Play Dead (2011)

Written and Directed by Vanessa Roman

Featuring Marisa Roman, Jilanne Klaus, William Lynn, Haley Busch, David Wassilak, Katie Arnold

I used to love watching the now-cult show Are You Afraid of The Dark?. There’s something deliciously earnest and seriously 90s about that series. It was also for kids, so it doesn't matter that it's silly and dated.

Play Dead, however, aspires to much more. I’m not quite sure what, but it’s definitely reaching for some Spielbergian-level of emotional manipulation. It fails in a spectacular manner, rendering it an ambitious project that doesn't use any of the following tools: logic, consistency or some semblance of realistic dialogue. Actually, if you look at Play Dead as an experimental film, it’s kind of interesting.

But no, it falls into the Are You Afraid of the Dark? category of cheese with special effects that haven’t been used since that
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