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A Murder will Take Place June 17th, 2014 on DVD with Wrath of the Crows

Mti Home Video will release Ivan Zuccon's (Colour from the Dark) Wrath of Crows. The release date is scheduled this summer. And, the film was developed from Gerardo Di Filippo's script. The story involves a hellish prison and several prisoners. These prisoners are each held for a reason, though. Tiffany Shepis (The Prometheus Project), Debbie Rochon (Santa Claws), Tara Cardinal, Domiziano Arcangeli and Suzi Lorraine star in this horror feature. Early reviews have been a mixed bag. Mike Thomas of Matchflick liked the film's acting: "Wrath of the Crows, albeit a very confusing title, is an intense morality play with very strong performances from the entire cast." Many of those in the cast are no strangers to horror. Meanwhile, Thomas T. Sueyres of Original Vid was unsurprised by the twists within the film: "Zuccon may pull the rug out from under the viewer once too often and one
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Tony Todd and Cassandra Scerbo Suffer from Haunting Agoraphobia

News of a new horror project has come our way as Cassandra Scerbo (Sharknado) and legendary horror icon Tony Todd (Candyman, Final Destination, Night of the Living Dead) have joined the cast of Lou Simon's Agoraphobia.

Cassandra will playing the lead role of a fragile young wife who believes her new home is haunted. Todd goes against type as the reassuring doctor.

The cast also includes horror staples like Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3, Percy Jackson & The Olympians), Julie Kendall (Girls Gone Dead), and Gema Calero (Hazmat).

Agoraphobia is written and directed by Lou Simon (Hazmat, The Awakened), who won Best Horror Film at the Berlin Independent Film Festival, and produced by Tara Cardinal, the creative force behind the fantasy action franchise Legend of the Red Reaper.

More on this one as we get it!

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Red Gears Studios Announces Sorority of the Damned - We're In!

Filmmaker Joe Davison will be leading a gaggle of hotties in his upcoming film Sorority of the Damned. This horror-comedy will take a look at the age-old good girls turned witches theme and give it a modern twist. Can't wait!

In addition to directing, Davison will also produce and star in the film. For more information, "like" Sorority of the Damned on Facebook and follow Sorority of the Damned on Twitter (@SOTDmovie).


Red Gears Studio is proud to announce their first feature film, Sorority of the Damned, from executive producers Joe Davison and Megan Chapnick. "Megan has a fresh new look at the genre," Davison said. "She brings a humor to it that I think horror fans will really enjoy."

An ensemble cast starring Mindy Robinson (King of Nerds, Blood Sucka Jones, V/H/S/2, Live Nude Girls), Tara Cardinal (The Legend of the Red Reaper, Wrath of the Crows,
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Indie Spotlight

  • DailyDead
We’re back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes photos from Chainsaw Sally: The Animated Series, the first two chapters from the novel Survivor Max, the uncensored trailer for Smothered with Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder, Camp Dread DVD release details, and much more:

First Two Chapters of Survivor Max: “Meet Max, an 11-year old boy who was stuck in another boring day at school when the lock down alarm went off. They were under quarantine. He escaped and made it home, only to discover he’d have to find a way to survive this plague alone. Little did he know his father, his only parent, was among the infected. Slow-moving and non-thinking, the “lamebrains” swarmed his apartment complex, hunting survivors to feed their insatiable hunger for living flesh. Now he must apply his Porcupine
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The Legend of the Red Reaper (2013) review

  • MoreHorror
Reviewed by Jesse Miller, MoreHorror.com

It’s hard to push out a fantasy epic these days and have audiences not reject it for being too derivative of what has come before, but I think The Legend of the Red Reaper manages to still find that spot to be entertaining without feeling overly familiar and thus distracting.

Writer/Director/Actress Tara Cardinal’s directorial debut is an entertaining slice of epic high fantasy that proves to be quite rollicking and rousing as it chugs along from killer set piece to killer set piece.

It’s got all the ingredients that you need for a good fantasy tale – strong characters, entertaining sword fights, good versus evil, an ancient prophecy, a strange but yet intriguing fantastical world and of course, one of my favourites – a good dose of violence thrown in for good measure.

Tara Cardinal stars as Aella, a spirited young
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this is Hollywood’s sexism, right here

(above, a still from a lingerie ad. no, wait: it’s a from a female-led action movie)

This is the bullshit. From Heat Vision:

Sucker Punch’ May Be Why There Aren’t More Female-Led Action Movies

The Planet Ethereia blog reports that Tara Cardinal attempted to get Legendary Pictures — producers of Pacific Rim, Man of Steel and Clash of the Titans, amongst other projects — interested in her fantasy project Legend of the Red Reaper. The studio turned her down, for a number of reasons. One of which, in particular, seems a little of place with the others.

The email from the (unnamed) Legendary representative was published on the site, unedited. “Thank you for letting me take a look at your script this weekend,” it began. “…while I am personally drawn to the presence of a female action hero, it is currently a tough sell with the less than stellar way Sucker Punch was received…
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DVD Review - Apocalypse Z (2013)

Apocalypse Z, 2013.

Directed by Luca Boni and Marco Ristori.Starring Christian Boeving, Mike Mitchell, Daniel Vivian, Tara Cardinal, Jon Campling, Carl Wharton and Uwe Boll.


A bacteriological weapon developed by the Us Government to create a super soldier - spreads an epidemic in a quiet little town in the middle of Eastern Europe. All citizens have been turned into infected zombies. The plan is to bring an atomic bomb into the city's nuclear plant to pretend a terrible accident occurred. No one has to know the truth. A team of mercenaries is hired to complete the mission. The battle is on. Hordes of monsters against the team. Who will survive?

Uwe Boll possesses a unique ability. The ability to keep producing films when everything he has so far created has been at best a turgid mess. Even Paul W.S Anderson has directed a couple of entertaining films. Uwe Boll does not however,
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DVD Review: 'Apocalypse Z'

  • CineVue
★☆☆☆☆ Luca Boni and Marco Ristori's abysmal Apocalypse Z (2013) makes recent Brad Pitt blockbuster World War Z (2013), which tried manfully (if impotently) to transpose the walking dead to the mainstream, look like an Oscar-worthy literary adaptation. This slice of Dtv schlock is truly woeful in every way imaginable - and then some. There's really not much of a storyline here, so let's not dwell on it for long. Suffice to say that a group of Neanderthal mercenaries are sent to a remote part of Eastern Europe by the American government, after an accident at a research plant turns the local populace into flesh-eating zombies.

Under the impression that they're there to wipe out the evidence by planting a nuclear bomb, the gang of ex-criminals soon discover that they've been-double crossed by the powers-that-be - and that the zombies are actually the least of their worries. So, let's dissect the evidence
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Wrath of the Crows (2013)

  • Planet Fury
Directed by: Ivan Zuccon

Written by: Gerardo Di Filippo

Featuring: Debbie Rochon, Tiffany Shepis, Tara Cardinal, Domiziano Arcangeli, Suzi Lorraine

From the trailers, I expected Wrath of the Crows to be in the vein of the classic Italian exploitation films, and in a way it is, with a generous amount of extreme gore and a scream queen in fetish gear throughout the film. But what I wasn't expecting to see was a very personal, metaphysical exploration of life after death told through heavy symbolism.

The plot of Wrath of the Crows is simple. As a group of people await their fate in an otherworldly prison, they talk among themselves, recall the evil they did during their lives, argue and fight, wonder about the nature of the prison, and endure gruesome tortures. Yes, the plot takes some twists and turns toward the end, but really that's about it.

The characters, on the other hand,
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New Legend of the Red Reaper Trailer Features Demons, Swordplay, and Lots of Red

There aren’t a lot of modern indie movies that feature women in lead roles kicking ass. I mean, there are a handful of major Hollywood films out there — “Haywire,” the “Underworld” franchise, and most movies starring Maggie Q or Milla Jovovich immediately spring to mind — but young girls who are into action flicks currently don’t have a lot of female heroes at their disposal. When you look at the indie film scene, the well is practically dry. And while there are some women kicking copious amounts of ass in independent cinema, they are truly few and far between. In my humble opinion, that’s a damn shame. One lady who’s out there doing her thing is Tara Cardinal. She gets a lot of press here at Beyond Hollywood, and that’s all because she’s trying to make things happen. In addition to teaming up with Lou Ferrigno
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New Wrath of the Crows One-Sheet Shatters

One-sheet numero tres has made its way online for the indie flick Wrath of the Crows, and we have every pixel of it right here for ya! See? No need to get your feathers all ruffled. Dig it!

Coming this fall, the flick stars Tiffany Shepis, Debbie Rochon, Tara Cardinal, and Domiziano Arcangeli. We'll have lots more on this one soon.


In a dirty and narrow jail, Larry (Domiziano Arcangeli), Deborah (Debbie Rochon), Hugo (Brian Fortune), Hernest (John Game), and Liza (Tara Cardinal), the prisoners, are obliged to suffer injustices from the guards and from their chief, the officer. Above all of them is the judge. Nobody ever sees him, but he is the one that sets the rules, and he's feared by inmates and guards alike. The prisoners know how to behave and what are the rules to be respected, but they don't remember anything of their former
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Interview: Stunt Coordinator and Fight Choreographer Sean Wyn

You may not know Sean Wyn’s name right now, but I have no doubt you’ll be dropping his name before too long. In addition to helping out with Tara Cardinal’s “The Legend of the Red Reaper,” Wyn is associated with “Spreading Darkness” and “Scarlet Samurai: Incarnation.” The guy has talent to spare, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone else discovers what his peers have known for quite some time: Sean Wyn is awesome. Although he’s staying very busy making a name for himself in the indie film scene, he took some time out of his schedule to answer a handful of questions I tossed his way. So sit back, relax, and get to know fight choreographer and stunt coordinator Sean Wyn. — For starters, tell me a little bit about yourself. How did you get involved with film? My father had worked at
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Two New Posters Fly in for the Wrath of the Crows

Can you think of a better way to spend your hump day than by kicking it off with Debbie Rochon and Tiffany Shepis? We'd be hard pressed to find another (the operative word being "hard"). In any event, check out these two new one-sheets for the indie flick Wrath of the Crows.

Coming this fall, the flick stars Tiffany Shepis, Debbie Rochon, Tara Cardinal, and Domiziano Arcangeli. We'll have lots more on this one soon.


In a dirty and narrow jail, Larry (Domiziano Arcangeli), Deborah (Debbie Rochon), Hugo (Brian Fortune), Hernest (John Game), and Liza (Tara Cardinal), the prisoners, are obliged to suffer injustices from the guards and from their chief, the officer. Above all of them is the judge. Nobody ever sees him, but he is the one that sets the rules, and he's feared by inmates and guards alike. The prisoners know how to behave and what
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Tony Todd and Bai Ling Join The Profane Exhibit; More Details on the Segments

  • Dread Central
Anthology film The Profane Exhibit has been in the works for some time now, but things are moving along with casting news for the wrap-around along with more detailed descriptions of the various segments and quotes from a few directors. It's a lot of good stuff so prepare to be here awhile.

From the Press Release:

The producers of “The Profane Exhibit” are excited to announce that both Tony Todd (pictured) and Bai Ling have join the long-awaited horror anthology. They will be featured in the cast of "22 Rue des Martyrs," written by Ray Garton, which serves as the film's wrap-around segment.

David Bond and Manda Manuel are the architects of what is likely the most daring independent horror film project to date, both in concept and scope. Assembling an almost surreal collection of over 100 horror icons (directors, writers, actors, musicians, etc.), Bond's vision is to present the audience with
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Tara Cardinal Kicks Ass in the New Scarlet Samurai: Incarnation Teaser

Tara Cardinal is my hero. In addition to filming a handful of indie projects, the “Legend of the Red Reaper” mastermind has been putting some serious work into her Asian-inspired actioner “Scarlet Samurai: Incarnation.” The film appears to have been heavily influenced by the likes of Noboru Iguchi, Yoshihiro Nishimura, and a fair amount of the films released by the likes of Sushi Typhoon. What’s more, Cardinal has this strong Cynthia Rothrock vibe that I kind of dig. Needless to say, that’s precisely why I’m excited about it. Check out this incredibly long synopsis: Five reckless college kids on an urban archaeological expedition uncover a preternatural evil, and discover only a legend can fight a myth. Almost a century ago, the Buffalo Central Terminal was cursed. Eighty years (and 922 missing persons) later, we find Ikari trying to follow in her (missing) father’s archaeological footsteps. But Ikari — a part Chinese,
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Horror / Action Feature 'Scarlet Samurai: Incarnation' in Production

  • MoreHorror
By Seth Metoyer, MoreHorror.com

The second super hero feature film from the mind of Tara Cardinal Scarlet Samurai: Incarnation is currently in production. The movie is produced by Hollywood martial artist Sean Wyn and New York horror expert David Williams, The film is a new Asian-inspired horror/action feature that is coming soon. Check out the official teaser trailer under the details below.

From the 'Scarlet Samurai: Incarnation' Youtube Page

Five reckless college kids on an urban archaeological expedition uncover a preternatural evil, and discover only a legend can fight a myth..

Almost a century ago, the Buffalo Central Terminal was cursed. Eighty years (and 922 missing persons) later, we find Ikari trying to follow in her (missing) father's archaeological footsteps. But Ikari--a part Chinese, part Japanese, half Jewish lesbian--has problems. She's suicidal, her girlfriend dumped her, she's failing her classes, she's about to lose her scholarship, her twin sister
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Legend Of The Red Reaper Gets A Badass New Poster

While I was away from Beyond Hollywood for a few months, actress and badass extraordinaire Tara Cardinal’s highly-anticipated fantasy flick “Legend of the Red Reaper” got itself a nifty new poster. It’s a pretty impressive slice of promotional artwork, particularly if you’re a fan of women wielding extremely sharp objects. Judging from the people I encounter at horror conventions, there are definitely plenty of you out there. I’ve been following this flick for a while now, so it’s nice to see that things are starting to come together for the cast and crew. The project seems to be a serious labor of love, and I can’t wait for the thing to finally see the light of day. Crossing my fingers till they snap. If you’re unfamiliar with “Red Reaper,” then you may need this: Welcome to a fantasy world where demons rule, humans cower,
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Incredibly Resilient – A Chat with Tara Cardinal

  • Planet Fury
Incredibly Resilient – A Chat with Tara Cardinal
Tara Cardinal is a Renaissance woman in every sense of the word. Actress, model, writer, director, producer, stunt person, wrestler — she's done a bit of everything. And her latest film, The Legend of the Red Reaper, allows her to prove it.

In Red Reaper, Cardinal plays the title character, a warrior witch who's deadly with a sword, but she also produced and, over a period of years, helped shepherd the project to completion. I recently sat down with Cardinal for a talk about being the Red Reaper, working with legends and the brilliance of Uwe Boll.

You've had such a varied career, Tara. But before we get into that, can you talk about your childhood a bit? From my research, it seems to have been somewhat unconventional. For example, you left home at 16?

I try not to talk about my childhood too much, or my family. They prefer it that way,
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Have You Heard 'The Legend of the Red Reaper'?

  • Planet Fury
When last seen around these parts, fiery haired actress Tara Cardinal was doing her superhero thang alongside Lou Ferrigno in Liberator. But now she's going back in time for a whole different brand of heroics in The Legend of the Red Reaper...and guess what — she's bringing Uwe Boll along for the ride!

Written and directed by Kristen Barron Stewart, Red Reaper is an action-packed tale filled with witches, demons, war and romance — in other words, everything that makes the world of fantasy go round.

Cardinal stars as the titular Reaper, a warrior born of a witch and destined to save mankind from the return of the exiled demon horde. (No, not the Tea Party. That battle has already been fought and won.) Also appearing are David Mackey, Eliza Swenson, Christian Boeving, Shayne Leighton and Troma founder, eminent bon vivant and madman Lloyd Kaufman.

Red Reaper has been Cardinal's passion project for years.
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The New Trailer And Poster For The Legend Of The Red Reaper Released

  • ShockYa
Director Kristen Stewart (I know what you’re thinking, but no, not that Kristen Stewart) has released a statement about her film, “The Legend of the Red Reaper.” The film, backed by Uwe Boll, is finally making its way to audiences, and below you can see the official trailer and poster from the film. Here’s Stewart’s statement on the film: “Ladies and Gents – this is the movie I’ve been telling you about for over a year now. Legend of the Red Reaper, my pet project, abandoned by the producers after a significant amount of production money was lifted from the budget, was nursed back to health by myself, Tara Cardinal, [ Read More ]

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