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Black Mirror's Creepy Connection to the New iPhone Will Make You an Android Fan

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Every time Apple announces the fresh set of features it's rolling out to go along with its new iPhones, there's usually some grumbling from longtime fans of the company. Like, why can't we get our headphone jack back instead of getting rid of the home button? C'mon, Tim Cook. When Apple unveiled the $1,000 iPhone X on Tuesday, the announcement that the phone would be trading in the Touch ID system to unlock the phone for a facial-recognition system called Face ID was met with similar raised brows. Despite the iPhone X's exceptional camera, the whole idea hit some people as less cool and futuristic than it is creepy. One of those people is Charlie Brooker, the creator of the disturbing sci-fi series Black Mirror. RelatedBecause Real Life Isn't Terrifying Enough, Black Mirror Released Its Season 4 Trailer Shortly after Apple's big reveal of Face ID and the new Animoji - 3D
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Twelfth Night, Your Name and Ted come to theatres in our April Events list

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Twelfth Night, Your Name and Ted come to theatres in our April Events list Twelfth Night, Your Name and Ted come to theatres in our April Events list Scott Goodyer3/30/2017 10:13:00 Am

April is here and we can almost feel that spring weather just around the corner. So we wanted to give you that extra bounce in your step with some great new monthly cinema events! Check out the list below of a few highlights: WWE Wrestlemania 33

The biggest event in WWE history, featuring Universal Champion Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar, WWE Champion Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton and much more, broadcast live to cinemas from Florida's Orlando Citrus Bowl. All this epic action is a must see on the big screen!

Show date: April 2nd

Twelfth Night National Theatre Live

Tamsin Greig is Malvolia in a new twist on Shakespeare’s classic comedy of mistaken identity. A ship is wrecked on the rocks.
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Black Mirror: the unexpected prescience of its least-loved episode

Brogan Morris Jan 20, 2017

Political satire The Waldo Moment from Black Mirror's second series deserves re-evaluation in light of real-world current events...

If you’re looking to inspire debate among fans of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker’s despairing Twilight Zone for the technological age, start with the simplest question of all: ask which of the show’s 13 episodes to date are ‘the best’. Everyone has their set of favourites. Episodes range from 44 minutes to 89, take place in past, present and future, and differ wildly in tone, style and ideas. Like a tainted chocolate box, Black Mirror presents different flavours for different pop culture palettes.

See related Netflix's Stranger Things: Shawn Levy interview Netflix's Stranger Things: spotting the movie references

For horror buffs there’s Playtest; for black comedy aficionados there’s The National Anthem and Nosedive; for downright sadists who like their dystopias both blood-curdling and familiar, there
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Flowers: Channel 4 comedy returning for second series

Rob Leane Sep 21, 2016

Daniel Rigby, Sophia di Martino, Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt will return for more Flowers episodes on Channel 4...

Here's some good news for Flowers fans: the show has just been renewed for a second series by Channel 4.

Flowers - if you haven't had the pleasure - is a brilliant black comedy series about a truly bizarre family comprising Daniel Rigby, Sophia di Martino, Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt.

Nerys Evans of Channel 4 said this regarding Flowers series 2...

"Covering deeply complex issues like fidelity, mental health, sexuality and fraying family bonds, Will Sharpe’s hilariously awkward and heart-breaking show offers another unmissable look at the Flowers’ messed up world. Will’s scripts and the show’s perfect cast are so brilliant at making you wail with laughter one minute, and well up the next. I couldn’t be more excited for the family’s return to Channel 4.
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Joe Wicks: The Body Coach review – a seductive, sincere smoothie of health bosh

This muscular messiah’s energy makes Jamie Oliver seem indifferent

If, like me, you were unaware that the search was on for the new Jamie Oliver, the intelligence that Channel 4 has found him might seem less than earth-shattering. After all, the current Jamie Oliver continues to be a too-easily dismissed force for good with his energetic campaigning and, thwack-bosh-laaavely shtick aside, he has that whole kitchen supper herb-chucking scene pretty much sewn up. But he doesn’t look like Jesus in active wear.

Enter Joe Wicks: The Body Coach (C4), a beauteous walking press-up with tumbling brunette curls and an enthusiasm that could make Oliver seem positively indifferent. “He’s helped thousands,” says Daniel Rigby’s comparatively laconic voiceover as Wicks heaves into view, beaming like a muscular messiah, referring to the 1.3 million Instagram followers who hang on his every health-conscious word. With that much social media sway it
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Writer-Director Will Sharpe’s Career Blooms with Seeso’s ‘Flowers’

Writer-Director Will Sharpe’s Career Blooms with Seeso’s ‘Flowers’
One of the most curious comedies to emerge on both sides of the Pond this year is “Flowers,” which features Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt in a dark look at a dysfunctional family. Think “Arrested Development” as brought to life in the pages of a Roald Dahl book.

Flowers,” which bowed in April on the U.K.‘s Channel 4 and is available on NBC’s Seeso comedy streaming service, is the brainchild of Will Sharpe, the multi-hyphenate who has a supporting role in the show, produced by Endemol Shine’s Kudos banner.

Barratt plays a renowned children’s book author, Maurice Flowers, who is battling severe depression as he tries to sort out his not-quite-complete divorce from his delusional, music teacher wife Deborah, limned by Colman. The couple’s two adult children, twins Donald (Daniel Rigby) and Amy (Sophia Di Martino), have their own considerable quirks. Sharpe plays an energetic Japanese illustrator, Shun, who works with Maurice.

The show’s first season is easily consumed in a quick binge — six half-hour episodes (written and directed by Sharpe) that take the Flowers clan and their bizarro associates in an English country town on quite a journey through the canyons of their minds. “Flowers” plays for laughs but also demonstrates a sensitivity to mental health issues that has earned praise for the show and for Barratt’s performance. Colman, as ever, impresses with her dexterity in a role far removed from the dramatic fare she’s best known for in the U.S., such as “Broadchurch” and “The Night Manager.”

“It’s a show about melancholy,” Sharpe explains. “We’re not making fun of their pain. I want people to see it as an ultimately uplifting show that in the end leaves you with a feeling of hope.”

Flowers” amounts to an “I’ve arrived” statement for Sharpe, 29, who has always balanced his acting work with his ambition as a writer and director.

Sharpe grew up in Japan until the age of 8 — his mother is Japanese, his father British — when his family moved to the London area. He attended Cambridge University and was a member of the school’s Footlights acting troupe.

After graduating in 2008, Sharpe did a mix of standup comedy and a year a half stint with the Royal Shakespeare Co. He landed a role on the long-running U.K. sudser “Casualty” in 2009. The following year, he co-wrote and directed his first feature, the murder mystery “Black Pond,” which nabbed a BAFTA nom.

Sharpe spent a lot of time sketching out the world of “Flowers” before pitching it to Kudos. To his surprise, Channel 4 “got it” and commissioned a pilot. (Seeso came on board as a partner after the pilot.) He was equally surprised and grateful when his script attracted notable stars in Colman and Barratt.

“The best thing for me about making the show was working with a cast that was all so good,” he said. “Julian is so controlled and really good. Olivia can always deliver what you need to achieve.”

Although Sharpe’s career focus is more on writing and directing than acting, he crafted a role for himself in “Flowers” because he wanted to infuse it with the over-the-top broad humor found in Japanese films and TV shows.

“I wanted that flavor to be in the show somehow and the Shun character is the conduit,” he says. “He’s quite an un-British character and I quite like holding him up against the more British characters.”

Sharpe was keenly aware going in that there was no assurance “Flowers” would live on past its initial six-episode commission. He designed the ending to work as the end of the family’s story — or not.

“I think it could definitely carry on. I don’t think for ages and ages but I feel like there is more to find out about characters,” he says. “There’s a feeling of conclusion to the series but a lot of it is left open-ended.”

(Pictured: Olivia Colman in “Flowers”)
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Flowers Season 1 Review

Three episodes were provided prior to broadcast.

An opening scene of a failed suicide attempt immediately sets the tone in Flowers, the new six-episode British comedy-drama airing on Seeso.

Maurice Flowers (Julian Barratt), an illustrator of grotesque-looking children’s books, awakes from his desk with a troubled look on his face. We watch as he trudges out of the house and into the garden; via a series of fast cutting close-ups, we see he is holding a step ladder and, worryingly, a noose. Moments later we watch him climb up the ladder, tie the rope to a tree trunk, wrap the noose around his neck, and jump… only to fall flat on the ground as the rope breaks. “For fuck’s sake,” is his resigned, pitiful cry.

A botched hanging is something of a staple of pitch black comedies. Few things are as horrific or taboo as suicide, and so
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Flowers: Channel 4's peculiar, poetic comedy treat




Sad, strange and very funny comedy drama Flowers, feat. Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt, starts tonight on Channel 4

Julian Barratt has news for you: “We’re all going to die.”

“Spoiler!” says Will Sharpe.

“We’re all in a bit of a horrifying situation” continues Barratt. “The reality of our predicament on the planet is…” he laughs, “quite bleak.”

We’re discussing death and new six-part comedy drama Flowers, written and directed by Sharpe, starring Barratt and Olivia Colman as Maurice and Deborah, heads of the dysfunctional Flowers family. The subject becomes relevant once you see the opening seconds of episode one.

“I used to really like and still do, The Odd Couple, the film with Jack Lemmon and Walther Matthau” says Barratt. “It starts with him wandering about trying to kill himself and he puts his back out. I always find that funny, sort of
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‘Flowers’ Gets Spring Premiere Date On Seeso

Ad-free comedy streaming channel Seeso has slated Wednesday, May 5, for the premiere of its first scripted original series Flowers. Starring Olivia Colman (Broadchurch) and Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh) and written and directed by Will Sharpe (Black Pond), the six-episode half-hour comedy drama centers on an eccentric and dysfunctional family struggling to hold themselves together. Daniel Rigby (Eric and Ernie) and Georgina Campbell (Murdered By My Boyfriend) also…
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First Look: Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt Star in Seeso Dark Comedy ‘Flowers’

First Look: Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt Star in Seeso Dark Comedy ‘Flowers’
Subscription streaming channel Seeso will premiere its first original comedy-drama, “Flowers” on May 5, and Variety has a first look at the trailer for the series, starring “Broadchurch’s” Olivia Colman and “The Mighty Boosh’s” Julian Barratt.

Written and directed by Will Sharpe, “Flowers” centers around an eccentric and dysfunctional family struggling to hold themselves together. Maurice (Barratt), the author of illustrated children’s books The Grubbs, and music teacher wife Deborah (Colman) are barely together, but yet to divorce. As Maurice fights inner demons and dark secrets, Deborah tries to keep the family together at all costs and becomes increasingly suspicious that Maurice is in a secret homosexual relationship with his Japanese illustrator Shun (Sharpe).

The Flowers family lives in a creaky, messy, crumbling old house with Maurice’s ailing mother Hattie (Leila Hoffman) and their maladjusted 25-year-old twins Amy (Sophia di Martino) and Donald (Daniel Rigby). Both are
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Thursday’s best TV: Room 101; Jericho; Busting the Drugs Millions: Brian Pern: 45 Years of Prog and Roll; The Venture Bros; Scandal

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More Yorkshire navvy larks; David Tennant on sushi; a real-life drugs bust; and superior prog mockumentary; plus Adult Swim cartoon fun and the White House soap returns

Episode two of writer Steve Thompson’s navvy lark drama, and schoolmaster’s widow Annie (Jessica Raine) and her family continue to adjust to their reduced circumstances in a frontier Yorkshire shanty town. In this, they’re not helped by the unwelcome presence of railway detective Bamford (Mark Addy), who’s investigating the explosion at the viaduct at the behest of landowner Charles Blackwood (Daniel Rigby). Can Annie and enigmatic Johnny Jackson (Hans Matheson) keep their dark secret? Jonathan Wright

Continue reading...
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Teletubbies: New Series Will Respect the Original

The Teletubbies are coming back to television this year, but viewers that remember the original series that aired on BBC for four seasons should not be all that worried that the new series will change things drastically.

Yes, there will be some new additions to keep with the change of the times, but Daniel Rigby, the narrator for the new series, spoke with Digital Spy about the new series, and he tried to ease the worries of Teletubbies fans with his comments.

"It's a big deal - you don't want to disappoint people. I think with institutions like the Teletubbies, that go back for years, people associate with their childhoods, so they get very protective of that world.  "I believe that the changes that have been made, they're all changes that enhance - they're not in any way disrespectful to the Teletubbies!"

Are you excited about
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Teletubbies: BBC Revives Popular Children's Series

The gang is back! Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po—a.k.a. the Teletubbies— are coming back to the small screen in 2015, the BBC has announced.

Created by Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport in 1997, the popular children's series ran for 365 episodes, gaining a world-wide audience before its cancellation in 2001. The new series has been ordered for 60 episodes and will feature many of the series' original characters and elements.

From the BBC:

The new series will feature the same well-loved characters and styling as the original but will be visually enhanced, bringing a refreshed, colourful and contemporary look and feel to one of the world’s best-loved pre-school properties. A wonderful cast of British acting talent will be joining in the Tubby fun with Jim Broadbent (Harry Potter, Bridget Jones’s Diary), Jane Horrocks (Absolutely Fabulous, Little Voice), Daniel Rigby (Eric and
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Teletubbies' original Sun Baby Jess hands over the mantle to 18-month-old Berry

Time for Teletubbies, time for Teletubbies...

The upcoming return of the beloved children's series has found its new Sun Baby after an X Factor-style search.

18-month-old baby Berry from London beat scores of other hopefuls to take over the iconic role made famous by 19-year-old dance student Jess Smith.

Jess waved goodbye to the role she played as a baby in the 1990s by passing on the torch to Berry.

"When I was growing up I was always so proud of my involvement in Teletubbies," she said. "Having met baby Berry and seeing how adorable she is I can't think of anyone better to take over the role."

Teletubbies producer Maddy Darrall said of Berry's casting: "As soon as we met baby Berry, we knew she was our perfect Sun Baby. A lot of babies smile but Berry is a unique giggly smiler who we know will make our tv audience smile too.
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Olivia Colman and The Mighty Boosh's Julian Barratt will front Channel 4's new dark sitcom Flowers

Just when you thought you'd seen Olivia Colman in everything, she's now signed up for a new Channel 4 sitcom.

The Broadchurch star will lead Flowers, a six-part dark comedy co-starring The Mighty Boosh's Julian Barratt, which was first filmed as a pilot last year.

Written and directed by Will Sharpe, Flowers is based around the eccentric Flowers family as children's books author Maurice (Barratt) and music teacher Deborah (Colman) struggle to maintain their wobbly marriage.

Maurice struggles to keep his dark secrets, while Deborah is convinced that he is having a gay affair with Japanese illustrator Shun (Sharpe).

Also living with the couple are Maurice's nutty mother Hattie (Leila Hoffman), and their 25-year-old twins Amy (Sophia di Martino) and Donald (Daniel Rigby), who are both competing for the same girl.

Writer Will Sharpe said: "I feel very lucky to be making this show with Kudos and Channel 4.
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What to Watch: Tonight's TV Picks - Hell's Kitchen, UnREAL

Hell's Kitchen: ITV2, 9pm

Gordon Ramsay's back and he brings his insults along for the ride as his competitive cook show returns for another series.

In a double-bill tonight, 18 aspiring chefs battle it out in the kitchen to impress Ramsay with their signature dish. Of course it never runs smoothly, so expect sweat, tears and lots of shouting.

Undercover: Dave, 9pm

It's the last episode of the fish-out-of-water series, but can Chris (Daniel Rigby) ultimately step up and be a hero?

Yurik (Robert Ashby) is about to reveal his successor, while Zoe (Sarah Alexander) remains prisoner to the Sarkissians. Also Lara (Yasmine Akram) has a few announcements to make.

Z Nation: Pick TV, 10pm

Tonight is the UK premiere of the cult SyFy post-apocalyptic series, set three years after a zombie virus spread throughout America.

A team of individuals must transport Murphy (Keith Allan) from New York
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What to Watch: Tonight's TV Picks - No Offence, Chicago Fire

The Goldbergs: E4, 7:30pm

In the season finale of the Us sitcom, Erica is accepted into a summer arts academy and Murray struggles to express his support.

Meanwhile, Barry is accepted as the school's new sports mascot.

No Offence: Channel 4, 9pm

They're not out of the deep just yet - things are about to turn even more ugly for the team of detectives as Channel 4's comedy crime drama draws to a close.

Viv is trying to avoid the repercussions of her unethical behaviour from the previous episode, before it catches her out. Meanwhile Dinah and Deering clash, sparking a chain of inevitable events.

Undercover: Dave, 9pm

Once again undercover cop Chris (Daniel Rigby) finds himself outside of his comfort zone as he continues to infiltrate the Armenian crime family.

This week sees Chris attempting to steal a set of diamonds for a wedding gift for the Margarian family's daughter.
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Daniel Rigby: “I’ve No Idea Where Twelfth Doctor Rumours Came From”

Philip Bates is a writer at Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews - All the latest Doctor Who news and reviews with our weekly podKast, features and interviews, and a long-running forum.

Cast you mind back to August 2013. Matt Smith was leaving Doctor Who, and everyone was speculating who would take over from him. One name being flung about was Daniel Rigby, a man who most called “the guy from the BT adverts” but also gave a truly incredible performance in Eric and Ernie. Oh, the papers really...

The post Daniel Rigby: “I’ve No Idea Where Twelfth Doctor Rumours Came From” appeared first on Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews.
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What to Watch: Tonight's TV Picks - Empire, Dara O Briain Meets Stephen Hawking

Empire: E4, 9pm

The hit Us musical drama starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson continues tonight on E4.

This week's episode sees Cookie arranging a family legacy album featuring Lucious, Hakeem and Jamal. Meanwhile, Cookie finally meets Camilla (Naomi Campbell), and Jamal makes a big revelation.

Undercover: Dave, 9pm

Daniel Rigby and Sarah Alexander star in Dave's ambitious original comedy series, which launches this evening.

The series follows neurotic police officer Chris working undercover in an Armenian crime family, who quickly clashes with new handler Di Zoe Kelly.

Who Do You Think You Are? USA: Watch, 9pm

A brand new series of the celebrity ancestry series features Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon in the first episode.

During her journey, the actress discovers that her great-great-great grandmother murdered her abusive husband with an axe and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Dara O Briain Meets Stephen Hawking: BBC One,
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Dave's new series Undercover is "edgier" than your average sitcom

Dave is about to launch its first wholly original sitcom - and star Daniel Rigby has promised that Undercover is "edgier" than your average comedy.

BAFTA winner Rigby plays Chris, a hapless undercover cop who infiltrates the Armenian mob, with Sarah Alexander cast as his handler Zoe.

"I think there was a bit more freedom to be a bit edgier than you would on [for example] the Beeb," Rigby told Digital Spy.

"This is quite an unusual sitcom, I think," Alexander added. "It's their first piece of ginal] comedy that they've commissioned, and I think it's really exciting that they're doing something so different."

Undercover has been billed as Donnie Brasco with more laughs, but Rigby insisted he did not attempt to model himself on Johnny Depp in the 1997 mafia movie.

"I watched it, but I didn't base my performance on Johnny Depp," he laughed. "I knew I'd lost that battle before it'd begun,
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