Even at the Airport, Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish Look Like They're on a Date

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Even at the Airport, Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish Look Like They're on a Date
Kate Bosworth and her husband, film director and writer Michael Polish, looked ridiculously in love on Monday when they made their way through Lax. The couple, who tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony in Montana in 2013, held hands and shared loving glances during the casual outing. Kate, who recently stopped by E! News to promote her new movie, 90 Minutes in Heaven, talked about how she and Michael love leading normal lives away from the spotlight, saying, "Our happiest times are going to our property in Montana and having some whiskey and playing our jukeboxes. That's total happiness for us." Keep reading to see more of their adorable outing, then check out their Pda from Coachella in April.
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Smash Season Finale Recap: Hello, Norma Jean…

Smash Season Finale Recap: Hello, Norma Jean…
Smash‘s inaugural season may have had more irregularities than a dollar-store t-shirt, but at least its season finale gave us a little bit of suspense, some interesting inside-theater intrigue, and plenty of soap-opera shenanigans.

Things kicked off with the show’s most dynamic duo — Tom and Julia — finishing a new closing number with only 15 minutes till curtain. And then we got a Marilyn’s eye view of the backstage insanity, with everyone wishing good luck to the last-minute replacement for movie star Rebecca Duvall. But would it be Ivy Lynn, who originated the role in workshop, or understudy Karen,
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Awake Review: Rekindling in Red

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There wasn’t much to "Nightswimming" other than some very well disguised nudity.

No conspiracies, no killers, not even murders. Just a procedural case that mirrored Britten’s life at home. And, although I’m always excited to look at and analyze the layers of all those overarching plots of Awake, at the end of the day a solid, well done procedural that pushes the characters forward is more than enough to be highly entertaining for an hour.

Which is exactly what "Nightswimming" does.

I had my doubts in the beginning of the episode. I had assumed tonight might be another penguin-esque outing as we watched Britten stark naked on top of that high dive. Could this be the episode that all of the stress of dealing with two realities causes a mental break? Could this be his San Diego moment?

Instead, just as it served as the introduction to the episode,
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Nikita - Episode 1.13 - Coup De Grace - Review

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Nikita returned for yet another brilliant episode last night, "Coup De Grace".

Alex is assigned her first mission as an Agent of Division. Alex and a team have been hired to kill the Prince of Georgia. Alex gives Nikita all the information so she is one step ahead of Division.

At the event, Nikita sneaks in early to warn the Princess of the plan to kill the Prince, however, Nikita soon discovers that in fact, the Princess is behind the plot and wants him dead. As Alex and Division storm the event, Nikita manages to get to the Prince and remove him from harm's way. It turns out that he is in love with a woman named Lila, after some tense scenes, Alex and Nikita reunite the two, Division once again fail the mission and Nikita escapes.

The episode was filled with tension as we saw Nikita and Alex work
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Fashion is not for Sissies | Last Week on "Project Runyway"

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I hope you all had your tissues handy for this episode, because it was a heartbreaker. Even I, who have become a hardened cynic form too much television, got misty-eyed. And it wasn't just with Mondo, I got teary-eyed at Gretchen. I'm a sucker for moving family stories, guys. And moms? Moms kills me. So, even with a repeat challenge and lackluster clothes, it was still a great episode. Let's get to it.

Last time, Mondo won $20k and an ad spread in Marie Claire. The rest mostly sucked. Ivy the Evil is finally gone, and there was much rejoicing, even though most of us expected Valerie to go. Frankly, at this point? It's a matter of getting Christopher to leave so we're left with the interesting people. He's a cute guy, but, come on.

Val interviews that she was shocked that she's still there, hoping that the judges maybe see more in her.
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Sony Picture Classics Embraces Mother and Child

New York, NY (November 1, 2009)- Sony Pictures Classics announces its acquisition of United States’ rights to Rodrigo García’s Mother And Child from Wme Global. The film debuted at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival as a Gala Presentation, where it was actively pursued by several Us distributors.

Mother And Child is the moving tale about the choices we make, the chances we miss, the opportunities we seize and the power of the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child.

The film was written and directed by Rodrigo García (Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her and Nine Lives) and produced by Lisa Maria Falcone through her Everest Entertainment and Julie Lynn via her Mockingbird Pictures. The films’ director of photography is Xavier Grobet (City Of Ember, The Woodsman, Nacho Libre,) Steven Weisberg edited (Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Permanent Midnight), with music by Ed Shearmur (Wings Of The Dove,
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