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Rebecca Herod ('Hellbride')

Fgt staffer Rebekah Smith interviews horror actress Rebecca Herod of the film Hellbride.

Rebecca Herod played the leading role of Nicole in indie feature Hellbride (released earlier this year on DVD in the UK and reviewed on Fgt.) As opposed to asking her loads of questions about her experience working on this particular horror film etc, I was interested in finding out more about her job as an actress. You always hear about ‘struggling actresses’ yet very few of them have been asked during interviews why they are struggling and by extension, why they continue to enjoy working in this difficult industry. What follows are very insightful responses to my questions which vividly show how tough it is being an actress and also on the flip side, just how rewarding this career can be.

Why did you want to become an actress?

I have always been a performer. I originally
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Hellbride (2009)

Written and Directed by Pat Higgins

Starring James Fisher, Rebecca Herod, Natalie Milner and James Kavaz.

Review by Rebekah Smith, Abertoir Horror Film Festival Coordinator

Our protagonists, Lee and Nicole, have just gotten engaged. However, the engagement ring Lee has brought is, in fact, cursed. Consequently, Nicole is stalked by a rather annoyed ghostly bride (Josephine). Josephine had been jilted before her wedding day and decides to ruin the big day for the next bride who ends up wearing her ring...

Hellbride is one of those very rare, yet pleasant, little oddities. It’s odd because it could be the first film I’ve seen that hard to categorise in terms of genre. I was expecting a comedy horror hybrid, yet it’s much more than that.

It's part comedy, part chick-flick, part drama, part slapstick, part romance, part thriller and there’s even some stunning graphic novel-esque animation at
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