Countdown to Halloween - The American Scream (2012)

To countdown to this year's Halloween, Luke Owen reviews a different horror film every day of October. First up - documentary, The American Scream...

After the cult success of Best Worst Movie, Michael Stephenson returns with the Louis-Theroux style documentary The American Scream, following the lives of people obsessed with Halloween and the scaring that comes with it.

The movie focuses on three families within in the same neighbourhood who all share the same passion - redecorating their abodes on October 31st to become haunted houses which their neighbours can then come and visit. Stephenson doesn't shy away from the eccentricity of his subjects, nor does he gloss over the fact that this can be a very expensive and damaging hobby - to both the families and bank balances.

Stephenson carefully chooses his subjects to show three different sides to the art of being a haunter. Arguably the film is centred around Victor,
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Exclusive: Michael Stephenson Talks The American Scream

Exclusive: Michael Stephenson Talks The American Scream
Documentary filmmaker Michael Stephenson discusses The American Scream, airing on Chiller TV Sunday, October 28 at 8 Pm Et

Michael Stephenson made the world remember Troll 2 all over again with his hit documentary Best Worst Movie back in 2010. The filmmaker is staying in the 'horror documentary' genre, so to speak, with his latest film The American Scream, debuting on Chiller TV Sunday, October 28 at 8 Pm Et. It will also be screened in limited release through the Tugg platform, where fans can request screenings in their hometown.

This film takes us inside the world of "home haunters," those people who are incredibly obsessed with turning their homes in spooky spectacles for Halloween, spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on just one single night of the year. The American Scream explores three households with the same passion who all live in the same town, Fairhaven, Massachussets. I recently had the chance to speak
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Ff ’12 Review: ‘The American Scream’

One of my favorite nights of the year, along with many horror fans, is Halloween. There is just something magical about the night. Granted, the whole month is great for horror fans because usually as a grown up that means we will be will be asked for movie advice or what to do in order to celebrate the month and Halloween. For eleven months out of the year, we may be looked at differently by the general public but for October we seemly feel that we become important. The American Scream is a documentary, which spans over the whole month of October, about three groups of home haunters build up their haunts and their props while trying to balance their normal lives. Home Haunters are a unique blend of people who love Halloween or maybe just the thrill that it gives them when they become a main focus for one
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The American Scream (2012)

Directed by: Michael Stephenson

Featuring: Victor Bariteau, Matthew Brodeur, Manny Souza, Richard Brodeur

Let's get one universal truth out of the way up front: When you're a kid, Halloween is the best night of the year. Yeah, Christmas runs a close second, but Halloween is like Christmas with monsters and nothing beats that.

One of the things that makes Halloween so special is that crazy neighbor who, one night a year, goes out of his way to turn his suburban three-bedroom ranch house into a supremely scary, if somewhat tacky, haunted house. If you've ever wondered what motivates that guy, you need to see The American Scream, a wonderful new documentary that premiered at Fantastic Fest last night.

With The American Scream, drector Michael Stephenson, who previously gave us the fun Troll 2 doc Best Worst Movie, focuses his gaze on the hamlet of Fairview, Massachusetts, where he has discovered
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