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Christian Rodrigo

7611 Lexington Avenue, Apt. 2 West Hollywood, California 90046 United States
+1 310 889 4490 . +34 629468591 .

Performer Profile

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5 feet 9 in
  • Weight: 152 lbs
  • Age Range: 28 - 39
  • Physique: Slim
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Chin Length
  • Eyes: Green
  • Ethnicity: Mediterranean
  • Voice Type: Tenor



Birth date: 18/06/1975
Place: Barcelona
Nationality: Spanish


Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 148 lbs
Hair: Chastain
Eyes: Olive


650 Westbourne Drive, Apt. 303, West Hollywood, CA Tel: +1 (310) 889 4490
E-mail: Internet:


Acting Studio at Edgemar (Larry Moss Studio) (Santa Monica, USA).

  • Scene study. Professor Michelle Danner (2010)
  • The Golden box.Professor Michelle Danner (2010)

Meisner Technique Program, Les Golfes (AADPC, Barcelona)

  • Acting Coach. Meisner Technique Program. Level 1 and 2. Professor Javier Galito-Cava (2010)
  • Movement & Voice. Meisner Technique Program. Professor Matthew Graham Smith (2010)

Juan Carlos Corazza, Les Golfes (AADPC, Barcelona)

  • The actors training. Professor: Juan Carlos Corazza (2008)

Javier Daulte, Inst. del Teatro de Bcn (AADPC, Barcelona)

  • The actors training. Professor: Javier Daulte (2006)

Aules (Barcelona):

  • Voice Craft. Professors: Helen Rowson y Paul Farrington (2006)

Bob McAndrew, Inst. del Teatro de Bcn (AADPC, Barcelona)

  • Acting on-camera. Professor: Bob McAndrew (2005)

Michael Howard Studios (New York, USA)

  • On-camera technique. Professor: Alexandra Neil's (2004)

Actors Movement Studio (New York, USA)

  • Michael Chekhov's technique workshop. Professor: Ragnar Freidank (2004)

Barcelona theatre School (Barcelona, Spain):

  • I, II and III Stanislavski method courses. Professor: Boris Rotenstein (2001-2004)
  • Voice course: Professors: Cacu Prat and Montse Bellveí. (2001- 2002)

Manuel Carlos Lillo Studio (Barcelona, Spain):

  • Advanced Scene interpretation Course. Professor: Manuel Lillo (2003-2004)

Performance independent courses based in drama plays (Barcelona, Spain):

  • Preparation of play Bolero, Bolero. Author: Manuel Dueso. Character: Angel. Director: Toni Vives (2002-2003)
  • Preparation of play Youth illness. Author: Ferdinand Bruckner. Characters: Federico and Petrell. Director: Boris Rotenstein (2002)

Private classes:

  • Singing and Voice. Juan Antonio Vergel (Since 2003)
  • Spanish accent. Professor: Raquel Carballo (2002-2004)
  • Kyte Surf (2009)
  • Yoga
  • Capoeira. Kundalini. Professor: Pingo (From 2003-2008)
  • Base Technique. Pilar Dominguez center (2004)
  • Fencing. SAM (2003)
  • Saloon dances (2000)
  • Football, equitation, Tennis and Ski (advanced level).
  • Colonias Jordi Turull monitor (Since 1994)
  • Spanish Guitar, Basic Level
  • Yacht Patron and First Aids title.
  • Catalonian Professional Directors and Actors member (AADPC)
  • Catalonian Academy Cinema member


  • Business Administration Degree for ESADE (Universidad Ramon Llull) (1993-1998)
  • Master in Business Administration for ESADE and Goizueta Business School (EMORY University, Atlanta, USA). (1998)


  • Bilingual Spanish / Catalan.
  • Advanced English. Medium French. Basic Italian.



  • Feature Films
    • Viaje, movie, directed by Oscar Avalos (in production, USA, 2010).
    • Cruzando el Límite, movie, directed by Xavi Gimenez (2009).
    • Noche Transfigurada, movie, directed by Alexia Muinos (2008). Public Prize at 17th Sguardi Altrove de Milano Festival, Italy (2010), Official Selection at 6th Festival de Cine de Rengo, Chile (2010), and 50th Cartagena de Indias Festival, Colombia (2010).
    • Siete pasos y medio, movie, directed by Lalo Garcia (2008).
    • Trash, movie, directed by Carles Torras (2008). Festival de Cine de Málaga (2009), Festival de Cine de Valladolid (2009) Official Selections, and 13 nominations to the II Premios Gaudi (2010) (Catalan Film Academy).
    • Stevie, movie, English O.V., directed by Bryan Goeres, ESP/USA (2008).
    • Little Ashes, movie, English O.V., directed by Paul Morrison, UK (2007).
    • Sitges 24/9, movie, directed by Arnau Domi­nguez, premier in Sitges 2006 Catalonia International Cinema Festival (2006).
  • Short Films
    • You’re My Life, short movie in HD, written, directed, produced and starring by Christian Rodrigo (USA, 2010).
    • The Prize, short movie in Red One, directed by David Blanco (Actor and Executive producer) (2010).
    • The foreigner, short movie in HD, directed by Carles Cambres (2010). Inexperto Film Festival oficial Selection 2010.
    • The Three Steps, short movie in Red One, directed by Fabián Matas (Actor and Executive producer) (2010).
    • Fate, short movie in HD, directed by Richard Gregory (2010) (VO English).
    • Transsiverian, short movie in 35mm, directed by Samuel Hernandez (2010).
    • El Refugio, short movie in 16mm directed by Albert Ribas. Cameo Filming Prize, Prize for Best Photography, and nominated for best actor in Festival INEXPERTO '09 (2009)
    • Cenizas, short movie in Red One/35mm (actor and executive producer) directed by Luis Goyanes (2009).
    • My Invisible Friend, short movie in 16mm, Executive producer and actors coach, directed by Pablo Larcuen (2009). LA Film Festival 2010 Best Short Award (USA). Official Selection of Sundance Film Festival 2010, Festival de cine de Málaga (2010), International Film Festival Seattle, USA (2010), Edinburgh Film Festival (2010), Curtocircuito Festival (2010) and la Mostra de Cinema Llatinoamerica  de Lleida (2010), among many others. Prizes in Inexperto Film Festival 2009 and Alella 2009.
    • Scopaesthesia, short movie in HD, directed by Sara Lopez (2009).
    • Todo es tuyo, short movie in 16mm directed by Jordi Ramoneda (2009).
    • Sigue Sangrando, short movie directed by Ariadna Seuba (2009).
    • La Ultima Cena, short movie in HD (actor and executive producer) directed by Javier Ideami (2008).
    • La Risa de Dolores, short movie in HD/35 mm, directed by Emma Sofia Dedorson (2007).
    • Luna de agua, short movie in HD/35 mm, directed by Carles Reixach. Audience Award, and Best Photography Prize at Girona Cinema Festival in 2007 (2006).
    • Behind the door, short movie in HD, directed by Jan Baca and Toni Garriga, gold medal in the International UNICA Cinema Festival, celebrated in South Corea (2006).
    • Ilusion, short movie, directed by Alexia Muinos, premier in 2007 Cannes Festival and selected in more than 10 Festivals all around the world (2006).
    • The Sex Museum, short movie, directed by Eloy Calvo (2006).
    • Guero arte (Hasta Luego), short movie, directed by Jose Ma Farfal (2005).
    • Plexitol, short movie, directed by Christian Checa (2005).
    • You, short movie, directed by Laura Calavia (2005).
    • Family, short movie, directed by Christian Checa (2004).
    • Children Game, short movie, acting director, directed by Xavi Zapater (2004).
    • Think on mi, short movie, directed by Rafa Ruano (2004).
    • The last Tango, mid size movie, director: Ingrid Ripolles (2004).
    • The Hurry Whisper, short movie, independent Project filmed in Barcelona Cafe Teatro Llantiol (2004).
    • It's nine o'clock!, short movie, independent project done by ESCAC students (1995).


  • Zero, TV Pilot, in development (2010-2011).
  • Croma, Internet serial, directed by Victor Quintero (2009- 2010).
  • Free Fall, TV pilot, directed by Roger Delmont (2009).
  • My adventure in Barcelona, TV serial for TV3, co-production China-Catalunya, directed by Yi Zhu (2008).
  • Strangers, TV serial teaser (actor and executive producer), directed by Carles Torras (2006).
  • Los Lunnis, voice of a North American character, named Luke, produced and showed by TVE (2006-2008).
  • Especial Nochebuena con los Lunnis, special Christmas produced and showed by TVE (2005).
  • El Cor de la Ciutat, SITCOM produced and showed by Catalan Television (2005).
  • Rented Heaven, SITCOM chapter, directed by Nerea Alfonso, Marta Viader i Andrea Lopez (2005).
  • Protagonista, SITCOM chapter, directed by Xavi Esteban (2005).
  • A Fork in the Mediterranean, participation in this documentary inspired in the main Mediterranean cities, produced by the Australian TV SBS Television. Produced and presented by Pria Viswalingam (2004).
  • Fashion girls, participation in the first chapter of this TV serial Produced by Diagonal TV (2004).


  • Blak & Deker, directed by Roger Delmont, Sala Off de Gracia, Barcelona (2010)
  • I'll tell you the truth. Monologues and poems from William Shakespeare. PERESTROIKA-A-TAK company. Director: Boris Rotenstein. Centro Cultural Collblanc la Torrassa (2004-2005).
  • Hysteria. 2nd director assistant. Director: John Malkovich. Barcelona Victoria's Theater (2004) and Villa de Madrid Culural Center (2005).
  • Passions and Slides. Drama scenes from: HAMLET, W. Shakespeare, character: Hamlet; LA TREASON, Harold Pinter, character: Jerry; SALEM WITCHES, Arthur Miller,character: John Proctor; THE SEAGUL, Anton Chejov, character: Treplyev. Director: Boris Rotenstein. Barcelona Pueblo Español Auditorium (2004).
  • Impossible Love. Drama scenes from: BLOOD WEDDINGS, Federico Garcia Lorca, character: Leonardo; ALL MY SONS, Arthur Miller, character: Chris. Director: Boris Rotenstein. Barcelona Pueblo Espanyol Monastery (2002).
  • The Miser. Moliere, character: Flecha. Director: Rafael Duran. C.C. Sants Theater (1994).
  • The Marina Cafe, Josep Ma de Segarra, character: Rufí. Director: Rafael Duran. C.C. Sants Theater (1993).
  • Carlota and the Snow Woman, Josep Ma Benet i Jornet, scenes manager and character: Emperador Bunyol. Director: Pere Pons. Escuela Thau Theater (1992).
  • Six Thieves from Kings Road, character: King. Director: Joaquín Vidal. Escuela Thau Theater(1988).
  • The War, What a crazy game!, character: Narciso. Director: Joaqui­n Vidal. Escuela Thau Theater (1987).
  • The Soldier, Stravinski, dance-theater, character: Soldier. Director: Cristina Sanchez. Escuela Thau Theater (1986).


  • Best Entrepeneur Prize 2010 presenter organized by Young Business men and women Association, in la Llotja de Barcelona for 300 attendants (2010).
  • Batecs d'Esperança Concert (for Haiti­) presenter with Joan Pera and Susana Berges, in Luz de Gas (Barcelona), more than 500 assistants. Musical Groups: Lax'n Busto, La Puerta de los Sueños, Jofre Bardagí­, Ofelia Roca, Monica Green and Manu Guix, and many more (2010).
  • Trash movie, directed by Carles Torras, presentation presenter in La Sala Apolo (Barcelona), more than 500 attendants (2009).
  • Editorial Viceversa presentation presenter in La Font del Lleo (Barcelona), 300 people from culture and editorial environment (2009).
  • La Festa de la Llibertat concert presenter, with more than 10.000 people, celebrating the Catalonian Nacional Party. Participant groups : Els Kumbes del Mambo, Mouss & Hakim, y Obrint Pas (2006).


  • Cromos Liga de Futbol BBVA TV advertisement (2009).
  • Direccion General de Trafico TV advertisement, director Guillem Morales (2006).
  • Bodegas Torres advertisement (2006).
  • La Lechera TV advertisement (2006).
  • Volkswagen TV advertisement (2006).
  • Media Markt brochures and posters (2006).
  • F.C. Barcelona TV advertisement (2004).
  • Hotels Center brochures (2004).
  • Lidl TV Advertisment. Produced by Material Sensible (2004).


  • 4 Faces, actor for a digital picture project directed by Javier Gonzalez, Ideami (2006).
  • Scene work of The Seagul, directed by Christian Checa, for the ESCAC's master class Theory for directing actors, tough by Patricia Ferreira (2006).
  • Scene work of Rebeld without a cause, directed by Christian Checa, for the ESCAC's master class Directing Actors(2005).
  • Fake contestant for Vitamina N program, City TV (2004).
  • Fiction characters in Colonias Jordi Turull: Athos musketeer, Romeo Prince, Fransois Inspector, and others (Since 1994).


Calungsod Fray Luis Vitores Enzo Williams
Doc: Hollywood. A city of success and Sin Producer/ AD Katia Hayes
Darrera la Porta Jordi Jan Baca
Ilusión Actor Alexia Muiños
El Extranjero Actor Main Role Carles Cambres
Scopaesthesia Actor Main Role Sara López
Luna de Agua Oscar Carles Reixach
La Risa de Dolores Carlos Emma S. Dedorson
Sitges 24/9 Fede Arnau Dominguez
The Sex Museum Jaime Eloy Calvo
Fate Richard Richard Gregory


My adventure in Barcelona Actor Yi Zhu / TV3
A Fork in the Mediterranean Actor Pria Viswalingam / SBS Tv
Stangers Actor/ Producer Carles Torras / Wai
Jimmy Lloyd Showcase Camera/Team coordinator Jimmy Lloyd - NBC


Nissan Beto Avant Garde
Salmos Priest Torres
Volkswaguen Actor Volkswaguen
La Lechera Actor Nestle
L'Oreal PA Identity
Corona PA Landia
Bank of America PA Anonymous
Ferrari-Nextel PA Garage Films
T-mobile PA Cortez Brothers
Jeep PA Landia
Sheila Bella AD/DP/Producer Viewbility
Lidl Actor Lidl


Hysteria Directors Assistant John Malkovich
Te diré Mi Verdad Actor Boris Rotenstein
Blak & Deker Actor Rodger Delmont
Pasiones y Desengaños Proctor Boris Rotenstein
The Actors Gang Intern Actor The Actors Gang


Festa de La Llibertat Stage Host
Batecs d'Esperança concert Stage Host
Trash the Movie Stage Host
Viceversa Launching Stage Host La Tribu
Premi Joves Empresaris Host La Tribu


Macy Kate music video Co-director/DP/Producer Viewbility
No pudiste amar by Lucero music video AD Jose Villalobos
My Lullaby by Ricondo Music Video Director Christian Rodrigo
1920´s Music Video Jim Paco Pasman
Big Green Music Video Detective Mica Rausch
Maurice Ager Music Video DP/ AD Viewbility
The Good Priest Music Video Priest Julia Jansch
What do you got Music Video Paparazzi Bon Jovi
AJ Mantero Music Video Director Christian Rodrigo

Voice Over

SAP industrials Voice SAP
The marching quixotes Sancho Panza Florencia Davidzon

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Dancing, Juggling, Host, Voiceover, Motorcyclist, Singing, Improvisation, Comedian
  • Athletic Skills: Boxing, Bowling, Water Skiing, Yoga, Snowboarding, Baseball, Martial Arts, Golf, Surfing, Track & Field, Snow Skiing, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Cycling, Swimming, Equestrian, Fencing, Volleyball
  • Accents: French, Italian, Spanish
  • Spoken Languages: Sign Language, Italian, Spanish, French, Catalan
  • Musical Instruments: Piano, Guitar
  • Dance: Salsa, Jazz, Club/Freestyle, Ballroom, Capoeira, Disco, Modern


  • SAG-AFTRA LA Conservatory, Scene work, cold reading and voice over, Hollywood, 2014
    Variety of classes based on scene work, cold reading and voice over with some of the best coaches in Hollywood.
  • The Actors' Gang, The Style , Culver City, CA, 2004
    The Style with Cynthia Ettinger and Tim Robbins.
  • The Larry Moss Studio, Scene Study with Michelle Danner, Santa Monica / CA, 2010
    Scene Study for professional Actors
  • Javier Galito Cava Meisner Technique, The actors Training, Barcelona, Spain, 2011
    The Actors Training education with director Javier Daulte
  • Bob McAndrew, On Camera technique with Alexandra Neil's, Barcelona, Spain, 2006
    Actors Training degree with Javier Daulte at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.
  • Javier Daulte, Meisner Technique levels 1-2, Barcelona, Spain, 2006
    Scene Studies with Bob Mac Andrew
  • Actors Movement Studio, Michael Chekhov's technique, New York, NY, 2013
    Chekhov's Technique. Teacher: Ragnar Freidank
  • Colegi del Teatre - Stanislavski, Stanislavki's Method, Barcelona, 2004
    During 4 years, studies with Boris Rotenstein, Cacu Prat, and Montse Bellvehí...
  • Juan Carlos Corazza, Scene Study, Barcelona, 2008
    Studies with Juan Carlos Corazza at Les Golfes de Can Fabra.
  • Esther Caporale, Speech coach, Beverly Hills, CA, 2013
    American accent with Esther Caporale.
  • Javier Daulte, Barcelona/ Spain, 2007
  • Manuel Lillo, Barcelona /Spain, 2006
  • Juan Antonio Vergel Voice Coach, Voice and Singing classes, Barcelona / Spain, 2004
    Singing coaching with Opera singer Juan Antonio Vergel


  • Kundalini, Barcelona, Capoeira, Pingo, 2005
    Capoeira for 3 years
  • Power Yoga Studio, Santa Monica / CA, Yoga, 2010
  • Federació Catalana d'Esgrima, Barcelona / Spain, Fencing, 2006


  • Filmets Film Festival, Wings Best Catalan Production, 2013
    Actor & Producer of Wings directed by Jose Villalobos
  • Premis Gaudi, Wings Best Short Nominated, 2014
    Nominated for Best short: Produced and Starred by Christian Rodrigo.
  • Gradual Film Festival, Wings Best short, 2013
    Best short at Graudual Film Festival. Lead role and producer.
  • EGEDA New Filmmakers from Spain, Wings Best Short, 2013
    Actor & Prodcuer of Wings
  • Girona Film Festival, Golden Medal for Best Short Movie, 2010
    My Invisible Friend Best Short - Executive Producer
  • LA Film Festival , My Invisible Friend Best Short, 2005
    Celebrated in South Corea (Leading Role)


  • Jose Villalobos, Director
  • Hector Echavarria, Director/Producer
  • Javier Ideami, Director
  • Luis Goyanes, Director
  • Nuria Vilert, Casting Director

Employment Details

  • Work History: Internet, Voice Over, Television, Music Video, Radio, Film, Industrial, Commercial, Theater
  • Job Categories: Casting, Production, Costumes, Directing, Editing, Acting, Producing
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: Yes
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: Spain
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: Violet
  • Prior Job Title 2: Wings
  • Prior Job Title 3: Terrorists Anonymous

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