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Flo Vinger

323-791-5504 flovinger@att.net

Performer Profile

  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5 feet 7 in
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Age Range: 25 - 40
  • Physique: Athletic
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Voice Type: Alto
  • Unique Traits: Polish Twin



A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas Santa's Helper Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson
Austin Powers Obsessed Fan Universal Pictures
Charlie's Bitch Ass Ho's EP/Writer/Director/Principal Stretch Productions / Director: Flo Vinger
Bullet Club Patron Director: Julian Tempel
Tripple Exposure Gallery Owner NYU Film
Sexuality the Documentary EP/Director/Editor Stretch Productions / Director: Flo Vinger
Broadway Holiday Editor Lincon Center
Inspector Gadget 2 Bloopers Editor Walt Disney
The Ralph Ecker Story Editor Independent Documentary
Sexpose Editor Mocumentary
Choreographers Carnival Camera Woman Key Club
Leave it to Beaver Track Star United Artists / Director: Andy Cadiff


Bones Wiccan FOX / Frances Valle
Vibe Principal/Choreographer UPN/Quincy Jones Production
Larry Sanders Character HBO
Local Heros Co-star FOX
Tribecca Stroies Street Woman NBC
A.W.O.L Principal Mammoth Co.
Mickey Campos Principal Channel 41
Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza Editor GSN / Director: Lizz Zanin
Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best Lead Editor WE
Sunset Daze Editor WE
House of Carters Editor E!
Meet the Barkers Editor MTV
Battle for Ozzfest Editor MTV
Average Joe Season 2 Editor NBC
Average Joe Editor NBC
The Bachelorette Editor ABC
The Bachelor Season 2 Editor ABC
The Bachelor Editor ABC
The Surreal Life Editor FOX
Temptation Island 2 Editor FOX
Fear Factor Editor NBC
Pop Stars Editor WB
Big Brother Editor CBS
Worlds Wildest Police Chases Editor FOX
Blind Date Editor FOX
Adrenaline Red Editor FOX promo
California Connected Editor PBS
Hollywood Unleashed Editor Animal Planet
Gloria Estafen Special editor CBS
Agnes Nixon Intimate Portrait Editor Lifetime
Great Inventions Editor History Channel
Tall Buildings Editor History Channel
Florida Lottery Editor SONY
As Seen ON Editor SONY/Game Show Network
Cash in the Attic Editor FOX promo
Joan Rivers Intimate Portriat Editor Lifetime
Miss Universe Pageant Pageant Asstant Choreographer NBC / Choreographer: Scott Grossman
Worlds Hoaxes Revealed Editor FOX / Robert Kiviat
Extreme Gong Show Editor SONY / Director: John Vogt


American Express Shipping/Dock Worker Director: James Frost


The Sensuous Woman Dancer Assistant Margaret Cho, El Cid, LA
Broadway Cares for AIDS Chorus Lincon Center
Tattoo Follies Principal Tatou, NYC
Phone Sex Principal Trocadero Cabaret, NYC
Tight Right White Principal Musical Theater Works, NYC
Firebird Principal American Theater Wing, NYC
Camelot Chorus Berkshire Public Theater, MA
Manhattan Monents Chorus Downtown Art Co., NYC
42nd Street Chorus Caesar's Palace, Alantic City
World Expo Editor BRC Imagination Arts / Dir: JoAnn Fregalette Jansen


Upright Citizens Brigade Theater Improv Actor Upright Citizens Brigade Theater
LA Connection Improv Actor The Comedy Store / Ken Cloke
Improv Olympics West Live Show Improv Actor Improv Olympics


Arena Host G4
Training Day EP/Writer/Director/Host Stretch Productions / Director: Flo Vinger


Pimp My Ride "Open" MTV
House of Carters "Just Friends, Superhero, Let Me Confess" E!
The Evidence "This Beat Goes on Club Mix" ABC
Meet the Barkers "Just Friends" MTV
Indie 104 FM "My Song" 104 FM Radio
Acoustic Fuel "Dreamer" Internet Radio
Music 4 iPods "Daddy Podcasting
Buzzplay "My Song" Podcasting
Buzzplay "My Song" Podcasting
Protest Songs for a Better World "Do Better" The Asso. of Artist for a Better World
Next Wave "Let Me Confess" Braun and Brains


Matrix National Tour Dancer Matrix
Aveda Dancer Aveda Co.
Revelon Regional Tour Dancer Revelon Cosmetics
Wella National Tour Choreographer/Asst. Choreo./Featured Dancer Wella Co.


LIPS Creator/Writer/Director/Actor Stretch Productions; Flo Vinger
Madonna Hung Up On Crack Madonna/Director/Writer Stretch Productions
Sweetest Orgasm Principal/Director/Writer Stretch Productions
Get Naked Director/Writer Stretch Productions
Pesudo.com Editor Internet TV
Pempers Principal Ahmed Best
Size Does Matter Principal Stretch Productions/Flo Vinger
Charlie's Bitch Ass Hos Bitch Stretch Productions/Flo Vinger
Susan Boyle's First Kiss Susan Boyle Stretch Productions / Flo Vinger & Ahmed Best
Little Box Knows Best Principal Stretch Productions / Ahmed Best
Ga Ga Get It Self & Impersonations Stretch Productions / Ahmed Best
Pempers Principal Stretch Productions & Stop That Bangin'/ Ahmed Best
Pop Star London London Stretch Productions / Flo Vinger
Flat Daddy Kathy Wojahowitz Stretch Productions/Flo Vinger & Ahmed Best


Michael Jackson "Behind the Mask" Keyboard Player Director: Dan Shapiro
Radiohead "Street Sprit" Principal Directors: Jonathan Glazer Nick Cave
Styx Principal MTV/VH1
Two in a Room Principal MTV/VH1
Dixie Chicks Fly tour Editor 2000 World Tour
Bertine “Apple & Diamonds” Editor Network Records
Mid Evil Babes-Promo. Editor Network Records
Educational Entertainment Group Editor Educational Entertainment
Cynthia Catania “Down on Me” Executive Producer/Writer/Director Stretch Productions/Olivoil Records
Commercial Baby Executive Producer/Writer/Director Stretch Productions

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Comedian, Teleprompter, Dancing, Improvisation, Singing, Host
  • Athletic Skills: Boxing, Swimming, Cycling, Baseball, Basketball, Track & Field
  • Accents: Italian, Russian, British, Midwest, Spanish, French
  • Musical Instruments: Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano, Guitar
  • Dance: Club/Freestyle, Swing, Ballet, Hip Hop, Waltz, Line, Flamenco, Break, Modern, Disco, Tango, Ballroom, Salsa


  • Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Los Angeles, 2014
  • Improv Olympics, Los Angeles, 2014
    Teachers: Michael McDonald (Mad TV) and Mindy Sterling (Frau Farbissina, Austin Powers)
  • Groundlings, Los Angeles
    Mindy Sterling/Melanie Graham/Michael McDonald
  • Margie Habor Cold Reading , Los Angeles
  • The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, NYC
  • Private Strasberg Coach, NYC
    Mimi Gina (Lee Strasberg’s protégé)
  • HB Studios, NYC
    Carol Goodheart
  • The New School, NYC
  • Parson School of Design, NYC
  • Broadway Dancer Center, NYC
    Madame Darvash, Chris Chadman (Bob Fosse protégé)
  • Alvin Ailey, NYC
  • Martha Graham Studio, NYC
  • Edge, LA
  • Fred Astaire Dance Studio, NYC/LA
  • Helen Gallagher, NYC
  • Doug Houston, NYC
  • John Henney (Seth Riggs protégé), LA
  • Lis Lewis, Los Angeles


  • 45th Annual Southern California Journalism Awards, TALK/PUBLIC AFFAIRS/DOCUMENTARIES, 2004
    Editing for California Connected
  • New York International Independent Film Festival, Best Comedy Short, 2007
    Charlie's Bitch Ass Hos - Creator / Writer / Director / Actor

Employment Details

  • Work History: Radio, Industrial, Theater, Music Video, Film, Television, Internet
  • Job Categories: Editing, Writing, Directing, Production, Producing, Acting, Composing
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: Yes

Flo Vinger Biography

Flo Vinger is an award winning Writer, Director, Editor and Actor. She has danced for musical artist like Michael Jackson, Radio Head and Styx. She also worked with comedy legend Joan Rivers on her reality series and on popular shows such as "Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza", "Fear Factor", "Big Brother", "Battle for Ozzfest" (Ozzy Ozbourne) and "The Worlds Fair" (President Obama, Hilary Clinton).

Flo established Stretch Productions in 1998. With her production company she has Created and Executive Produced; "Sexuality the Documentary" an official selection in the Forward Motion Film Festival, "Charlie's Bitch Ass Hos" which won "Best Comedy Short" in the NYII Film Festival and multiple, viral sketch comedy bits like "Madonna Hung Up On Crack" (which made the evening news). Her sketch "Sweetest Orgasm" has over 3 million YouTube views. Flo's latest successful project is the edgy, on-line web series "LIPS" which Flo created, wrote, directed and starred in. It has been featured on popular websites like AfterEllen and OML, and has garnered a loyal following.

The show biz life for Flo Vinger began shakin' her groove thing on the underworld stages of hot clubs in her home city, New York. Her love for go-go dancing led to serious, extensive training at Alvin Aliey American Dance Theater, Martha Graham School and Broadway Dance Center where she soaked up intense tutelage from legends like Chris Chadman (Bob Fosse protégé/Guys & Dolls choreo.) and Mia Michaels. You will see her as the featured keyboard player in Michael Jackson's new music video "Behind The Mask" and Santa's Helper dancer in the "A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas" movie. She has Choreographed for Quincy Jones's "Vibe" TV and national touring events for companies like Wella. She was also featured in the visually stunning Radio Head's "Street Sprit" music video.

Comedy is a constant for Flo Vinger. With fantastic Groundlings teachers like Michael McDonald (Mad TV) and Mindy Sterling (Frau Farbissina, Austin Powers) and live performances at LA's Improv Olympics and UCB, the improv/comedy bug bit hard and has created a permanent rash. The off-the-cuff experience was put to good use as co-host for "G4's "Arena".

Flo Vinger has her sites set on being a powerful, creative force in creating, writing and directing original content for all creative mediums as well as the endless pursuit of perfection as an entertainer.

Currently, Flo is developing a live musical stage show and in pre-production for a new TV series.

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