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Austin MacDonald

Canada .

Performer Profile

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5 feet 11 in
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Age Range: 18 - 24
  • Physique: Average
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Voice Type: Tenor, Tenor, Baritone, Tenor


  • Precision Entertainment, Marina, Manager
    6338 Wilshire Blvd., as above Los Angelos, Los Angelos 90048 United States
    3236929214 . o


Portrait of Ryan Lead / Ryan POR Productions / Brandon Zyma

Hannibal (Series) Supporting / CJ Lincoln Doheny Prod Inc./ Peter Medak

“Life with Boys” Recurring/ Andy Corus Ent, YTV / Various

Debra! Series Lead / Auzzie Cookie Jar Prods. / Various

Single White Spenny (Luke I am your Father) Guest Star / Luke Spenny Prods. / Peter Wellington

Mudpit (Silence of the Liam) Guest Star / Marvin CJ Mudpit Prods. / Matt Austin Sadowski

**Living in Your Car (Seasons 1&2) Recurring / Scott TMN / The Nightingale Company / Various

The Day the Old Man Knocked Principal / Keb The NE Inc. / Jeff Campagna

Jesus Henry Christ Principal / Brian Hopscotch Pictures / Dennis Lee

The Ron James Show Principal / Stevie James Enter the Picture Prods. / Wayne Moss

The Haunters (Series Pilot) Lead / Austin Sinking Ship Prods. / J.J. Johnson **Little Mosque on the Prairie IV Recurring / Zach Whitman CBC / Little Mosque Prods. IV / Various

Rick Mercer Report Principal / Hockey Kid CBC / Mercer Productions/ Henry S. Foner

**Roxy Hunter: The Horrific Halloween Recurring / Andy Nickelodeon / Dolphin Ent.. / Eleanor Lindo

*Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Principal / Roger HBO/Front St. Prods. / Patricia Rozema

Celine Bully Barna Alper Prods. / L. Barna / S. Silver

Roxy Hunter: Secret of the Shaman Principal / Andy Nickelodeon / Dolphin Ent. / Eleanor Linda Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Principal / Young Howard Monster Slayer Prods. /Jon Knouts

MVP Austin Screen door Productions / T.W. Peacock

Regenesis Boy at the Lake Shaftsbury Regen.II / K. Girotti

Doodlebops (Season 1 & 2) Recurring Disney / CBC / Various

Hollywoodland Fan Back Lot Pictures / Allen Coulter

Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio Son of Dortha Schaefer Revolution Erie Prods. / J. Anderson

My Father’s Will Principal / Young Boy Humber Films / Sonjii Davis

  • Winner, Best Ensemble for a Feature Film, YAA ** Nominated, Best Supporting Actor, YAA
    Lewis Baumader Acting Studio Private Coaching Lewis Baumander Canadian Academy of Vocal Music Private Vocal Ian Garratt Armstrong Acting Studio Acting Mechanics II S. Adams/R. Kennedy Second City Youth Improv Program Herbie Barnes Armstrong Acting Studio Acting Tools II / Private Dean Armstrong/Shawn Lawrence Canadian Wushu XSD/ WUSHU (Kung Fu) Alan Tang/Chris Mark Private Coaching Vocal Jeanie Wyse, Corrine Lynch The Acting Studio Private Coaching Mark Schoenberg/Colin Paradine Voiceworx Cartoons for Kids Sunday Muse Pava School of Dance Hip Hop/Break Dancing Rema Karda Stunt and Fight Choreography Private Coaching Carl Fortin/Alan Tang Warriors Studio Krav Maga Combat Training (Level 2) Brandon Carrera Fast Motion Media group Seminars x2 Hong Kong Style Wire Work Paul Rapovski /Plato Fountidakis
    Emerging Artist 2006 / 2007/ 2011Finalist Mississauga Arts Council / Martys
    Karate, Krav Maga. Stunt work, Skateboarding, Baseball, Swimming, Hockey, Video Games, Computers, Rollerblading and WuShu

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Comedian, Martial Arts, Dancing, Improvisation, Singing, Stunts, Host, Voiceover
  • Athletic Skills: Soccer, Track & Field, Golf, Football, Rollerblading, Baseball, Cycling, Basketball, Tennis, Martial Arts
  • Accents: Southern, Russian, Midwest, Middle Eastern, British, Canadian, New York (Bronx), New England
  • Musical Instruments: Bass Guitar, Guitar
  • Dance: Break, Club/Freestyle


  • Sheridan College, Bachelor of Film & Televison, Ontario, 2016
    was selected from short film submitted & GPA of 3.96
  • Sheridan College, Media Fundamentals, Ontario Canada, 2015
    Film, Photography, sound, journalism, computer applications First term 3.97GPA second term 4.00GPA Final 3.96GPA see work on Youtube channel @blackwidowmac


  • MARTYS, emerging artist of the year, 2006
    finalist Mississauga Arts Council
  • MARTYS, emerging artist of the year, 2007
    finalist Mississauga Arts Council
  • Young Artist award, Best supporting male actor in a TV series, 2009
    finalist Roxy Hunter Nickelodeon
  • Young Artists Awards, Oustanding Ensemble cast in a Feature Film, 2009
    won, Kit Kitterdrege an American Girl
  • young Artists awards , Best Guest star role in a TV series under 13, 2010
    finalist, Little Mosque on the Prarie CBC
  • Young Artitst Awards, Best Performance by a Recurring Actor in a TV Series, 2010
    Finalist, Living In Your Car TMN
  • MARTYS, Emerging artist of the year, 2011
    Finalist Mississauga Arts Council
  • Young Artists Award, Best recurring Actor in a TV series, 2012
    Finalist, Living in Your Car TMN
  • Young Artitst Awards, Best supporting male actor in a TV Series, 2012
    Finalist DEBRA! Family Channel
  • Young Artitst Awards , Outstanding Ensemble Cast in a TV Series, 2012
    Won,DEBRA! Family Channel
  • MARTYS, Emerging Artist Of the Year, 2012
    Finalist Mississauga Arts Council
  • MARTYS, Peoples choice Award, 2012
    nominated Mississauga Arts Council
  • MARTYS, Peoples Chocie Award, 2011
    nominated Mississauga Arts Council
  • Young Artists Award , Best lead actor in a short film , 2014
    nominated, Lead actor in Portrait of Ryan
  • Young Artist Award, Best actor in a recurring role TV series, 2014
    Nominated, Life With Boys
  • MARTYS, Emerging Artist of the year, 2013
  • Young Artist Award, Best supporting in a feature film, 2013
    Winner Jesus Henry Christ
  • Joey Awards, young actor in supporting role (Life with Boys), 2015

Employment Details

  • Work History: Voice Over, Film, Music Video, Radio, Theater, Commercial, Industrial, Internet, Television
  • Job Categories: Stunts, Acting
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Primary Citizenship: Canada
  • Valid Passport: Yes


After a short modelling career as a youngster, Austin moved onto doing commercials. He began acting at the age of eight. An ambitious young actor, he wasted no time making the jump into the television and film industry and was cast as Auzzie in Family Channels series DEBRA! Austin also plays Andy in "Life with Boys" on YTV/Nick. Austin has also had principal roles on the television shows Living in Your Car, Doddlebops and has appeared in The Ron James Show, The Rick Mercer Report, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Mudpit and Guest starred in a series of movies for Nickelodeon based on the adventures of Roxie Hunter. Austin's other feature credits include Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer and Jesus Henry Christ. Most recently Austin has had the chance to welcome the opportunity to make the transition from child/teen actor to adult actor. Taking on more challenging roles such as the lead in a very dark role in the short Portrait of Ryan, a guest role in the popular TV series Hannibal on NBC as a serial killer & a mugger in the feature film He Never Died. Austin has also done voice for several animated productions, this is how it was found he has a beautiful tenor voice.

Austin has been humbled to have been nominated 11 times and won 3 "Young Artists awards" and had 5 nominations and 1 win for Mississauga arts Council "MARTY"(Emerging artists of the year award), 2 nominations for a Joey Award and 1 win. In addition to acting, Austin is interested in what goes on behind the camera. He is currently doing his Bachelor of Film And Television at Sheridan College. His love for cinematography and sound have found him writing, filming & editing & acting in a few films of is own & helping out other film makers. (Google him on YouTube). Austin has received 2 scholarships to date towards his schooling. Austin has always been involved with current events and environmental issues and began devoting time to organizations that give back to the community. Austin is very involved with anti-bullying programs and an initiative called "Blessings in a Backpack" which is dedicated to ensuring less fortunate children have enough to eat and are able to perform to the best of their ability with the benefit of proper nutrition.

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