mobile phone apps? The answer in both cases is: probably not.

That's the great thing about crowdfunding, and something we're reminded of every week - it gives everyone a chance to make what they'd like to make, all supported by the people who want to see it. This week's selection includes those examples listed above, plus a worthy cause involving a replica Tardis, and a stop-motion animation from a highly talented artist.

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Streaming for Your Pleasure: Documentaries

Article by Dan Clark of Movie Revolt

Welcome to the first installment of Streaming for Your Pleasure where I highlight interesting and unique films now available on Netflix streaming. In each segment I will focus on one major overall category – this first time round I am looking at some intriguing documentaries that are worth checking out.

Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade

Directed By Lincoln Ruchti

Synopsis: At the unassuming Twin Galaxies arcade in Ottumwa, Iowa, early gamers fought for bragging rights at the 1982 Video Game World Championships. See how competitive gaming started, and meet arcade owner Walter Day, who still oversees scoring.

Why You Should Check It Out: There is just something about that arcade experience that I really miss. Today’s online gaming world is full of foul mouth preteen kids mocking you in almost every turn. Back in the day those kids were standing right next to you
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The King Of Kong Back On The Throne. Steve Wiebe Regains The Donkey Kong World Record

I think I've seen The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters about 20 times, whether in the theater, on DVD, on my iPhone or just having it play in the background on long road trips. (I enjoy the other documentary Chasing Ghosts as well, but it gets dull in places.) I'm such a fan of old school arcade games, having grown up going to places like Chuck E. Cheese every week just to see if I can topple my old high scores on Popeye. Despite some inconsistencies in the King of Kong (Wiebe actually held the record for 3/4th of the movie. It was just edited in a way to make you think he didn't have the world record.) and the knowledge that a lot of the facts are...incorrect (you can read about them Here) I still love the movie. I've spoken to Steve Wiebe and Walter Day before and they're both really nice.
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