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Kathryn Bryding



High Hopes 2 Joanie Valentino / Lead High Hopes Films / Dennis Cabrini, Matt Jade
Will You Marry Me? Gina / Lead Jadeville Films / Matt Jade
High Hopes Joanie Valentino / Lead High Hopes Films / Dennis Cabrini, Matt Jade
Brief Interviews With Hideous Men Girlfriend #1 / Opposite Josh Charles (view clip at ifcfilms.com/videos/brief-interviews-with-hideous-men-clip-2) IFC Films / John Krasinski
Spider-Man 3 Woman Outside Theater / Weekly Principal Contract Columbia Pictures / Sam Raimi


The Blacklist: The Cyprus Agency Adoptive Mom / With Parminder Nagra Sony Pictures Television / Michael W. Watkins
The Life Series*** Elena Maglio / Supporting George Perez Entertainment, MunkeyTown Productions, iQ Films / Mohammad Maaty
Gossip Girl Kate (Van Der Woodsen House Staff) / Recurring Warner Brothers Television / Janice Cooke,Tony Wharmby, J. Miller Tobin, Jim McKay, Mark Piznarski, Joe Lazarov
Tough Target:The Carol Pooler Story Crime Prevention Demonstrator / Principal Contract Mel Entertainment-ABC / Phil Whytecapp


Beautiful Friendships Chloe / Lead Pulse Ensemble Theater / New York City / Cat Bistranson
Loose Ends Tigh / Lead Pulse Ensemble Theater / New York City / Brian Richardson
Just One More Chance Natasha / Lead Pulse Ensemble Theater / New York City / Brian Richardson
An Unbroken Thread Peggy / Lead Harold Clurman Theater / New York City / Nadine Bernard
Cold War Flashbacks Susan / Lead Harold Clurman Theater / New York City / Michael Stuart
The Crucible Ruth Putnam (added character) Getz Theater / Chicago / Sheldon Patinkin
Women of Manhattan Billie / Lead Classic Studio / Chicago / Sheldon Patinkin
Hot L Baltimore Girl / Lead Classic Studio / Chicago / Estelle Spector
Everything In The Garden Jenny / Lead Classic Studio / Chicago / Estelle Spector
A Midsummer Nights Dream Helena / Lead Classic Studio / Chicago / Cecily O'Rieley
Undiscovered Country Erna Wahl / Lead Classic Studio / Chicago / Estelle Spector


Cadillac Spokeswoman

Performer Skills

  • Accents: Southern, Midwest, Irish, British
  • Dance: Modern, Ballet, Ballroom


  • Columbia College, BA Theater, BA Communications, Chicago


  • Coaching, New York , Bob McAndrews
  • Role Training, Linda Sullivan, Allan Sullivan
    Trained by Linda and Allan Sullivan of B.E.S.T. (Building Empowerment by Stopping Trafficking). Learned legal / law enforcement complexities of sex trade. Studied psychology of victims and pimps.


  • PBS Reel 13 Award, Best Short Film, 2013
    The Life: Ballerina won the PBS Reel 13 Award. This short film is a promotional clip for The Life Series.
  • Los Angeles Film Festival, Official Selection, 2012
    High Hopes was an Official Selection of The Los Angeles Film Festival.
  • Big Apple Film Festival, Official Selection, 2011
    High Hopes was an Official Selection of The Big Apple Film Festival.
  • ITN Distribution Film Festival , Short Film Audience Award, 2011
    High Hopes won the Audience Award at the ITN Distribution Festival in New York City.
  • One Forest Film Festival, Best Short Film, 2011
    High Hopes received the Best Short Film Award at the One Forest Film Festival, which took place at the Manhattan Theater.
  • Long Island International Film Expo, Premiere and Lifetime Achievement, 2010
    High Hopes premiered at The Long Island Film Expo. Actress / Producer Judy Prianti won The Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Sundance Film Festival, Official Selection, 2009
    Brief Interviews With Hideous Men was an Official Selection of The Sundance Film Festival.
  • Tribeca Film Festival, Premier, 2007
    Spider-Man Three's New York Premier was held at The Tribeca Film Festival.

Employment Details

  • Work History: Television, Industrial, Film, Commercial, Theater
  • Job Categories: Acting
  • Valid Passport: Yes

Special Skills

Equestrian, Stage Combat-hand to hand, rapier & dagger, Resistance Training, Cardio Training, Soccer, Scripted Japanese


***THE LIFE SERIES- Human rights advocacy mission to raise awareness of fight against child sex trafficking. Aim- Elicit change that will empower victims to become survivors / Strive- Bring an end to this heinous crime.



Ruth Jacobs posts interview with THE LIFE'S co-creators, George Perez and Mohammad Maaty http://ruthjacobs.co.uk/2014/02/22/george-perez-mohammad-maaty-tv-series-the-life/

Learn about THE LIFE'S partnership with B.E.S.T. http://beststoptrafficking.org/b-e-s-t-consulting-for-new-tv-series-the-life/

Charitable Events

Volunteer for Executive Division / Macy's Corporate / Resolve last minute details in fast paced environment / B.R.A.G.'s 43rd Annual Scholarship & Awards Gala, honoring Terry Lundgren, Iman, and Alain LaFontant, raised $1,000,000.

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