24 great comedy shows that deserve more love

We asked Den Of Geek’s writers to recommend brilliant comedy shows that deserve to have more of a fuss made about them. Here they are...

Banging a drum about stuff we love is more or less our remit on Den Of Geek - hence what many readers have started referring to as the ‘inexplicably regular' appearance of Statham, squirrels and Harold Bishop from Neighbours on these pages.

To that end then, we asked our writers which comedy shows (past and present, UK or otherwise, on TV, radio, or online…) deserved more praise, and here are the ones they chose. You might already like them too, or you might discover something new to dig out and enjoy. That’s the fun of it.

Please note that this list isn’t ranked in any order, nor is it exhaustive. It’s compiled from the opinions of a group of different people,
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Tiff 2014. Correspondences #2

  • MUBI
Over Your Dead Body

Dear Fern,

Familiar faces. Indeed, it is so very good to see yours, one year later. The steadfastness of friends through this world and in this industry is for me always a surprise, and always touching, especially in light of the mutability of life and cinema.

Familiar faces...Ventura's: that's another story. Seeing this man, this actor, this figure in Horse Money was like happily visiting an aging relative only to discover that across the span of missed time you can see the creeping effects of dementia. (“Blood drips on the floor but you don’t see the razor,” a widow in the film mourning, angrily remarks.) Standing tall as ever and poised with attempted self-control, nonetheless you see Ventura's long fingers tremble, in the darkness a nosferatu wandering a prison-hospital of memories and sins, psychic and bodily pain. The expressionist shroud in which he wanders confounds time,
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See a Thoughtful Kanye in This Exclusive Clip From Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton

  • Vulture
See a Thoughtful Kanye in This Exclusive Clip From Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton
In their new documentary Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton, producer-director Jeff Broadway and writer-editor Rob Bralver shine a spotlight on a lesser-known hub of the hip-hop underground: L.A.'s Stones Throw Records. “Stones Throw has been an incubator and a talent discovery entity for almost twenty years now,” says Bralver. "It’s had a massive influence on mainstream pop culture, without a lot of people realizing it."Founded by Chris Manak, a.k.a. DJ Peanut Butter Wolf, in 1996, the avant-garde hip-hop-and-more label has been a trailblazer in the underground music scene for almost two decades. Spearheaded by flagship artists Madlib, J. Dilla, and Mf Doom, Stones Throw garnered a cult following for its willingness to play with genre and to take a chance on experimental, left-of-center artists (recent success stories include Aloe Blacc and Mayer Hawthorne).“They’re an example of a business that is driven entirely by the curator’s tastes,
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Kanye West Fights Foes with Croissants in New, Unauthorized Video Game

Kanye West Fights Foes with Croissants in New, Unauthorized Video Game
It's about time the biggest personality in music got his own video game. That's right, Kanye West is the star of a new Japanese role-playing game (RPG) titled Kanye Quest 3030. In it, the hip-hop hero adventures alongside clones of Jay-z, Nicki Minaj, Lil B, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., Mf Doom and the RZA, winding his way through the dystopian year 3030 battling foes with croissants. Photos: The Music Industry's Wildest Riders: From Kanye West's 100 Percent Cotton Rule to The Stooges' 7 Dwarfs The unauthorized game-maker Phenix describes it as "a hip-hop-themed

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Film Review: ‘Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This Is Stones Throw Records’

Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This Is Stones Throw Records” is a film that’s full of inspired detours, colorful non sequiturs, inside jokes and unexplained phenomena that will likely give hip-hop fans paroxysms of pleasure while leaving the uninitiated alternately amused and confused. In other words, it’s a perfect cinematic distillation of the storied underground record label’s ethos. The esoteric nature of the subject will limit its potential audience, but for anyone who’s spent hours in a dorm room puzzling over “Madvillainy,” Jeff Broadway’s music documentary will be greeted as a godsend.

Despite the gleeful absurdity that characterizes so much of the music released through Stones Throw, the label had its roots in tragedy. Founder Chris Manak (aka Peanut Butter Wolf) grew up an omnivorous music fan and DJ in San Jose, Calif., making playful hip-hop with his childhood friend, the rapper Charizma. Shortly after signing a record deal,
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'The Robots Are Far More Trippy '

'The Robots Are Far More Trippy '
Los Angeles — It's tempting to say Daft Punk has gone Hollywood.

The influential French electronic duo crafted its first film score, for "Tron: Legacy," three years ago and are now releasing a well-financed, smartly hyped pop album featuring what they call an ensemble cast of contemporary singers and veteran musicians.

There's long been a show-biz bent to the work of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, who for the last 13 years have hidden their faces in public appearances by wearing robot helmets and costumes. Bangalter compares the mystique-building masks – echoed by musicians including Deadmau5 and Mf Doom – to an ever-evolving comic book superhero who starts as a side story "then maybe 50 years later it becomes like a big franchise movie in Hollywood."

Yet Daft Punk's new album "Random Access Memories" isn't the special effects-filled summer blockbuster you might expect. The group that helped popularize electronic dance music in the
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Thom Yorke and oddball rapper Doom collaborating on new album

Word's out that Thom Yorke and mysterious underground rapper Doom (aka Daniel Dumile) are exchanging ideas in the studio, with a potential full-length album in the offing. You may know Doom from his 2005 collaboration with Danger Mouse, The Mouse and the Mask, where Doom spit his trademark free-associative, cartoon-influenced lyrics bolstered by Danger Mouse's unique, sonic support. Since the release of Radiohead's The King of Limbs, Yorke has been honing his DJ chops by, among other things, dropping in on an L.A. gig by experimental laptop artist Flying Lotus, and thrilling the crowd with a surprise ninety-minute DJ set earlier this month. He also released a twelve-inch single with electronica wizards Four Tet and Burial. Yorke has actually worked with Doom before, remixing the tune "Gazzillion Ear," off Doom's Born Like This album, back in 2009. Doom, keeping it real, revealed that he'[...]
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Doom: Born Like This

Doom: Born Like This More ear-poppers from one of rap's zaniest

Now that metal-faced rapper Doom has dropped the Mf from his name and insisted on capitalization of the remainder, his moniker matches what his devotees howl from the audience at shows where he's even rumored to appear. Even with a new pseudonym—his Aka sheet includes Zev Love X, Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah and half of Madvillain—the perpetually hoarse rhymesayer born Daniel Dumile is still dishing out confounding couplets that have become his trademark. "And the lucky contestant was sent / a whole year's supply of buckets of yucky excrement," he slurs out on the minute-and-a-half "Rap Ambush."
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