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Netflix's Wheelman Trailer Has Frank Grillo in a Race to Survive

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Netflix's Wheelman Trailer Has Frank Grillo in a Race to Survive
Netflix has released the first trailer for their upcoming Netflix Original Movie entitled Wheelman, starring Frank Grillo. Since the trailer features literally no dialogue whatsoever, the footage is focused solely on the action, with Frank Grillo's title character speeding into the night, dodging other cars and bullets along the way. This high-octane and high-tension thrill ride could be just what action junkies are looking for when it debuts on Netflix this fall.

Frank Grillo (Kingdom, Captain America: Civil War) stars as the wheelman, a getaway driver thrust into a high stakes race-to-survive after a bank robbery goes terribly wrong. With a car full of money and his family on the line, the clock is ticking to figure out who double-crossed him and the only person he can trust... his thirteen-year-old daughter. All reasons to think fast and drive faster. Netflix picked up the distribution rights to Wheelman last May at the Cannes Film Festival,
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Trailer For Marilyn Manson's Revenge Film Let Me Make You A Martyr

Marilyn Manson is mostly known for the music that he produces, but he stars in a new film coming out called Let Me Mak You A Martyr. Apparently, he gives a great performance. The movie is described as a "cerebral revenge film about two adopted siblings who fall in love, and hatch a plan to kill their abusive father." Manson plays a hitman in the film, who is hired to kill the sibling's father.

Let Me Make You a Martyr is co-directed by filmmakers Corey Asraf and John Swab, making their feature directorial debut. The cast of the film also includes Mark Boone JuniorSam QuartinNiko NicoteraMichael PottsWilliam Lee Scott, and Slaine. Check out the trailer and let us know if this is a film you might want to check out. 
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Marilyn Manson Stars in First Trailer for 'Let Me Make You a Martyr'

"My daddy used to sing me a song..." FilmRise has debuted the first official trailer for a small town indie thriller titled Let Me Make You a Martyr, from filmmakers Corey Asraf & John Swab. This is sort of a continuation of their 2014 short film Judas' Chariot. The film stars Marilyn Manson as a hitman hired by two adopted siblings who devise a plan to kill their abusive father. The cast includes Mark Boone Junior, Sam Quartin, Niko Nicotera, Michael Potts, William Lee Scott, and Slaine. This is an intriguing trailer that uses one chilling scene with Manson to introduce us to the film, and it's very effective. See below. Here's the first trailer (+ poster) for Corey Asraf & John Swab's Let Me Make You a Martyr, on Vimeo: A cerebral revenge film about two adopted siblings who fall in love, and hatch a plan to kill their abusive father. Let Me Make You a Martyr
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‘Dead Draw’ Exclusive Clip: The Heat Is On in Heist-Gone-Wrong Drama

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‘Dead Draw’ Exclusive Clip: The Heat Is On in Heist-Gone-Wrong Drama
Following its premiere at the San Diego Film Festival over the weekend, “Dead Draw” has shared a clip exclusively with Indiewire. Gil Bellows (“Eyewitness”) and Michael Eklund (“Bates Motel”) star in writer/director Brian Klemesrud’s heist-gone-wrong drama. Watch the scene below.

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Here’s the official synopsis: “25 million dollars, 8 safety deposit boxes, and months before anyone will know it’s gone. But Harrison’s (Bellows) perfect heist turns deadly when his safe-cracker, Mack (Eklund), discovers their getaway pilot brutally murdered. Someone knew about the job, someone set them up. Stranded in a frozen hangar, held hostage by someone outside, loyalty turns to suspicion and friends turn to enemies. Now it’s a race against time as the band of thieves try to uncover the rat and escape their troubled pasts…if they can survive the night.
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Horror Highlights: Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, Dead Draw, She Who Must Burn

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With Halloween Horror Nights 2016 off to a such a busy start at Universal Studios Hollywood, a new early entry has been added for guests, and we have details on the new addition to the schedule. Today's Horror Highlights also features a teaser trailer for Dead Draw and DVD release details and cover art for She Who Must Burn.

Halloween Horror Nights 2016 at Universal Studios Hollywood: Press Release: "Universal City, CA, September 26, 2016 – Universal Studios Hollywood touts a greatest hit lineup for “Halloween Horror Nights” 2016, headlining with gruesome mazes based on “The Exorcist,” “American Horror Story,” “The Walking Dead,” “Friday the 13th,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Halloween,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “The Purge” that translated to two consecutive sold out weekends.

“We’re grateful to the many guests who came to ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ and contributed to the event’s incredible success,” said John Murdy, Creative Director at Universal Studios Hollywood
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Icons of Fright Chats With: Let Me Make You A Martyr Co-Writers/Directors John Swaf & Cory Asraf

I’m going to be loud and clear for you fright fanatics: John Swaf & Cory Asraf’s Let Me Make You A Martyr is quite easily one of the most intensely poignant films to hit the festival circuit in years (review). A mixture of the quiet southern-noir and the terrifying hitman looking for his target film, the duo created one hell of a movie and definitely one of my favorites in quite some time. I mean, really, where else are you going to see Marilyn Manson play a scary as the devil Indian hitman in a film about two on the run star-crossed lovers who also happen to be siblings?

Swaf & Asraf took times out their busy schedules to chat with Icons of Fright about all things Let Me Make You A Martyr, so read on!

Swaf: Jerry!, Baby! We loved the review!

I loved the movie so much, I
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[Fantasia Review] Let Me Make You a Martyr

There’s a lot more to Corey Asraf and John Swab‘s debut feature Let Me Make You a Martyr than meets the eye. It looks like your run-of-the-mill revenge thriller with its prodigal son (Niko Nicotera‘s Drew Glass) returning home after an extended stay away to right the wrongs of the past. His adoptive father Larry (Mark Boone Junior) is a drug supplier, sex trade entrepreneur, and who knows what other heinous crimes that set up whatever unknown incident happened to fracture their relationship—something neither can come back from without the other being dead. But before Drew can set things straight and escape this Oklahoma town for good, he must also find his adopted sister and one true love June (Sam Quartin). Without her the rest is meaningless.

We infer it was systemic abuse and exploitation that turned Drew against his father. Why else would a guy
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New trailer for Let Me Make You a Martyr starring Marilyn Manson

Ahead of its world premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival next month, a new trailer has arrived online for Corey Asraf and John Swab’s upcoming revenge thriller Let Me Make You a Martyr, which stars Marilyn Manson. Take a look below after the official synopsis…

Let Me Make You a Martyr tells the story of Drew and June Glass, two adopted siblings, who fall in love under tragic circumstances. They devise a plan to end the cycle of abuse they grew up in by seeking vengeance on those who robbed them of their innocence. Before they are able to carry out their revenge, they assume responsibility of a little girl, Rooney. June and Drew are left with a difficult choice — exact their revenge, or save Rooney from the same fate they were made to endure.

Let Me Make You a Martyr features a cast that also includes Niko Nicotera,
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‘Let Me Make You A Martyr’ Exclusive Trailer: Marilyn Manson Plays A Hit Man On A Mission From Mark Boone Junior

‘Let Me Make You A Martyr’ Exclusive Trailer: Marilyn Manson Plays A Hit Man On A Mission From Mark Boone Junior
Let Me Make You a Martyr” follows Larry Glass (Mark Boone Junior), an abusive father, drug dealer, and pimp who hires hit man Pope (Marilyn Manson) to kill his rebellious adopted son Drew (Niko Nicotera) and his lover and adopted sister June Glass (Sam Quartin). The film also stars Michael Potts (“Conspiracy Theory”), Slaine (“The Town”), William Lee Scott (“Pearl Harbor’), Michael Shamus Wiles (“Fight Club”), and more. Watch the exclusive new trailer above.

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Marilyn Manson is best known as the frontman of the Marilyn Manson band, whose music garnered much controversy from politicians and the public for their nihilistic lyrics, graphic imagery, and provocative statements. Manson got tied up in the aftermath of the deadly Columbine shooting when he was blamed by politicians and the media for inciting the violence with his music. Manson has appeared in many films including David Lynch’s “Lost Highway,” Michael Moore’s “Bowling For Columbine,” in which he discussed the media’s interest in scapegoating rather than focusing on broader societal issues, and a recurring role on FX’s “Sons of Anarchy.”

Mark Boone Junior is best known for his role on “Sons of Anarchy,” along with his performances in Christopher Nolan’s “Memento” and “Batman Begins,” Terrence Malick’s “The Thin Red Line,” and David Fincher’s “Seven.” He will soon appear in Nate Parker’s “The Birth of a Nation,” about Nat Turner, the leader of a slave rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia in 1831.

Let Me Make You a Martyr” will premiere at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal next month. Manson will be in attendance.

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New Central Intelligence Featurettes Focus On Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart

If you’re a fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, chances are you’ll happily watch anything the charismatic wrestler turned actor lends his name too. Next up for him is Central Intelligence, a very fun looking comedy that he’ll be taking centre stage in alongside popular pint-sized comedian, Kevin Hart.

Today, Warner Bros. has unveiled two new featurettes for Central Intelligence, putting the spotlight on both of the actors as they offer a tongue in cheek assessment of each other. Among the brief interview snippets are some great new scenes and behind the scenes footage from the movie, and so far, it looks like it’s going to be a very fun ride.

The fill will follow Johnson’s Bob, a former fat kid who was bullied in high school before undergoing a transformation which ultimately led to him becoming a CIA operative. At a 20 year high school reunion,
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Central Intelligence Trailer: Between The Rock and a Hart Place. Right? Name puns.

We have the first trailer for Central Intelligence starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart as high school classmates who reunite years later only to find their lives have taken completely unexpected paths. For one, Johnson is actually a CIA operative – oh this mismatch pair is going to have fun now.

There is very little plot here which is fine considering the draw is the team-up between the two stars. Also, fat Rock is happening.

The movie opens June 17, 2016, and also stars Aaron Paul, Amy Ryan, Danielle Nicollet, Ryan Hansen, and Slaine.
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Marilyn Manson is a Native American Hit Man in Let Me Make You A Martyr [Trailer]

Marilyn Manson is virtually unrecognizable as a troubled hit man in Let Me Make You a Martyr, a film that looks and sounds like an instant indie crime classic. A cerebral revenge film about two adopted siblings who fall in love, and hatch a plan to kill their abusive father, the film looks to be a throwback to crime films of the 90s.

Besides Marilyn Manson, the film stars Sons of Anarchy's Mark Boone alongside Niko Nicotera, Sam Quartin, George Carroll and Michael Potts.


Lmmyam takes place in two alternating realities – one during the events from Drew’s arrival until his inevitable death, and the other existing in what our audience assumes is Drew’s lucid mind. In this realm, Drew befriends a callus, rude, and ultimately homicidal old [Continued ...]
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New poster and trailer for Let Me Make You a Martyr starring Marilyn Manson as a Native American hitman

A poster and trailer have arrived online for writer-directors Corey Asraf and John Swab’s upcoming revenge thriller Let Me Make You a Martyr, which stars Marilyn Manson as a Native American hitman. Take a look…

This is the Story of Drew’s return home after being gone for almost 4 years. Drew comes back to town to attend the funeral of a friend, but once he runs into June old feelings of love and lust are rekindled. At this point June is living a life as an addict and prostitute under Larry’s complete control. Once this is revealed to Drew, he hatches a plan to take down Larry’s drug and human trafficking ring for good.

Lmmyam takes place in two alternating realities – one during the events from Drew’s arrival until his inevitable death, and the other existing in what our audience assumes is Drew’s lucid mind.
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‘Girlhouse’ DVD Review

Stars: Ali Cobrin, Adam Dimarco, Slaine, Alyson Bath, Elysia Rotaru, Alice Hunter, Chasty Ballesteros, Nicole Arianna Fox, Zuleyka Silver, Wesley MacInnes, Erin Agostino | Written by Nick Gordon | Directed by Jon Knautz, Trevor Matthews

Girlhouse is three parts slasher and one part home invasion movie; and introduces us to a new horror anti-hero ‘Loverboy’. It’s the directorial debut of Trevor Matthews and a feature length script first for writer Nick Gordon. University student Kylie Atkins (played by Rose Byrne’s younger look-a-like Ali Corbin) and her financial woes lead her to taking a job working in the ‘Girlhouse’. A webcam porno website/location crossed with Big Brother’s invasive camera’s in every room – so the punters can get to know the girls for who they are and, you know, fall in love with them. Naturally, her college friend is skeptical but Kylie tells her: “I’m doing this so
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Loverboy Has a Bone to Pick in Girl House: A Movie Review

Director: Trevor Matthews. Writer: Nick Gordon. Cast: Ali Cobrin, Adam Dimarco, Slaine, Alyson Bath and Elysia Rotaru. Girl House is an effective slasher film. From one of the filmmakers of Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (2007) and The Shrine (2010), Trevor Matthews, Girl House brings a lot of bloody murder to the small screen. Full of dark humour, this indie horror feature also updates the slasher feature, with its use of technology; Girl House is often shot unconventionally. Also, the film's central antagonist uses some of this technology to his own advantage as he violently tries to heal his perceived sexual humiliation. Girl House is an excellent slasher feature, with a fresh look at this genre. The story begins with Loverboy. Played by Slaine, Loverboy experiences sexual humiliation at an early age. Two girls insult his man parts. But, Loverboy gets his revenge on a remote bridge. Fast forward several years, Loverboy has adapted to adult life,
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Exclusive: Ali Cobrin and Slaine Talk About Living in the Girl House

Trevor Matthews’ directorial debut, Girl House (review), is out now and is a dandy of a slasher movie. Two of the film’s stars, Ali Cobrin and Slaine, recently sat down with Dread Central to give their takes on Girl House.… Continue Reading →

The post Exclusive: Ali Cobrin and Slaine Talk About Living in the Girl House appeared first on Dread Central.
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Icons of Fright Interview With Girl House Director Trevor Matthews

Director Trevor Matthews might be one up and coming force to reckoned with when it comes to the horror genre. Having played the stressed out and pissed off title character in 2007’s Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, Matthews has now unleashed his first feature directorial debut, the very entertaining (and Very Scary) Girl House (out now in limited theaters and VOD). Part examination of how childhood bullying and trauma can lead someone to commit horrific acts and part straight Halloween-like slasher film, Girl House doesn’t pull a single punch when it comes to giving horror fans a visceral punch to the face, and it’s impossible to forget once it’s over. We had a chat with Matthews recently about the film, and it was quite fun to do. Read on!

Trevor: Hey, how’s it going man?

Icons: Great! First off, Girl House completely caught me off guard. Obviously
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Review: Girl House

The slasher sub-genre is a very hit or miss one, with so many films boasting about hosting the brand new slasher icon and really just being more of the same. It’s a type of horror film that when it doesn’t work, it’s frustrating, but when it does, you’re left with a wide open grin. Giving one hell of an opening, the Trevor Matthews-directed Girl House does what very few slasher films only attempt to do: give the horror crowd a villain that you not only sympathize with, but one that right when you feel sorry for him, he commits some horrific acts that blow away most slasher films made in recent days.

Telling the story of Kylie, a struggling college student who is faced with the opportunity to make decent money joining “Girl House” a secret location Mansion unknown to the public that is home to a group of girls,
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Reviews: Crazy Bitches, Girl House, and Frankenstein Vs. The Mummy!

Reviews: Crazy Bitches, Girl House, and Frankenstein Vs. The Mummy!
Ah, love is in the air my fiends, and what says “I love you” more than spendin’ the day readin’ my revoltin’ reviews and ignoring your better half?

Crazy Bitches

Release Date: Available Now on On Demand, iTunes, and Amazon Written By: Jane Clark Directed By: Jane Clark Starring: Samantha Colburn, Cathy DeBuono, Andy Gala

When the opportunity came to check out a flick entitled Crazy Bitches, I scratched my head in bewilderment. I simply couldn’t believe that someone would make an entire feature film based on my ex-ghoulfriends (why yes, I did utilize the Official Daniel Xiii Easy Joke Generator 2,000™ for that zinger!). Anyway, let’s sharpen our claws and dig inta this f’er and see how crazy these bitches really are!

Well, first things first: these ladies aren’t really all that crazy. A bit over-sexed and vain for sure, but for the most part not
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Girlhouse Review

In the vein of slumber party massacre films boasting scantily-clad coeds and voyeuristic pleasures, Girlhouse exploits the sleazy subgenre by throwing pornography into the mix – because it wasn’t easy enough to get girls topless in horror films already. There’s more to Trevor Matthews’ raunchy thriller than horny webcam girls and strip-lawn-golf, though, as writer Nick Gordon blends the already perverse nature of VH1 reality shows with dangerous internet predators we choose to believe don’t exist. Some websites already give subscribers more access than necessary to sexy performers, but Gordon goes a step further by introducing an emotional undertone that deceivingly creates a bond between male customers and their favorite muse. Obsessed, aroused men falling in love with online strippers – what could go wrong?! (A lot.)

Ali Cobrin plays Kylie Atkins, the newest model checking into an online brothel known as Girlhouse. Created by Gary Preston (James Thomas
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