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Summer School (DVD Review)

Already in love with the 1987 Mark Harmon-starrer of the same name, I was eager to find out if the powers that be would bestow upon me two awesome films about the dreaded wasteland that is education in June and July. Directed by Ben Trandem, Lance Hendrickson, Steven Rhoden, Troy McCall and Mike Nelson, the 21st-century Summer School (now out on DVD from Osiris Entertainment after previous self-distribution) is an anthology of the horror-informed nightmares suffered by its main character Charles (Simon Wallace), and thankfully, it’s quite good for its low budget, showcasing a wealth of creativity and talent on the part of its filmmakers.

The premise is totally fun and intriguing, especially considering the lack of good anthologies today. Charles runs his own fanboy website on which he reviews flicks, specifically horror. He is fresh off a weekend binge of nonstop viewing when his summer-school session begins, and
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DVDelays, new Summer School disc and more from Osiris

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has shifted both the DVD release of The Grudge 3 and the Blu-ray edition of the original Grudge from March 24 to May 12. And Bob Badway’s claustrophobic chiller The Uninvited (no relation to the recent DreamWorks feature) will no longer be released by Empire Home Entertainment/Hannover House; a new distributor and date will be announced shortly. You can read more-advance-than-we-expected previews of Grudge 3 and Uninvited in Fango #282, on sale this month.

• New DVDistributor Osiris Entertainment sent along word that it will give commercial release to the indie horror flick Summer School. Previously self-distributed by its creators at Random Creatureface Films, the movie is set to street April 14. Summer School was directed by Lance Hendrickson, Troy McCall, Mike P. Nelson, Steven Rhoden and Ben Trandem, who each tackled sections of the story, in which a student attending summer classes overdoses on B-horror movies and enters a
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